Friday, December 30, 2011

Mini tourney at kit shop 30 December 2011

All 4 of us joined, so expect an update from our insane tech blogs.
Yes, i din update there means i scrubbed -.-
Deck used: Gravekeepers (No time change deck)

Match 1 vs Josiah Tan or more known as Dragjo (Dragunity)
Game 1: Sin cyber end then royal tribute he drop whole hand
Game 2: 1 or 2 misplays and allowing his buster mode stardust to gain advantage and i died.
Game 3: His Ravine kept giving him monsters and when i paste my valley
over it he pasted ravine again, struggle till ard 1300 lp then my stele came and i repaste again lolz, turns out tat his 3 backrow were all seven tools but i opened skill drain early on already. Then just beatdown with some top deck sin cyber end long haha.
He's really friendly la so should be friendly players even though he might hav done some mistakes on forum but he already apologised ^.^

Match 2 vs Wesley seek (inzectors)
Game 1: He mistake of shooting my sin cyber end equipped with fiendish chain with damsel and nt the valley instead -.-
Game 2: He depleted my resources and i feel tat i over-sided, destroying my gk engine
Game 3: Time was called after i used warning and i had no monsters in hand despite a solid backrow.

Match 3 vs Sunny (Ascetism six samurai)
Game 1: Tribute reveals storm magatama 2 dest, a relatively bad hand so i just controlled aft he storm finish.
Game 2: His shien controlled me
Game 3: I royal tribute he threw 2 kageki and kizan and he concede aft checking his top deck card which is united.

Match 4 vs Ying Jun
Will leave it for him to say haha

Result: 10th place and the 3 other blog members all top 8 lolz.
Looking forward to ranking tourneys in January, attractive prizes and not so much looking forward to 8 dollar tourneys -,-

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Jcube tourney 25/12/2011

A lot of funny events happened today such as shaun's win recorded as a loss (might be explained on his blog) sunny's win also become loss and some epic top deck skills

Deck used: Gravekeepers (Deck build by me and Jeremy Aw, he played the same build too)

Match 1 vs Bye

Match 2 vs Daniel Ang(Dark World)
Game 1: Sangan plus drag down = gg when his drag down show me 3 brow
Game 2: He despo for dw monsters and i mirror force his scar and beat him down soon after
Game 3: I crush his drag but his hand was foolish snow gate gate, which he then drew card destruction next turn and double grapha me to gg.

Match 3 vs Baha (Tour guide tengu plants)
Game 1: He was in control for the early game and hit my life to 1xxx and i fought back and had set skill drai and mind crush with necrovalley on field plus descendant. He had only 1 hand and top heavy storm which was followed by a bls. Showing us why he is Baha
Game 2: Gk beatdown although he stalled with dark mirror and reaper for very long until i gt my skill drain.
Game 3: tengu plus bulb plus tour guide plus spore = gg, my hand was bad and i even had to set veiler to attempt to survive the turn(which i did not)
Match 4 vs Ying Jun (Junk dopple)
Game 1: Sin cyber end direct him when he had 4k left and no cards on field.
Game 2: Gt cooked by royal decree
Game 3: He had decree but i had hand of gk and spells which via descendant and recruiter cleared his field and sin cyber end direct when he left 3900 lp

Match 5 vs Ash (Macro)
Game 1: Beatdown with commandant
Game 2: I had a set snowman and he had 2 dd warrior lady, he went to exceed for blade heart and ate my snowman, subsequently i cydra plus skill drain plus sin stardust him to end him.

Result 3-2, same score as Jeremy Aw
A more stable build with skill drain bur more veilers are needed according to Jeremy Aw. We make a decision nt to side anything for dark world and i guessed tat paid the price.

zzxiaoboizz signing off....uploaded from mobile phone

Friday, December 23, 2011

23 December 2011 kit shop mini tourney

Deck used: Spy inzectors to cover up the lack of gigamantis(which i tot is really needed)

Match 1 vs Yingjun (junk dopple)
Game 1: He ran riot with syncros and i had no response to it.
Game 2: A mini fight back when i was left with 200 lifepoints but with only 2 card in his hand he used dark hole and i solumned it, eating a fatal bls

Match 2 vs Wenliang (WWBF)
Game 1: Game went back and forth till he had no response to my inzectors which cleared his field
Game 2; Snowman played a important role and he had no outs after his dad hit my backrow and ate the compulsory
Match 3 vs James Tan (X-sabers)
Game 1: I went for acid golem and had no inzectors to bomb it wtf and had leas than 2k lp then, big misplay.
Game 2: Open decree and drew traps from there = GG

2 big misplays plus deck build error means i end with a 1-2 score and i really need to review my play styles

Thursday, December 15, 2011

15 December 2012 Clementi Kit shop Qualifer

Deck used: Twilight wyvern
Match 1 vs Alvin Nah (Tour guide rabbit ragia)
Game 1: He din hav monsters at the start and i was allowed to farm out a wyvrn which led to JD. He also mistake by not dust shooting immediately after i draw allowing me to sp a judgement dragon out. We both knew it was a dustshoot cause he potted it out
Game 2: He started strong with fissure rabbit and tourguide which becomes dollka and i had no outs
Game 3: He had d fissure but i cleared it then used JD to clear field and direct with 2 cards in deck left and with him having 2600 lifepoints

Match 2 vs Calvin (Ninja Dino Dragon)
Game 1: His repeated supply of monsters from hanzo and gold ninja killed my 'gd' hand of 2 trag 3 sorceror 1 jd and drawing solar recharge bulb carrier on the following turns.
Game 2: He just had too many super tranformations after i cleared a D.Fissure

Realised that after game 1 i always have to side to beatdown, really need to analyse how to side better, din run any chaos soldier today and din see a problem with it....probably due to my magi magi obsession made me run 3 sorceror and also for DAD to come out easiy which i only came out 1 time in casual. It sucks to mill JD out but its gd that wyvern comes out when 2 jd in grave cause i dun play any grave retrieval cards like monster reincarnation. To fight d fissure i guess i have to side return from DD hahaha.

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What was i up to the past days? Update

Well clearing homework i got like mountains of it, other than that this was what i was up toQ

Well its a really lucksack deck, considered increasing the amount of lightlord and solar recharge but at the same time future fusion is also important. Dun really like to use Ravine as i find it slow, really essential to draw banishing monsters from grave cards or im really cooked with a stuck hand. Lavalral Chain actually does an extra mill lol but does it miss timing? Nt really sure haha. From the deck build u can notice that banishing dragons on field for red eyes metals is not the main beat down way. But still its essential via future fusion or milled out. Any comments so i can make it better?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Minor Update

Haven been playing these past days, most probably gonna head down TTZ Trading on Friday to test build............

Was thinking of cards to counter inzecter cards, though of a couple and also seeked advice from fellow duelist

1. Effect Veiler (Well this card is self explanatory although the inzecters can side deck d fissure lol)
2. Eradicating Aerosol ( Well given that damsel and centipede can exceed, i doubt its highly useful lol)
3. Compulsory Evaculation Device (Wait for damsel or centipede to be equipped with hornet then bounce? Lol i doubt hornet has effect though, cause i ask Mr Baha before if u bounce it back hornet does not activate its effect)
4. Chain Disappearance (With Damsel at 1000 attack, definitely a good side deck choice but with inzecters maining lance and siding decrees, highly doubtful of its ability to break insezcter stunts)
5. Macro Cosmos ( Like above with Decrees + Mst and heavy storm flying around, once again i doubt its abilities to stay on field although it being on field is a good deterrence to Inzecters)
6. Shadow Imprisoning Mirror- Hornet can't equip but bomb still can go off, Thanks to many for pointing this out, My mistake sorry.(Edited as of 3 December)

So what do u think are the best side deck?

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Videos like i promised

Yeap sry for the late and probably low quality videos......

Venus: Yew Tee Full Yen card shop
Date: 26 November 2011
Who: Dylan (Six Samurai) vs John (Infernity)
What: Yugioh Ranking Tournament Final Game 1 Game 2 Game 3

Jcube ranking tourney 27/11/2011

Deck used: tg ultimate offering gadgets
Match 1 vs Bahamut84 (windup insecter)
Game 1: Was pushing and winning until i eat the insecter plus wind up combo and die
Game 2: i had 3 hand and no field, he do wind up drop 3 hand combo and reduce me to 0 and won aft i drag on by top decking dark hole and mst...

Roflmao that deck too strong....somehow once the strategy goes off its gg, hard to deny the insecters are here to stay omg. With db scrubbing, its time to switch decks once again emos

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ranking tourney at Yew Tee 26/11/2011

Deck used: Ultimate offering gadgets with bulb

Match 1 vs Dylan (Zexuan's ascetism six samurai)
Game 1: Offering then control from there after an inital stalling due to both players no monsters
Game 2: He make shien and call grandmaster which run over my poor gadget
Game 3: He attempted 3 direct attacks with stardust and 2 kizans, the stardust was when i torrential he countered with his last backrow (roflmao), i opened offering to protect myself and left only 1100 when i had a tragoedia on the field after his last wack....might hav just jump out and protect myself earlier and things would have been better....anw i top veiler and i had an aoj in grave with 4 hand so i could make brionac and win since he had 4100 left but i realise my extra pile no 6 stars trolled to the max and then i just shake his hand cause making trishula wun let me win as time was called and it was my last bp.

The videos between Dylan and John in the finals would be put up when im free....not really that energetic after finalising my deck for later qualifier...hope wun scrub again in first my luck at ah soo too bad or i mistake too much.........i really think is both with the latter playing more of a role haha

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ranking tourney at jcube 20/11/2011

Deck used: Gravekeepers
First match against Johann (Debris Junk Dopple)
Game 1: Drew badly and got stunned by his stunts with soldier gorz and everything out to end me
Game 2: Remember royal tribute but he still gt like 3 hand cards after that then just played it out
Game 3: He nearly killed me but luckily i had compulse to safe myself then i dark hole and whack him again

Second match vs Wei Ann (Six Samurai)
Game 1: Royal tribute and saw his hand of ROTA Solumn and magatama, he proceeded to set 3 next turn and i lucky mst a solumn which i then proceed to play out his cards with spy and gang
Game 2: I veiler then the followng turn he do stunt with gateway and united i drop maxx c to try to change his mind but he still rush and i gg
Game 3: Controlled and won

3rd match vs Jeremy Aw (TGAA)
Game 1: I think i controlled and he bad hand lolz
Game 2: He got sangan and snowman on field and he pot and revealed Earth Striker And krystia, he forgot take krystia as he has not normal summoned that turn and i only had a facedown spy and facedown tribute. He took striker instead and next turn i just wack the sangan and snowman before showing a tribute to minus him off then beatdown ftw.

Game 1: Make a mistake to flush and drew nothing and got beatdown
Game 2: Another game where i make another stupid mistake of summoning recruiter after i valley and it ate bottomless -.-

Result = 3 wins 1 lost but not happy cause din get to kill the A rank and therefore still 0 A rank kills .....We shall see how our ranking go lalala

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tourney Report for 19/11/2011 at jcube

Deck used: Gravekeepers (What can i use? This deck is cheap and good, no need soldier also haha)

Participants: 32
5 Round swiss cut to top 8

Match 1 vs Pokekid(TGAA)
Game 1: Heavy storm then jump hyperion soldier and co
Game 2: I Royal tribute he drop whole hand then i beatdown
Game 3: He tried to rush with puppet plant on my commandant and jumping of monsters but nt enuff kill me, i just dark hole then regain control and when he pot birdman mst and monster reborn when i got sin cyber end descendant backrow and necrovalley on field, he took birdman then he forgot set 1 more monster so he only gt 1 monster which i summon commandant next turn sac it with descendant effect then i direct with my sin cyber end. I took the commandant and descendant using stele the turm before he pot so he made a bad mistake.

Match 2 vs Alvin (TGAA)
Game 1: Royal tribute hit only 2 then he fight back but he choose not to blackrose and ate a mirror force which then i gain control
Game 2: Ended quickly cause i had nothing while he tot i had something. He nearly did not want to trishula which would have cost him the victory but he still tori and i gt 0 outs to it.
Game 3: Was in control until he exceed Black Mist and whack my sin cyber end. From then on went downslope since blackmist attack is 2100 after attacking sin cyber end and i could not find a way to out it. Royal decree locked my backrow down while i did not draw my mst

Match 3 vs Junjie (Agent Angel)
Shared as usual when i see him so winner just go up and cont playing
Game 1: Beatdown with sin cyber end
Game 2: He do stunt and had brionac leviar librarian on field at a point of time but i compulse the brionac and then he ate dark hole after thinking that my final backrow is a mirror force (Which is true) Then i just sin cyber end beatdown on a turn he nvr set monster

Match 4 vs Sin Kwan (Debris Junk Dopple with Vertz Mandrago)
Game 1: Game dragged as both player had nothing and until i drew sin cyber end i killed him when he had like 3 backrow which are 2 call and 1 avarice
Game 2: Game dragged very long and he tried to equip armory arm to my sin cyber end then use bulb to sucide (I tot i eat 4000 but i realise i will eat 100 only) Anw i mst my armory arm to make him eat 3900 and then on gain control.

Match 5 vs Daniel Ang (GK Debris junk dopple)
Game 1: Royal tribute then beat down
Game 2: Tio beatdown plus trishula and friends
Game 3: Start with a hand of 2 veiler and a wand, slowly fight back and flush when he do his stunts, later on my sin cyber end whack his spy and he say he no target when only 1 spy in grave so i presume his other set card is oso spy = bad hand
Yes, my record against Daniel is now 3-1 LOL...anw 4 wins for a gk is good, have been struggling the whole of November till now which is 19 days ??

Top 8 vs Jun Cai (Grave BF)
Game 1: Tio beatdown thru vayu effect after he icarus
Game 2: Beat him down with 100 lifepoint left, i tribute at start he whole hand spell trap
Game 3: I tribute him he whole hand monster, i flip spy he instant scoop

Top 4 vs Shaun Lim (Agent Ritual Angel)
Game 1: I royal tribute he instant scoop
Game 2: Game drag long and i killed his herald with 2 effect veiler and torrential but had no outs to his earth and hyperion then, my 2 solid backrow valley and sin cyber end die to his 1 heavy storm
Game 3: Stand no chance against him after he can come out 2 more maju aft i warning 1 -.-

Din play with Max as he took the roach and i took 10 booster pack which opened crap then me and junjie just bought the rest and it still suck.
Result: 3rd/4th
Comments: Pleased with my performance, but i having issue with maxx c and royal tribute in my hand = Dilema, better solve it quick or i foresee a hard deck building ahead. Anw Blackmist is Agent's new weapon against GK NO JOKE.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Order of Chaos plus a little follow up

Alright many blogs have expressed their views towards Order of Chaos, personally i feel that there are a few cards that are decent yet not broken........

Inzecter series- Bomb and search like free
Mainspring mouse- Rofl u dun solumn him is like the ocg tour guide from grave for mainsprings
Mainspring Honey- Yay we got our own emersblade....
Darksword the Head soldier of dark demon world- Dark world and many dark archetypes solution to agent angel....just equip krystia and hyperion to it and be a boss.
The turtle that once will be called god- Good card for those legendary ocean users
Wind-Up Zenmaighty- U are forcing me to play mainspring now no joke
Compulsory Evolution- Vishal will be wondering why asia plus finals not held 4 weeks later....this is like test tiget for evoldos, if ur evoldo 'gk spy' works then u will really advantage lol
Spiral Spring- Looks good but think about it there are only 2 sets of possible targets.....u will really need manufacture to make this card useful...u dun wan to have a kitty cat and draw this card and laugh till omg......
Ninjitsu Art of Transformation- There was much hype about this so it definitely has some value
Huge Revolution Reversal- Good Against most cards but of course there is starlight road, given that this is a counter trap means ur opponent cannot chain speed spell 2 traps to it........ but this one no free 2500 attack beat stick

Update: Just saw my rankings, it is -2 and i believe that should not be so.....anw now i have a new target which is to destroy Rank A people and as such i can get high points hehe and at the same time they lose more points since they are of higher rankings...........

Hitlist on the scale of 1-10 where 10 means very hard to kill and 1 = sure free food....? denotes i have not played u before or i can't gauge ur skills.

Pls note that these are my own opinions and should not be used as any flaming such as so and so is a noob or so on without my permission hehe, for those who feel offended, once again i apologise and say this is just what i feel of your standards.

Division A members
LIM CHENG WEE (Can you even find him?)
CHING LING WONG (who is this person?)
WONG CHIN TAN (who is this?)
JUN YI LIEW (who is this?)
CALVIN WONG (Who is this?)
LEE LIANSENG (Who is this?)
NOEL NICHOLAS (Who is this?)
CHUAN ZHI 10 if he using machina gadget
YU KUN HE (Who is this?)
CHOO WEE MIN 7 unless he using some tcg abuse deck
QING HUANG TAN (who is this?)
LEE YONG HWEE (Who is this?)
WILLIAM CHAN (Who is this?)

In case if u do not notice what i mean, so many ?? is on the list.....Probably these ppl should show us why they deserve an A ranking and yet nt topping locals at ahsoo and stuff
Target by End of November = Take down at least 3 of these targets and scrub at most once to the A ranking people...... In case you still dunno where the website is, it can be found here
im rank 84 zzz............ok its 3.10am time to oink

Reply to the comments: Lol i better dun criticise le if not i really become the next max lol, btw anyone know why i cannot post comment on my own blog? i log in with google acc and they say i no permission LOL
Signing off

Sunday, November 13, 2011

13 November 2011 Asia Plus Main Event

Team Name = Team Insane Tech
Members: Poh Seng (Leader) Wesley Seek (Member A) Cho Wee Min (Member B)
Deck used: Agent Angel Junk Doppel Dimensional Jur Ragia

Match 1 vs Team consisting of Jia Jie (Vampirerion) Jonathan (Harsickle) and Zhi ( dunno forum name)

Wee Min vs Zhi (Machina Gadget)
Wesley vs Jia Jie (T.G Agent Angel)
Me vs Jonathan (Dark World)

Game 1: A good agent start plus keep wacking him means i make ancient holy wyvern and he bottomless which i miracle descent it back lol, hyperion then came along
Game 2: Die to his too fierce card destruction, plus his lightning hit right target
Game 3: Open dark mirror in starting hand plus i got backrow to protect me.

Highlight of the match being Jonathan using Monster Reborn and Jia Jie direct Wesley with DD crow

Match 2 vs Team Challenge Accepted including Jeff, Baha and Jeremy
Wee min vs Jeremy (TG Agent Angel)
Wesley vs Jeff (Machina Gadget)
Me vs Baha ( Dark World)

Game 1: He won with card destruction in hand and gateway to dark world too....5 cards in his hand when i scrubbed
Game 2: Open dark mirror call out ancient fairy dragon call out krystia and party
Game 3: Game went on very long cause he know i got prison while i had honest and he had snow. with skill drain on field, i vortex him he bribed and i solemn= mistake then later i scrubbed.

Highlights of the match being a scape goat junk syncron mistake by Wesley and an early Stardust by Wee min thru starlight road in game 1

Match 3 vs Team consisting of Cassandra, Guan Ji and Potato
Wee Min vs Guan Ji (Machina Gadget)
Wesley vs Potato (Lightlord)
Me vs Cassandra (WWBF)

Game 1: Tio control by mirror force and icarus as well as 3 bfs on field featuring bora shura and vayu by shura effect
Game 2: Dark mirror is the cure to opponent cards
Game 3: Can drop hyperion but scared 1 backrow so nvr drop and in the end Venus wack into MarshMellon and i had Exactly 1000 life left lol

Match 4 vs Team featuring Jonas Bai dunno who and Rui Feng(The guy from sg showdown one or smthing like that)
Wee min vs Gravekeepers
Wesley vs Rui Feng (Dark World)
Me vs Jonas (TG Agent Angel)

Game 1: I had 2 gantetsu 1 venus and 1 jupiter he sp krystia and call out earth search for venus then swap his earth with my venus, both his monster wack my 1 gantetsu, next turn i top deck lightning vortex he gg as i trapdust shoot him earlier and reduced his life sharply
Game 2: He krystia and i honest him yet he honest me and i tot i die but is he die but anw he trishula later on after i dp his krystia then he remove wrong allowing me to miraculous descent venus and call 2 ball sacrifice and call krystia then he play defensive tg thru setting and i mind crush him later on and saw his hand of 1 werewolf 2 hyperion and 1 krystia with less than 2800 life points left and i had venus and krystia on field for the win lol. Barbeque him zz

With that our team lost and ended up in 7 and got scolded by Jia Jie as they had low tie breaker hehe... At the end of 3rd round i saw my team at 4th position so meaning if we won it we would have qualified haha.........anw jonas team went on to get 2nd

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Asia plus main event 13 november 2011Asia plus main event 13 november 2011

Yes its coming like finally, as mentioned in the previous post where our team has been sub par all the while, this could effectively be the first and last time as a team........just want to add on to ygo noob's latest post, ranting at teammates is really smthing 1 should not do yet im a person who does that....anw i should feel happy that i did nt qualify the first leg as it allowed my team more time to think and to eventually come up with a conclusion to what to use.... Anw i wish everyone all the best....

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Jcube asia plus tourney 6/11/2011

Teams present: 11

We did not get a bye unlike 5 other teams and therefore had to fight
I used Gravekeepers as usual, with a little tech around

Team faced: Dunno what name but got calvin shelton and zan hao

Me vs Zanhao (Machina Gadgets)
Game 1: Lance and limiter for the game
Game 2: Cyber dragon attacks holy light and then contacts fortress for a plus 2 then he later smash that and my gk descendant and recruiter bomb his 1 card field till he top breaker but i had sin cyber end and valley already.
Game 3: 2 Trap eater plus 2 commandant plus necrovalley for a starting hand means its bad siding and bad hand that tributed to a quick defeat. I think when he ramp over my commandant he knew i had a bad hand......

Wesley won Shelton (Six samurai)

Weemin lost to Calvin (Dark world)

With that my asia plus career with gravekeepers has came to a conclude this is my result sheet

Lost 2 matches against Machina Gadget( Yew Loong and Zan Hao)
Won 1 match against TG agent angel (Ernest)
Lost 1 match against Pure Agent Angel (Bixuan)

On a sidenote, Team Lucksack featuring Baoyuan Kahmeng and Sherwyn did very well today in jcube asia plus tourney by managing a 2nd place.....kudos to them and i tot they did very well.
Next week is the grand finale where teams like ours which fail to qualify have to go for the swiss rounds........

Saturday, November 5, 2011

5 november 2011 yew tee qualifier tourney

Haiz first tourney of the month............
Deck used: X-sabers
There is a reason why Wei Ann din use it anymore............
First match vs Sebastian (lightlord)
Game 1: charge plus bls plus trishula = gg lols
Game 2: 2 faultroll plus librarian plus hyunlei and he gt crap hand = gg
Game 3: tragoedia take my rai oh and make shock ruler plus judgement plus my hand gt ryko darksoul debris 2 gottoms with nothing in grave= gg

Zz first tourney of the month then scrub le...hope tmr wun scrub

Saturday, October 29, 2011

29/10/2011 Lorong Ah Soo team tourney

Jeremy once told me that LAS tourney always hav ppl more lucksack......mayb i understand that today.
Deck used: Skill Drain Gravekeepers
Wesley and Weemin as teammates yet again
Match 1 vs Team Sherwyn consist of Stark (GK) Jeremy Aw(TGSAA) Yew Long(Machina Solidarity Gadgets)

Me vs Yew Long
Game 1: I royal tribute him and he throw 3 but he open gadget and solidarity and when i got rid of gadgets he got a gearframe and fortress and just run over like crazy. After clearing again he left 1 facedown and solidarity and i had compulse set long ago and a malefic cyber end dragon, was anticipating bottomless then i would bounce and end him but he open solemn judgement then aft that is gearframe and fortress to end me.
Game 2: 2 DD Warrior Lady in first 2 turns prove to be useless as gearframe took it away. Royal tribute 2 for 2 with me throwing recruiter and him throwing 1 red and 1 fortress. When i top deck monster he prison it, that happened 2 times and followed by some epic gearframe and cannon story, after clearing it he went again and again until i even saw machina force wtf lol. Not gonna blame anyone, Skill Drain din work at all against him so is fair to say i scrubbed real bad.

Wee min lost to stark 2-1 and Even though Wesley won 2-0 it was already over as their 2 members had already won.

Now that all my techs are seen by some and used, need to go back to the drawing board again. Skill Drain its a gg tech.
To add on, Weemin was at heartland mall today and wanted to cab but we went to the wrong side of road and i said walk down can reach shop until i saw a bus stop and realise no 113 bus which brings us to the shop. We cab and THEY forget to pay me ARGH. Anyway Thanks to Jacky Lim for telling the judge we will be slightly late. Thank You
Not much of a ruling dispute today, Bryan is a good judge haha (i dun mean to flame ppl but if u read the amount of flame inside then lol)
zzxiaoboizz signing off. Hope to advance GK build soon

Monday, October 24, 2011

I din know orcs was released so early

Gold ninja and hanzo and the ninja exceed?? Lol anyone can tell me if they seen orcs bp in sg

RE: Thanks clover for telling me its duel online lol

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tourney report at jcube 22/10/2011

Today was a really low turnout day of 11 participants so its 4 swiss round with top 4
Deck used: Gravekeepers with a lot of staples gone(asia format)

Match 1 vs Stark (Tengu scraps)
Game 1: He flash a tengu and a couple of turns later scrap dragon to run over my deck which has no answers to scrap dragon after draining all resources on the 3 tengus
Game 2: Same thing happened, except with heavy storm this time clearing my backrow and drawing starlight road aft that against scrap dragon. Early game got dominated by cyber dragon and had no malefics drawn

Match 2 vs Ying Jun (TG Agent Angel)
Game 1: Necrovalley and solid backrow means i control him throughout plus royal tribute to take his soldier and tragoedia out.
Game 2: The use of chain disappearance and bottomless means even when my valley got msted, hyperion and his little children cannot do a thing.

Match 3 vs Alvin (TG Agent Angel)
Game 1: He took my stardust dragon using tragoedia effect then he summoned venus and i opened bottomless and he forgot to negate using stardust then it went all downhill from there.
Game 2: He opened decree and used heavy storm to take out 2 of my backrows but i had more in hand and slowly build up the numbers again to turn the tables, his cyber dragon got contacted by my sin cyber end lol.

Match 4 vs Vishal (BF asia format)
Game 1: Sin cyber end just kept wacking at him
Game 2: He black rose clear field and i used starlight road which he negated with warning and i had no hand but he did not have enough firepower to kill me so i build up the advantage with wonder wand a couple of turns later after using traps that i top draw to hold out

Top 4 vs Stark (Tengu scrap)
Game 1: Tengu again proves to be the mvp
Game 2: Managed to drain all his resources this time and win
Game 3: Royal tribute proves to be effective this time as i threw his 3 card hand of full monsters and had my monsters to whack for the game.

Top 2 vs Gabriel (TG Agent Angel) The one that owns the pampers blog
Game 1: Heavy storm plus armory arm venus daigusta and soldier means at 6300 lp and a facedown spy is not enough to win it.
Game 2: lost my necrovalley to his mst and his hyperion jumped out when i had little life and i compulsed it and it was a good gamble as he din hav any agents and only drew them the turn after he died (his next top deck)
Game 3: Heavy storm plus dark hole and hyperion and earth in the following turns means it was a victory for him despite me chain disappearning his balls and tg striker

Result 2nd
Had good training with TGAA today, just what i needed

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A quick ranking tourney update 16 October 2011

Deck used: Gravekeepers Asia format (meaning i din change from the previous tourney report)

Match 1 vs Dillon(sry if i spell ur name wrongly) WWBF
Game 1: He made ancient fairy dragon and killed my necrovalley, followed by a dad but he only bomb 1 of my backrow as he had sirocco and vayu in grave, he chose not to rush me but to icarus me later on and ate my starlight road which allowed me to gain back my momentum.
Game 2: He went first set 1 face down defence monster and 1 backrow, i use recruiter rai-oh to wack the monster next turn which turns out to be a vayu and i proceeded to use necrovalley and royal tribute revealing my whole hand of no monsters while he threw Gorz and puppet plant away (been some time since i see ppl using this) his other 2 cards were nobleman of cross out and mind control. After a few direct from raioh he sucessfully had shura on the field and mind control my raioh and made hope which got destroyed by widespread ruin lol.

Match 2 vs Weihan (Darkworld)
Game 1: Chose to go for a commandant beatdown instead of throwing it to replace his necrovalley, was rushing for tution at 3pm and then was 2.52pm so i wanted to quick end and i got the win as he did not draw any dw monsters
Game 2: He activated return from dd bringing back a removed grapha from gate's effect, i compulsed it as i wanted to use my spy to direct him for the win, he had only 300 lp left after paying. I ate a book of moon instead and he drew gate the next turn paste it and had monster reborn and grapha = double grapha to end me
Game 3: Raven plus drag down proves too much for my 1 watcher, made a misplay with widespread ruin opening on raven when grapha is on field.......LOL. Had 2 backrow but tio heavy storm as i din see that coming cause he set 2 backrow also and i tot dark world supposed to burst cards 1 by 1 but im wrong again. the other destroyed card was dark hole rofl, then got rushed and lost again.

He went on to beat ash/lingwong the macro guy lol.

Overall im pleased as this was to try out the deck and happy that i got at least a win haha.

On another note, i might be experimenting a new gk build if i can get the cards lol.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Asia plus tourney qualifier 15 October 2011

Deck used: Gravekeepers
Teammates = Wesley and Weemin

First round = BYE since there were 10 teams

2nd round vs Team Arsonist
Anthony (Dark plant) vs Wesley
1 - 2
Zhi (machina gadget) vs Weemin
2- 1
Me vs Ernest (TG agent angel)
Game 1: Allowed him to syncro into android using reaper and earth, he still has another gantetsu with 2 materials on it but earlier on he attempted to remove a venus when valley was on field hence revealing his hand to be a hyperion and venus from earth's search. Android beat my commandant away but i had a set spy and 2 recruiter as i could not beat the reaper. Then my spy called out descendant and with necrovalley long on field, descendant tribute recruiter and destroyed android and searched out assailant and all wack gantetsu to reduce his 4200 lp to 0.
Game 2: I managed to have more resource but his mst on necrovalley and appearance of bls changed the whole game. My starlight road and chain d both were set and were useless against him. I some how top deck my core destroyer but it got oranged light.
Game 3: I royal tribute he drop whole hand which has 3 balls. Went on to control and he did the mst top deck bls stunt but i had mirror force set and he removed my recruiter and next turn i sin cyber end him as he had only 1k lp with no hand.

Round 3 vs Team Chieflion
Weemin vs Johann
1 - 2
Wesley vs Vishal
2 - 1
Me vs Bixuan

Game 1: I royal tribute him he drop his honest but later on a stupid judge ruling put me into jeopardy. I equip my wonder wand to recruiter and he asked judge if lance would make my mob lost target. In actual fact it will not and judge say it will and rendered my wand to a waste. Then it happened that it actually still equips to recruiter and i was only told of tat a couple of turns later. Thanks judge for making me have the losing hand. Bixuan already used his heavy storm and i had widespread ruin plus mirror force in hand. Subsequently i went downstream when my sin cyber end tio mst and venus beatdown
Game 2: Had a wonderful spell trap hand with a stele and only 1 gk and when another gk came in the form of recruiter, he had dark mirror on the field already. Lost to his eventual beatdown

Result = crash at top 4

Humans make mistake once in a while, i wun blame Bixuan for the defeat but i blame myself for not convincing the judge enough and the judge who did not consult the rest of the people. A wrong ruling could have changed the thing in a true that was. Once again i would say that my official tourney route has never been lucky. First it was chard then it was 9th place and now its this.....dunno what awaits me further. Hoping for better luck next time then......

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Saturday, October 8, 2011

What was i up to for the past 2 weeks?

Well u might have noticed there were no tourney reports for the last 2 weeks, the reason for this is simple- i was busy exploring a viable gk build and obviously i din feel that it was good enough to play tourney with it. My wwbf can beat poh choon's tgaa but my gks lost against him badly. Ever since i have been trying with new builds of gk. Some might have been doing this but o have not played with sin cyber end for quite some time.....will need to try that. Will have to fix a couple of things to make it tourney ready.
Till then cya
zzxiaoboizz signing off

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A update

Sry for the long time of no updates as i was busy with my promos (seriously hoping to promote lol) The release of Photon Shockwave in english is coming soon and as usual, a couple of tcg exclusives to put one's attention at. The following cards caught my eyes.

Sources from ygo wiki.

1. Photon Sabre Tiger 3 star beast Attk 2000 Defence 800
Effect-When this card is Normal or Flip Summoned: You can add 1 "Photon Sabre Tiger" from your Deck to your hand. If you do not control another "Photon Sabre Tiger", this card loses 800 ATK.

Comments: Seriously a 3 star yellow gadget? Except when u sp this u cannot search but i see this as another avenue for offering gadgets to exploit especially when Zenmaines the so called new and improved gantetsu is out. Definitely with dt 13 coming out, i will get 3 of this to play offering gadget tiger(lol)

2. Wind up Rabbit Beast warrior 3 stars attk 1400 defence 900
Effect: During either player's turn: You can target 1 face-up "Wind-Up" monster you control; banish it until your next Standby Phase. This effect can only be activated once while this card is face-up on the field. Effect Unconfirmed.

Comments: Lets just assume this effect is true, wind up will be more playable as magician can leech on this card's effect and its just a free activation every turn. Yipee

3. Evolzar Dolkar XYZ dragon monster, requires 2 dino type monster Attk 2300 defence 1700
Effect:When an Effect Monster's effect activates: You can detach 2 Xyz Materials from this card; negate the activation and destroy it.

Comments: This is just another alternative to Ragia, probably those who are afraid of rykos and stuff can use this. Situtational but Ragia gives more protection than this guy.

Overall a decent pack but not as good as Tengus and Tour guides.... Probably Photon Sabre Tiger is the better one among the 3 (my personal opinion haha)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Asia Card shop 24 september 2011 tourney report

Deck used: Gk with some minor changes yet again

Match 1 vs Samuel (Anti meta deck)
Game 1: 2 dck against my 2 spy lol gg
Game 2: Solumn a kycoo and went down from there as i had stele with no valley on field and only 1 spy in graveyard and failed to draw any gks.

Match 2 vs Ying Jun ( Agent Angels)
Game 1: 2 Valley in hand and 1 on field
Game 2: He had no agents and had many shine balls
Game 3: Close game but i had more outs than him

Match 3: vs Ash (DD)
Game 1: Stardust and friends rush him
Game 2: Tio drain out of resources
GAme 3: Spy gains advantage

Match 4 vs Dominc (Frog monarch)
Game 1: He did the wind monarch loop
Game 2: I royal tribue him and chain disappearance
Game 3: Its one of those days where he had no frogs

Match 5 vs Ball Snow (Gellenduo Agent Angel)
Game 1: Stardust Commandant Spy and Descendant rush him
Game 2: Veiler got lured out and had a monster hand
Game 3: Royal tribute to see his hand and made things easy

Score 4-1 (Very satisfied that there is some form of consistency)

Top 8 vs Sam (Chaos Lightlord)
Game 1: Tribute him but still lose to JD
Game 2: Tribute him and won, i think he drop 4 or 5 cards
Game 3: He swam field and my dark hole got negated by his 'my body as a shield'

Bottom 4 vs Dominac (Frog monarch)
Game 1: He had insufficient resources to fight my zen meister spy and recruiter
Game 2: Time out and GG
Game 3: Time out and GG

7th/8th placing vs Baha (Chaos Lightlord plus plant i suppose)
Game 1: Spy and friends for the advantage
Game 2: Top deck raioh for the win

Hmm not a bad deck test, a little more research on how to make it even more consistent

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Deck analysis: Yew Long's gk

If u have read the sg ygo forum, u would probably know that 2 gks top the saturday locals at asia card shop. Surprisingly both made it to top 8 with a score of 3-2 perhaps highlighting the inconsistenct it has. In this post i would highlight the speciality of yew long's skill drain gks using the information i gathered in the 2 matchs we played on saturday. His gk compromises of skill drain and the malefic cyber end combo, a couple of cydras and importantly no royal tribute. Well its technically insane tech to not main royal tribute but with ur monster count being high, i dun see why we should nt do that. Of course nt to forget he has rai oh whether it mains or sides is unsure but rai oh is a gd tech in gk, necrovalley and raioh creates a little soft lock of unable to remove nor pot nor use reborn. Technically it puts agents into tough spots but a simple gantetsu can lure the raioh out. Notable that he sides dark mirror even if he plays gks. With tat being said, one would argue the effectiveness of recruiter descendant and spy but he does not run spy nor descendant, at least not when i play him. Tat frees up 5 deck space for his cyber and cyber end. 7 tools of the bandit is also notable in his deck, this card was heavily criticised for its usefulness as many ppl said tat 3 mst plus heavy storm results in 7 tools being technically useless but its worth noting that it beats trap stun and as a anti meta, it is important to negate opposing traps. Of course siding it out would be a possibility against trap scarce decks and siding in this card is not a bad tech.

In overall, in the era of metas, it is good to know that the gks continue to be one of the surviving anti metas. Especially lightlords hav seen their hands flying away against gk matchups.

However it is worth noting that to piliot an anti meta is very demanding of skills and i definitely needs to work on it more.

Zzxiaoboizz signing off

Saturday, September 17, 2011

ACS tourney 17/9/2011

Deck used: Gravekeepers (Since my sabers are not done building yet)

Participants: 23

Match 1 vs Jacky (LightLord)
Game 1: I royal tribute he drop whole hand
Game 2: He 3 judgment dragon me
Game 3: I royal tribute his whole hand

Match 2 vs Jun Jie (Vahalla Agent Angel)
Game 1: Tio tricked to flush and he rush me with hyperion and monster reborn
Game 2: Royal tribute his hand
Game 3: Royal tribute him. He drop from 6 cards to 2 vahalla in hand.

Match 3 vs Yew Long (Skill Drain Gk)
Game 1: Had outs to his cards. with spy and descendant slowly taking his resources out, his cards like starlight road were useless against my deck.
Game 2: My Recruiter just beat him till his life red and he drag on for a while but it was not enough.

Match 4 vs Johann (Debris Junk Dopple)
Game 1: He do his stunts and had more resources
Game 2: Royal Tribute to control
Game 3: He top tomato and make T.G librarian with bulb and ran over me and i drew nothin that could help

Match 5 vs Stark (TG Agent Angel)
Game 1: He had Earth mst and trap dust shoot to deny my valley tribute combo
Game 2: Drew 2 commandant and 1 necrovalley with valley on field

Made it to top 8 still, with yew long johann alvin junjie kenneth stark and yuyao. Yew Long was very happy to make it when i told him he made it, i guess his tiebreaker of me and junjie was high enough for him......

Top 8 vs Stark (TG Agent Angel) Agreed to share with winner going up
Game 1: Once again he had earth and friends
Game 2: Mind crush plus dust shoot but he sent back rai-oh instead of aoj quarantine and quarantine had played its part.
Game 3: Obtained control with spy and quarantine, he made a small mistake of not setting venus when i had necrovalley on field 1 bottomless set, 1 destroyer on field. I top pot and took commandant and went over his 2k life.He had traegoedia in hand so not setting the venus and it cost him the win. Although u could argue its the same but i dunno if i would wack with core destroyer or commandant first.

Top 4 vs Johann (Debris Junk Dopple)
Game 1: Couldn't Remember the game
Game 2: Remember royal tributing him and he kept his cards
Game 3: Spy once again generated advantage as his own royal decree is on the field

No grudges to Johann......

Top 2 vs Yew Long ( Skill drain gk)
Game 1: I solumn his cyber and he solumn me and ran over descendant to end me as i had 400 lp
Game 2: We both keep burning each other and my spy went for a direct attack as he had empty field and less than 1000 life
Game 3: We kept exchanging blows and i reached a point where i had only 800 lifepoint, he had 1 facedown and 1200 left. i had descendant and spy in hand and i was thinking if i should go for the win but i decided to set the spy and it paid off as the facedown is actually bottomless and he drew mst which i then flip spy and call recruiter which got bottomlessed and i summoned descendant and blew away the mst which he chain on my mirror force and i went for the game.

Result: 1st and took parallel bls and stark got dark soul by finishing 5th/6th

Gravekeepers is a fun and stressful deck, a couple of changes from the showdown one and things went bettle than expected although still 3-2.........Thanks Jeremy for ur starlight road and 3 recruters, really helped a lot. Next stop Sabers? Lol tats a doubt after the dark soul ruling...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Sg showdown gravekeepers

Firstly have to thank Jeremy Aw for lending me ur recruiter and starlight road despite i din make it.........anyway this is the deck list which i felt that monster count is too many. Personally feel that the 2 veiler and raioh can be taken out

SG Showdown qualifier day 1 10/9/2011

Deck used: Gravekeepers
Match 1 vs Jonas Tai (TG Agent Angel)
Game 1: Control with starlight road and spy, he tio tribute also
Game 2: He fast end me
Game 3: Tribute drop his 3 monsters and he lost advantage from there while i had spy

Match 2 vs Jonas Bai (TG Agent Angel)
Game 1: Tribute but i minus 1 myself, he creature swap me
Game 2: Control with spy
Game 3: He rush me

Match 3 vs Shu Miao (Lightlord)
Game 1: I got raioh and necrovalley while he had charge and sorceror in hand
Game 2: He overwhelm me quickly yet again with a pot taking judgement and already 3 lightlord in grave plus ryko in hand.
Game 3: I royal tribue take away 3 cards in his hand, i had commandant necrovalley and recruiter on field while he had nothing, plus my hand got 1 valley and 1 smashing ground, he top draw Judgement dragon clear field wack me and mill nothing and he had only 700 lp left so i won.

Match 4 vs Jia Rui (Chaos BF)
Game 1: Tori him after double mst clear his starting set 2, he unable to recover after that.
Game 2: We entered top deck situation and i top deck monster so i won.

Match 5 vs Ball Snow (Gellenduo Agent Angel)
Game 1: I veiler his earth and he drew balls after that, massive backrow after his heavy storm took out my 1 set card and necrovalley.
Game 2: He rush me and i ran out of advantage faster than a F1 car
Game 3: He rush me and i ran out of advantage faster than 3 F1 car's combined speed

Result: 9th place roflmao
10th is Jonas Tai so it probably explains why my tiebreaker not good
Will be posting the gk deck soon, probably wun touch it for some time i guess, if not i will have to reduce monster count......

Friday, September 9, 2011

TTZ Trading Asian 2012 Qualifier 9 September 2011

Participants 12
Deck used: Gravekeepers

Match 1 vs Alvin (TG Agent Angel)
Game 1: He make mistake while i took over control
Game 2: Royal tribute but he heavy storm to gain back advantage but his monster reborn got torrential and he top draw mind crush....

Match 2 vs Alvin aka Mango (Chaos BF)
Game 1: Spy control and he misplay by summoning blizzaard, starlight road his blackrose too
Game 2: I misplay and accidentally said the 'F' word at him omg so sry anw he swarm 5 bf to tram over 1 recruiter. Had a monster hand with 80% of my side deck cards in it too
Game 3: Control with spy and advantage gain via stele

Match 3 vs Ying Jun (Agent Angel)
Game 1: He heavy storm then monster reborn = gg
Game 2: I made at least 2 game play mistake which turns out to be a big big loss( We spar very often and he probably knew wad i was gonna side....)

Result 2 wins lol

Nt a bad test ahead if tmr's sg showdown qualifier, i just hope i can do well.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Saturday, September 3, 2011

3 September 2011 Asia Card Shop tourney

The deck i was using today was really unexpected because i din expect to get my recruiters from Jeremy until he facebooked me today and told me ok, so i reached there he was waiting liao lol cause we agree to lend each other some cards. Ok back to main point today was to play test and i dunno why it had pretty satisfactory results although i must say i found a lot of flaws in my deck.

Deck used: Gravekeepers (Lol pohseng playing gk? Angels kinda unattractive cause a lot of ppl playing it. Then i found out i was the only gk there, lucky not to meet any dark world. Kinda know the ppl there who would use dark world but still anything is possible)

Match 1 vs Ball Snow (Agent Angel Gellenduo Build)
Apparently the organizer's comp got switched off and lost the pairings so we repaired LOL.

Match 1 vs Samuel (LightsWorn)
Game 1: Controlled with spy and necrovalley, his guardna unable to be removed and he took too much damage. Veiler helped too
Game 2: Forgot to tell him traegoedia cannot copy level and allowed him to do so and
he syncroed, but i still lost as he had jd and friends while i ran out of advantage like water.
Game 3: GK control and beatdown, he topdrawed wolf and it nvr look like he was able to win that game when roachy came out i think.

Match 2 vs Sam the msia champion (TG Agent Angel)
Match 1: Hyperion and Scrap dragon on field, i top dark hole but he had another hyperion in hand.
Match 2: Hyperion and scrap dragon, a useless struggle to thin deck but nothing comes out of it.

Match 3 vs Johann (TG Agent Angel)
Match 1: Typical GK control and won
Match 2: Lost advantage quickly and he rush me with hyperion Ganetsu and TG striker
Match 3: Drew no Gk monsters at start but had many outs to his cards, he decided not to solemn my disappearance on his earth, then i blind mst his judgement away and followed by bottomless on his venus and another veiler on earth. By then my gk reinforcements has arrived plus 2 stele and royal tribute making my hand 6 and his hand 0 at one point as i tribute away his krystia and hyperion. He clamed tat i wasn't friendly LOL (i tot so too haha)

Match 4 vs Ball Snow (Agent Angel Gellenduo) i guess u cannot run away from the duel
Game 1: Controlled and won, although he trap stun my starlight road lol.
Game 2: Krystia beat me down if im not wrong
Game 3: Dragged very long because i wasn't able to draw gk while he drew bad too, had allure but no dark monster and when i had one i summoned it cause its core destroyer, double core destroyer and book of moon and veiler in hand won the game eventually.

Match 5 vs Anders aka DS , Yes the duelingdays one (Machina karakuri)
Game 1: Had a lot of traps and veilers but he recovered faster than my gk
Game 2: Royal tribute him but only his gearframe went down, then he revealed mst mind crush limiter and decree, had no outs to his stun with decree and mind crush there.

3-2 but Sam took the win from Shaun and he pulled me up with his high tiebreaker so i 7th place

Top 8 vs Alvin (Pure Agent Angel)
Game 1: Controlled again, he had venus and a warning set, i flip my assailant up and he dunno effect so i told him tat i attack can change position so he immediately warning it (he had honest lol) I stele back and wack his venus and direct with spy. He lost the next turn as he cannot remove venus from grave to sp hyperion with necrovalley on field.
Game 2: Veiler plus smashing ground and mst on my torrential and my decision to not set necrovalley lead him to a quick finish, took less than 5 mins to end me for that game
Game 3: Was very worried as i had a bottomless set and he had 5 hand compared to my 2 hand, but he had nothing and i was able to quickly bounce back and take the game. I tot i would have lost seriously.
Top 4 vs Shaun (Anti-meta beat)
Game 1: i went first set a spy and had necrovalley in hand but chose not to activate, set a facedown card and ended. He sp cyber summon kycoo wack my spy with cyber and i called out recruiter and he wacked it, then after that it went uphill for me with my royal tribute taking away his sorceors. Rememberd that he had dck in the middle of the game but i bottomless it away and my 2500 defense spy sp assailant then it went uphill.
Game 2: Had smashing ground and stuff plus 2 royal tribute to remove his sorceror and veilers, with rai-oh on field punching him and till he had no lifepoints.
Nt really surprised as he runs a lot of monsters, so royal tribute and gk are his weakness. Can be said to be my easiest matchup today.

Top 2 vs Anders aka DS again lol (Machina Karakuri)
He asked me wad i wanted and we both wanted Parallel BLS and not the gold trishula so we played.
Game 1: Bureido x2 plus burei plus landoise come out and run over a poor recruiter and gg me LOL. After game 1 Benjamin the judge came and gave us the prize of luster soldier and gold tori, i put the tori at my side and the bls at his side and he joked abt me being too over negative haha, i just couldn't get away with the game 5 shocker as he showed me the full blown karakuri blow that i could not do during Worlds qualifier.
Game 2: I started quite badly but it turned out to be better as i kept warning bottomless and veiler his stuff, eventually won with more resources than him.
Game 3: He used black rose(girl and soldier made) to bomb field on his 2nd turn, i solumned that, i had 4k lp a facedown stele a commandant and necrovalley on field. He sp cyber dragon and throw 2 fortress to sp 1 fortress, followed by a limiter removal.

Result: 2nd ( Very pleased as i din expect to go so far)

Comments: Some games i felt very helpless while some games i was full of confidence as i pulled of the spy descendant recruiter combo. Allure of darkness is a stuck hand card and i should take it out. Tingjun commented on my side deck as 'special' and after some thoughts i think he din say wrongly. I din use my 2 dprison and divine wrath at all. I only used dyna and snowman 1 time each. With most of the time using my core destroyer, chain disappearance and also 3rd veiler, yes i main 2. Much thanks to jeremy for lending me starlight road and 3 recruiter, he said i helped him do some gk research LOL, i was also doing research lol, i realised that the main decked 1 rai-oh was not bad but 1 assailant was indeed not enough, should not have put allure inside, put me in hard spots lots of time today. A bit of side decked skills learn too, i guess gk recruiter should be the last gk to come out, dun really see any new gks coming out although it would be good. Overall, i learned a lot from today's testing and that was the most important part of it. Pondering if i should play this against showdown.............this deck turns out to be strong competitor too, probably nt much ppl expected this deck to be played.......but still i need more brushing up.

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Monday, August 29, 2011

Asia card shop at bishan tourney report 29/8/2011

Deck used: Agent Angel ( No tg or what sort ever, just normal aa)

Match 1 = BYE LOL

Match 2 Kaven Sue (Diva Undead)
Game 1: Had hyperion monster reborn etc etc plus i trap dust shoot him revealing heavy storm mst dad goblin zombie pyamid turtle and 1 more card.
Game 2: He had 2900 and i had ganetsu and hyperion on field and i used only hyperion to wack him, next turn he top deck monster reborn and epic pwnt me. Terrible mistake
Game 3: Lost advantage to kycoo and sprit reaper and gged

Match 3 vs Willy (Lightsworn)
Game 1:I control him with quick end
Game 2: He pwnt me with epic skills
Game 3: I set up an unbeatable trap for him to fall in. hyperion on field with earth and ganetsu, hand with venus and orange light while having a set bottomless and he has only 3 cards in his hand. Turns out to be JD zephyros and guardna

Match 4 vs Shelton (Lightsworn)
Game 1: Had all outs to him, solumn judgement his bls and warning his gorz
Game 2: Snipe hunter sniping his ryko and bottomless, i trishula his aoj catastor and wack him while he had 2 set cards and he said ok, i flashed krystia in mp2 and he conceded the following turn.

Match 5 vs Junjie (GB)
Game 1: Honest control
Game 2: Trap dustshoot him but minus 1 as he had no monsters but a bunch of pro traps
Game 3: Fought him after some top decking

We shared and since his parings after round 4 is 3rd he let me win and in the end he 8th also.

Top 8 vs Marcus (Tour guide Agent Angel)
Game 1: Allure plus mind control my venus plus 2 hyperion = i gg
Game 2: I struggled but eventually pulled through as i had hyperion in hand.
Game 3: We started off almost equally until his tour guide sangan and earth gain him much advantage, i use 2 venus to waste away his 2 orange light then i hyperion wack him, he dark hole and then my kyxoo remove both his dark in graveyard as i previously chain d his tour guide. He top draw kycoo wack me and i top draw orange light, i ended my turn. He had 12oo lp while i had 1400 then. He top draw nothing and ended. I top draw a ball and i look at his grave and realise he had 1 venu left, i set my ball and ended while he really top d a venus the next turn and ran over my ball. Followed by rounds of top draw, he mind control my facedown orange light and din even look at it (i think he was pressured by the crowd making large hoo ha) , and use raioh to direct me and i book of moon it, he returned the orange light to me without looking at it again. I top draw warning (useless) and set it, he pot next turn and took mst to blast my warning and he asked wad is my facedown as he din see it just now. I kindly told him its orange light and i kept my cards as i knew nothing in the deck could stop rai-oh as i dark hole his venus earlier. Therefore i lost.

The following match i din play as i gtg and just took prize and sold and left.

Thanks to Wee min and co for helping me with the side deck, adding kycoo in before the tourney started, now i have a better idea of what to side against the new meta. Whether to stick to current agent angels is another question i hav to ponder about. At the current state, i wun be able to make it to sg showdown 2nd day, gotta work on it more. Snipe hunter did its fair share of work today, was happy as i din row 1 or 6 while using its effect.

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Results 7th/8th shared

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rabbit karakuri?

could this build be viable? need some advices here......ignore the tune warrior in the side dec

k lol

Update for this week

Went to Bishan but i did not play in tourney sadly due to personal reasons, went around and look at people playing sad to say there were some sad and happy moments. U can take the following as rants/personal thoughts haha.

1. Some agent angel player played earth and while searching, he places 3 shine balls together. What type of playstyle this is will be judged by urself. Though i think that player does not need to resort to this type of tactics.
2. Sad day for Alvin, his deck wasn't consistant and i tried to mend it a bit but i guess september is just too unpredictable
3. Grats Baoyuan on getting into top 8, dunno how well he did though, feel a bit sad for kenneth aas he endured morphling jar plus card destruction and raven from Baoyuan...this is just how sad life is ahh.
4. SG Showdown preparations are now underway, will need to find a good build to excel in it. Will only hav a couple of exposures to sept banlist tourney before it is showdown....................

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bishan asia card shop tourney 20/08/2011

Deck used: Agent Angel ( 90% is the Worlds agent angel winner build)
Match 1 vs Samuel
Game 1: Make a quick rush on him with lavael and friends
Game 2: He quasar me
Game 3: Trap dustshoot revealed 1 lonefire 1 call of the haunted 1 dark hole 1 giant trunade 1 mst and 1 one for one. Rofl chiong and made trishula and hyperion came shortly after

Match 2 vs Tingjun (Rabbit tg)
Game 1: Struggled for a bit before winning
Game 2: Had gorz but he had gigantech werewolf and brionac
Game 3: Controlled yet again

Match 3 vs Rongjie (Rabbit GB)
Game 1: He had outs to my every move
Game 2: Controlled him
Game 3: A bit of misplay and lost, he had 2 test tiger and gb to play with
He gave me win since i got paired down and the cost is treating him a drink cause he say he is here to test deck ........

Match 4 vs Jackie the trader (Hero Beat)
Game 1: Tio Control by cyber and miracle
Game 2: Control him with a starting hand of 2 venus 1 earth 1 pot which revealed hyperion and gorz shortly after
Game 3: Same as Game 1
Agreed to share though

Match 5 vs Anthony (Debris Junk Doppel)
Game 1: Rush him
Game 2: Drain a lot of resources but he had chaos sorceror and zephyros to kill me as i have gozen on the field
Game 3: DD crow and friends to win, early game librarian followed by mid game trishula

gtg so share ( i think) and let him go up lor

Score 3-2
Won a protector for lucky draw haha

Needs a couple of test tournaments for the sg showdown, moreover that is one which is sept banlist
zzxiaoboizz signing off

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thoughts on banlist

Well banlist has changed the game yet again, i guess i will be busy working on my agent angels now, thinking of various forms of agent angels, need to test deck in real life first, dueling network too imba hand haha

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Yugioh asian championship league and sg showdown 13/8/2011

Hi its me again, a really long day, with 2 tourneys

Deck used: Offering Machina gadgets

League format: Single Elimination
First match vs Jeff (Debris Dopple dandy)
Game 1: Played till half then rain came so we move table and he forgot to sp sorceror, ultimate offering too gay......
Game 2: His ryko got noblemaned and following facedowns too

2nd match vs Jackie (Debris Dopple Dandy)
Game 1: Roach proved to be too tough for him
Game 2: He was waiting for the killer card to come but my gadgets poke him to death before he can get it.

3rd match vs Jonas Bai ( Anti-meta beat)
Game 1: He had empty field and i showed him ultimate offering
Game 2: He had skill drain on the field while i had 2 gadgets and 2 veiler in my hand
Game 3: Had d prison bottomless and smashing ground to his outs

Finals vs Jeremy aka Brainy (Tg tengu)
Game 1: Tengu plus rai oh = gadgets gg
Game 2: Same as Game 1

Sg showdown
Format 3 round swiss cut to top 8 but got only 10 ppl went.
Same deck used

First match vs Wei kiat (Syncro tuningware)
Game 1: Ultimate offering
Game 2: Godinberg shoot me to gg
Game 3: Had control with veiler warning and etc

2nd match vs Rui Feng (BF and lightsworns?)
Game 1: Chaos sorceror end me
Game 2: Was leading in resources
Game 3: Was leading in resources

Top 8 vs Keith Chen, forum name = keithchen89 (Lightsworn)
Game 1: Ultimate offering too strong
Game 2: He top deck judgement dragon but had no life to clear field and i smashed it the other turn, a bit of luck skills for me too.

Top 4 vs Eric (GB)
Game 1: Ultimate offering
Game 2: He had absolute control, i lost without even damaging him that round
Game 3: He had 1 Laquari with attk 2100 and no hand. I top draw cyber dragon and had a red gadget in hand, i sp cyber and normal red and sucide cyber with laquari and red gadget attacked him, he said he felt foil on his next draw and said it might not be a mob, turns out to be lanista which ran over me as i had only 500 lp left.

Took librarian as Jeremy wanted to hav 6 photon shockwave booster packs

Result = 3rd/4th tat means i qualify for 1st day of sg showdown

Friday, August 12, 2011

Random Updates and T.G Tengu plant decklist revealed

Went j-cube to play with titration today, then went to eat with him. Was told that Johann wanted the Tengus and formula back so i guess tats the end of my tg journey........Hence its time to post the decklist since it did not hit 1200 the last time -.-

Monsters 18
2 Lonefire blossom
2 Glow-up bulb
1 Dandylion
1 Spore
3 Reborn Tengu
3 T.G Striker
3 T.G Werewolf
3 T.G Rush Rhino

Spells 11
1 one for one
3 Pot of duality
1 Mind control
1 Giant trunade
2 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Monster Reborn
1 Dark hole
1 Book of Moon

Traps 11
2 Solemn Warning
1 Solemn Judgement
1 Mirror Force
2 TG-EM1
2 Horn of the Phantom Beast
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Call of the haunted

Side deck 15
2 Puppet Plant
2 Wanghu
2 DD crow
1 Thunder King Rai-Oh
3 Dust tornado
1 Royal Oppression
2 Dimensional Prison
2 Chain disappearance

Interchangable between control and offensive, so choose wisely haha

Points to take note: Lack of Foolish Burial screws the deck a bit.
A bit of lamo to play both anti and meta.
Lack of limit reverse prevents many stunts from being done.
If u are one of those who wanna quasar, i only did it once so far so dun expect quasar miracles with this deck.
Formula tend to give u gg draws so dun really rely a lot on formula.

This is zzxiaoboizz signing off

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

No 16 Ruler of color- shock ruler

Solution to offering gadgets? Declare magic then trap then monster effect and lock ur opponent down? Effect unconfirmed though but if u are allowed to use this card's effect once per turn, can it be used on 3 copies of this card? If yes then omg Offering Gadgets top meta liaoz sadly

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

National Day tourney at Asia Card Shop 9/8/2011

Deck used: TG tengu plant no change from the saturday deck.

Round 1 vs Daniel (was confident cause i won him 2 times before despite he's singapore champ la) (he used debris junk dopple)
Game 1: Tengu and warning and plant system made me have more resources than him
Game 2: Control build backfired me as he read my move perfectly and had outs to my wanghu. So wanghu become gghu lol.
Game 3: Stick on to control build which still backfired me. Most notably oppression got destroyed by dust tornado.

He told me to win more to make his tie-breaker look good, of course i tried as he is one of those serious players in the game but after that very friendly one.

Round 2 vs Klyne (GB)
Game 1: Trunade plus plant system and tengu
Game 2: He open oppression and made a couple of mistakes so i can win without much difficulty.

Round 3 vs Bao Yuan (Dark world, hes the Kah Meng friend that played with me on saturday so we very friendly to each other)
Game 1: Once again tengu the star player, he tried to clear my tengus but i made most of it.
Game 2: Had formula armory arm librarian and wonder mag on the field, #$$@$!# no blade gunner or shooting star in my extra deck !@#@!#@!#!@, his dealings top draw a dark hole but i had tengus again tengu star player.

Round 4 vs Darius (Agent angel, very pro strategist)
Game 1: Open decree and spam field for win.
Game 2: Game took very long but i use TG-EM1 to swap a striker for his krystia before using rush rhino to end him. Time was called at the end part of the game.
Game 3: He went first and used earth effect and used pot to get monster reborn, next turn open decree so wad can i say?

Score 2-2 (Din make it at all)

Random rants: Top 16 or Top 8 the organiser got problem deciding...
Tables not enough so must play 2 batch, end of 4 round swiss 8pm plus?
Darius is a pro strategist- play timeout, can think over 5 mins to whether solumn a bottomless traphole, 1 turn can take 5-10 mins? I know my sister called me and tell me to go home early cause dinner is cooked and everyone is waiting for me but pls dun take ur time, i dun really believe that is so hard to decide whether solumn would be appropriate against a venus. If u wan to aim for time out then i really speechless, i admit that my deck cannot beat u in a time out and u win but i guess most duelist wants to win/lose with lp to 0 and not by some time constrains. Of course u can argue i was having a higher advantage blar blar blar but im just stating my pov which u can disagree with. But being so friendly, i dun even want to tell the judge.......

Sad that i din help Daniel get into top 8.......

Tats it signing off now, Bryan did a lot for the tourney today and deserve some form of credit. KUDOs to him haha. If i get 1200 views by 12am 10/8/2011 Singapore time, i will post my tg tengu plant build hehe

Saturday, August 6, 2011

6 August 2011 tourney report at J-Cube

Hi its me zzxiaoboizz again, disappeared last week as i was too busy with school and projects. Went to bishan tourney on friday and scrubbed very badly with TG- Flameveil.

Today i went to J-cube after Johann had borrowed me 3 Reborn Tengu and i borrowed him my natura barkion. He lended me another formula after i realised i needed 1 more.

So am i playing Tengu plants today? Tengu Junk Dopple? Tg Tengu? Nope none of the above.....
Deck used: TG-Tengu plant (lol close to the ones above i know, Damn william use almost/same as mine i think we thought the same)

Format: 5 round swiss with no time limit.

Round 1 vs Lively Kah Meng (Junk Dopple)
Game 1: Tengu plus 1 for 1 means control and off to game 2
Game 2: Monster reborn plus sorceror and grow up bulb and scrap dragon means game 3
Game 3: Make a terrible Baha mistake of having no 1 star tuner as i have sided out and yet leaving 1 for 1 to be in the deck......... But still won as opponent was lower in resources.
He reminded me to side it out next time, will remember that one.

Round 2 vs Classy Akira (Machina gadgets) He plays with class lol.
Game 1: Despite the plant stunts, i misplayed and lost
Game 2: Wanghu and friends came to the rescue and rhino finished him off.
Game 3: Terrible mistake made allowing him to brionac me and gain insane advantage then finishing me off with 2 fortress and many more.

Round 3 vs Soft spoken Kah Meng's friend (Dark World)
Game 1: He bad hand while i had tengu
Game 2: Similar situation

Round 4 vs Egoboy aka Ting Jun (Tg flameveil)
Game 1: He fiendish chain my first lone fire then on next turn fiendish chain my 2nd lone fire, some how i made black rose but he used the TG pot of avarice and drew 2. i was left with 1 card in hand, he had a +2 but i had a tengu after that and a bulb in grave meant more fun and control.
Game 2: Forgot how it went, he stalled for a while before going down.

Round 5 vs Sick Samuel (Junk debris dopple)
Game 1: Shooting Laksa dragon plus solumn judgement plus solumn warning
Game 2: Tio pwnt by trishula and many minus my advantage cards
Game 3: Refer to game 2

We agreed that if either of us win and made it to top 8 he will give the other half 8 dollars and if we made it both together, we wun hav to pay each other. 1 3 win guy got thru and it was me. Thanks for the high tie breaker everyone brought, tq.

Top 8 vs Yijie (Debris Junk Dopple)
Game 1: Plant stunts and advantage
Game 2: Stall for very long with -2 advantage before gging to sorceror
Game 3: Had 2 chain disappearance but din use it cause i control field.

Top 4 vs Classy Akira ( Machina Gadgets)
Game 1: Plant stunts to win him
Game 2: Was down to 100 lifepoints but horn and avarice out advantaged him.

Top 2 vs Cold and not the usual Jun Jie (Machina Gadgets)
Game 1: Plant stunts
Game 2: Tio quick end game by limiter
Game 3: Stall very long but lost to 1 smashing ground.

In the end 2nd and got a duality. Special Thanks to all those i played with today and Johann for loaning me the cards (i said i would mention u one lol)
Quitting Yugioh? Mayb i guess, i really dunno if i should quit ygo. Quit as in temporary not permanent haha. Thats it signing off now

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Siding as agent angels

After expressing my view on how to side against agent angels, its time to speak about siding as agent angels.

Gorz- prevents opponent from easy otk and since agents have low amount of trap cards ( might not apply to ALL agent angels but at least i play little traps)
DD crow- prevention against dandy variants
Puppet plant- six sam and hero beat, mainspring too lol
Ally bomb- agents vs agents?
Cyber dragon- contact with machiners yeah

Autonomous action unit- explained in last post
Nobleman of crossout- Against irritating ryko

Malevoent catastrophe- clear enemy heavy backrow especially for decks like grave bf, gb and machina gadgets or offering gadgets
Gozen match- six sam or dandy variants
Dimensional prison- against machinas
Chain disappearance- mirror match or against dandy six sam variants
Transmigration prophency- both a sheld and a sword.
Dark mirror- Dark world is here and to wreck chaos -.-

Siding against Agent Angel

To celebrate my first 500 view record, im gonna talk about siding against agent angel today, recently i seen a lot of ppl picking up agent angels, with the msia championship the best evidence. However, agent angel can be considered a deck that is as difficult as dopple dandy and probably one of the decks u need the most luck at ur side. Gonna talk about a couple of cards that people commonly side against today.

Chain Disappearance- Definitely in most people's side deck, this card has the ability to take care of the shine balls and earth, with 3 earth out, opponent's hyperion will be put to the test as they would only have 3 venus avalable to remove. Removing the balls prevent any daigusta epic drama. However, recent japanese top 8 agent angel decks have 2 forbidden holy lance and 2 trap stun or 2 seven tools of the bandit 0.0 so it might not be so wise to play chain disappearance but it is still an essential to put as it reaps 1 massive advantage if 1 succeeds in allowing it to play.

Light imprisoning mirror- Able to limit hyperion's destructive effect, krystia's imba no special summon rule, agent searching and sping balls, this card has everything covered, definitely a good game staller but like i said earlier, lance and bandit would counter this effectively and even a mst or dust tornado (jap starting to side this) will do the job.

Dimension fissure: Definitely useful as hyperion has no bullets and it makes krystia in one's hand stuck hand. Though 1 should be careful of lavael as it can wack more trouble to the player who activates this.

Autonomous action unit- Mostly for mirror match, i usually side this in during mirror matches. The reason is simple u just warning ur opponent venus and during ur turn open trap stun this card and united we stand for quick end game. Useful in late game as u can reborn opponent hyperion to destroy opponent mobs using angels in ur grave. The 1500 lifepoint damage may be hefty so 1 is more than enough.

Ally of justice core destroyer: A beatstick against light mobs as it kills them by effect, unable to be touched by bottomless since it has only 1400 attack. Despite such positives, easily vulnerable by cards like orange light any hyperion or even daigusta. A good choice of cards but might prove to have no deck synergy.

Ally bomb: A +1 when destroyed by battle, using orange light effect to negate oso nets a +1, only bad thing is u would have to set it usually so opponent would attack it. Agents can make exceeds or syncros in 2 turns so 1 might have to have backrow to prevent that from happening. Sazibi's six sams had massive advantage due to this card and it made me use a ganetsu to wack it in my 3rd game against him. Definitely a card to get especially agents on the rise now.

Ally of justice quarantine- saw it in the euro nationals list, this 1700 attk monster does not allow either player to sp light monsters. This cancels out hyperion krystia and balls. While locking these 3 cards down essentially means victory, it is notable that its passive effect cannot be negate by herald nor it is able to be destroyed except by honest plus light monster or jupiter or tribute summon of krystia or hyperion. Im definitely getting this if im not playing agent angels when against agent angel.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

23 July 2011 tourney at AMK

Deck used: Evoldos

First match vs (forgot ur name) (Hero plant)
Game 1: I destroyed ur future fusion but u show me miracle fusion then came out 0 and i had to stall, eventually u poly ur zero and stratos into great tornado, clear my field and monster reborn for the win......
Game 2: Kinetic wins games
Game 3: Dimensional fissure leads the way in a victory

2nd match vs jun hao (machina solidarity gadgets)
Game 1: I had no evoldo vestra and u just keep poking and towards the end open more firepower with solidarity and i had insufficient hand size to combat ur big hand
Game 2: Despite him having big hands, i was able to drain his resources and use cyber to tag his gadgets too, we stall a bit as my dimensional fissure (again) forced him to waste massive resources for a fortress.
Game 3: His green gadget keep poking and i top draw into cerato with him having 3 set cards and me having 4 set cards, 1 bottomless 2 cosmos 1 fissure and 1 fissure face up.i summoned and afraid of prison and ended, we stalled again for a while till i got my dd survivor then i picked up courage to wack and a couple of turns later he scooped, turns out there were no dprison after all.......

3rd match vs T3chy (Dark world)
Game 1: He shuffled into a spell trap hand while i had offerings seven tools and mst to clear them.
Game 2: dimensional fissure (YET AGAIN) lead the way to victory

4th match vs Jeff (Debris junk dopple)
Game 1: Despite calling my raigia 2 times, ryko clear them successfully and he had more resources than what i attempted to build up.
Game 2: Giant trunade and unfriendly stuff appeared.

5th match vs Xiaomei (Mainspring)
agreed to share beforehand but she wanted a 'creativity' match, eventually she got 9th haha
Game 1: mainspring pump attk too gay, she exceed tyrus subsequently and i had to warning, in the following turns i ate more exceeds and lost.
Game 2: kinetic for the beatdown
Game 3: She mistake but i was managed to get over her traps and do a hydrogadon stunt, following the boss mob and managed to clinch victory

So in the end is 3 win 2 lose in theory but 4 win and 1 lose (unofficial records)

My rant about evoldo? That 1900 attk guy can search only via special summoned by evolo reptiles, something i dun like as that would slow things to a very great extent. Despite that, i believe with more supports things can go even further, The dd side is very gd, it manage to take care of a couple of metas like machina gadgets and dark world. Might need to add nobleman to get rid of rykos...........on the other hand, might have to mend side dec, 5-6 cards i din even use today lolz. Alright tats it for this tourney ^^, lucky nvr reach top 8, if not need treat johann dominic junjie william and shaun lim mac ahhahahaha

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Yishun Teenage Hub tourney 17 july 2011

Deck used: Agent Angel
Round 1 vs Leo (Bambooshoot lockdown)
Game 1: He opened the wall and paid 3k and i died cause i cannot break thru his traps
Game 2: Trap stun plus daigusta for the win
Game 3: We both stalled for a while before i unleashed a blind mst on his 5 set cards destroying a dark bribe, next turn i open trap stun and he had no response to it and i otked with daigusta and friends.

Round 2 vs Yew Long (Zombie creature swap take 2400 dmg and random deck)
Game 1: Tio beatdown
Game 2: Quick end with trap stun and daigusta phoenix
Game 3: Mistake and tio beat down.

Round 3 vs Clarence (Anti-meta beat)
Game 1: Trishula attempted to control but afterwards i top drawed hyperion and gg him
Game 2: Another game of quick end.

Round 4 vs Daniel ( Debris junk doppel)
Game 1: I syncro into librarian with sangan and earth, fetching a orange light, able to combat his junk syncron while he syncro into formula and scrap dragon fetch me advantage to finish him off with a venus with 3 balls and 2 united we stand equipped to take out a dopple token.
Game 2: Syncro into Librarian again and then bounch his 1 bad row when i syncro brionac using birdman reborned and a venus. Daigusta and united we stand followed on for the kill.

Top 8 vs Yew Long
Game 1: tio beatdown and creature swap trick
Game 2: quick beat him down
Game 3: Stalled and i left 500 when he draw effect veiler summoned it creature swap it with my defense facedown mob ande use ganetsu then he creature swapped earlier to beat me for the win. Luckily we shared though

Bottom 8 vs William(Dark World)
Game 1: Controlled and won
Game 2: I misplayed
Game 2: 3k beat stick too beat to deal with even with dark mirror

Battle for 7th and 8th vs Anthony (Debris junk dopple)
Game 1: 2 balls in hand
Game 2: Similar situation, enough said

In the hand got hope and yew loong got 3rd.

Cardmaster tourney 16 july 2011

Deck used: Agent Angels
Round 1 vs Bixuan aka Sazibi (six samurai)
Game 1: He went first and set defense mob and set 3 backrow, i then performed normally and then opened a trap stun then use venus call 3 balls and bounce with birdman, he had 1 hand 2 set cards then. Took control with a tori and went on to win
Game 2: He opened oppression early and then took it out when my venus wack his ally bomb. Then he did stunts and he was left with 1 hand and i had no hand when he ended, both with no field too. We both had ard 2k+ life. I top draw puppet plant and ended while he top draw kageki and had hand of the six in his hand.
Game 3: I think it was the united we stand setup that killed him.

Round 2 vs Faz (Junk doppel)
Game 1: had a bad hand of shining ball and no agent
Game 2: He had nothing while i had an average hand, beat him to death
Game 3: He had a lot of things while i had nothing

Round 3 vs Vishal (GB)
Game 1: Herald of orange light then controlled from there
Game 2: He controlled quickly and i lost
Game 3: i summoned earth search venus and ended, having an honest in hand hyperion mind control and trunade. He searched and summoned Laquari and set 5 and ended. i drew monster reborn and activated trunade where he solumned. I mind control laquari and syncro brionac, he said ok and i throw 4 of my hand and bounch his 4 back row monster reborning a hyperion for the game.

Round 4 vs Junjie(Machina Gadget)
Game 1: it was a fight and i had united we stand equipped on earth to beat him
Game 2: He chain disapearrance my ball and i went downhill from there
Game 3: Daigusta and united we stand for the win

Round 5 vs Shaun Lim aka chicken noodles (Ritual agent angel)
Game 1: He came out herald and i forced him to left 1 card and wack his herald with my hyperion equipped with united we stand. He opened book of moon and my only hand card left was herald of orange light. Next turn he flash me a hyperion and i scooped.
Game 2: He had a bad hand and i just honest wack and return to hand while having solid backrow. Top draw MST and blew his set card of catastrophe away LOL.
Game 3: He giant trunade my 2 real backrow and summoned venus activating effect. I throw orange light and he throw also, then show me united we stand and i scooped. Grats to him making top 8 while i scooped. Might want to change back to control agent angel instead of chiong ones

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Photon Shockwave selected card review

As most of u should know Photon Shockwave the latest booster pack has been released in ocg. Will be highlighting a couple of cards that caught my eyes, not really going to extra mention those mostly discussed by other blogs. Please note that im just giving my own point of view and i do apologise if i have made any rulings error or error in my reviews.

1. Evoldar Cerato- When sp summoned, a 2100 big stick, its effect is similar to the flameveils except that u can only search 3 cards out, easily sp by Evolda Vestro, definitely one of the power house of the Evoldar clan. Coupled with lances and this card would be unbeatable. Despite the positives, the search for a evolda card might just prove the engine too slow. Might need to try to know its actual speed. Of course its also a plus as it is a dino tat can be used to exceed Evolkaiser Raigia. Estimated price in Singapore (SG) = 12 for ultra and 15 for ultimate. With price to fall below 10 dollars within a week and might raise to 18 for ultra and 20 for ultimate if more evoldo supports comes out.

2. Extra Gate- Not a bad card to remove fortress when against opponent, decent side deck choice but with people putting 2-3 formulas in dandy variants, this card just proves to be worthless. Estimated price 6-8 for the first 2 weeks followed by 4 each subsequently, of course this card's price will rise if formula is limited to 1, using this card would break the whole engine.

3. Fragment Greed- Simply put this is a 2 turn wait for a +1, the price to pay will be -1 for 2 turns though and u might endure a -1 for 2 turns if ur opponent destroys it when it has 2 counters. Nevertheless will see use in gadget decks and mayb other decks. Estimated price of 6 dollars for first 2 weeks then drop to 4 dollars subsequent weeks

4. Radiance of darkness- Excellent side deck choice for grave bf, wwbf and dark world, with 1500 monsters as a requirement, probably one of the best virus in the game. However, it remains to be seen if the rulings are destroy all monsters that were special summoned this turn or any monsters special summoned this turn. Obviously the 2nd ruling would make this card a contender for best card in the set, i would say that if its the 2nd ruling, this card's estimated worth will be at 25-30. Think of it as a 1 turn krystia and u will realise its effectiveness.

5. Houou- The spell trap version of dark dust spirit, this card would run well in frog monarch decks as the often hav problem clearing backrows or getting pwnt by bottomless. Though its a sprit monster, i guess its worth the risk to empty ur field for 1 turn for a massive plus. Estimated cost is 3 dollars

Mainspring archetype- With so many variety of mainspring cards, it looks as though they can be competitive, given their ability to swarm, they are a force to be reckoned with but gozen match as a side deck card or rivalry would knock them off. Although they have the effective trap card which resembles beast soul swap, i need to see mainspring cards being able to destroy cards for it to be more competitive. Even with over wrench, it seem a little too slow for now. Need to try to give a more actual report.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A day at CM 10/7/2011

Went to dhoby cm and played a couple of practicing rounds, noticed that there have been many people looking for pots but then no one wants to let out to make a loss, as anticipated, it might just cap at 45 lowest for jap pots. English and jap pots are not so close substitudes and hence a increase in supply of english pots will not really decrease the price by jap pots a lot. Jap pots are needed for nationals and asia related competitions too.

Moving on, i tot about playing x-sabers as a fresh start to a new deck, nt that my agents are weak or what, i haven mastered agent perfection yet, often running out of steam at top8 / top4 . Have to fix my matchup against dandy and friends too, often i find myself running out of resources quickly with a couple of funny misplays.

Next week is the release of Photon Shockwave, might try to tweak agent angel a bit to more OTK format, might also give mainspring a 2nd shot and also evoldo a try, although i can't seem to gather enough resources yet.

As the time passes, the banlist looms, with enough analysis by various blogs, its really apparent that dopples will get hit, heard rumors of icarus getting hit too. Lets hope they dun touch my beloved hyperions and trap stuns.

Wun be surprised if they restrict formula to just 1 or junk synchron to 1. Though many are saying librarian are the cause of their gayness.

Seems like yugioh would be interesting for the time being at least, on a more serious note i should start doing school work lol

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Khatib tourney 9 june 2011

Deck used: Agent Angels

Match 1 vs Kenneth (Dark world)
Game 1: His card destruction fetch him 4 effects then he paste gay double grapher me, i even had to solumn his dark world dealings.
Game 2: Hyperion for control and winning games
Game 3: I activated dark mirror and his whole face changed, despite dark world dealings activations, he failed to draw a mst and lost.

Match 2 vs Alvin (Agent angels)
Game 1: pot fetch me a united we stand and earth fetch me a venus, with a trunade already in hand, i quickly finished him the following turn.
Game 2: I lanced my shine ball when he chain dissapearance me but he had torrential to my 2nd ball, i subsequently unleashed hyperion and controlled the game.

Top 8 vs Rong jie (Dark world)
i agreed to share with him but winner go up
Game 1: He had nothing to my otk attack despite me risking it when he set a card
Game 2: He controlled as i sided most otk materials out
Game 3: Sided back the stuffs and quickly made a control.

Top 4 vs Anthony (Debris and friends)
Game 1: He jump tragoedia and did all the shifting and trishula tricks
Game 2: He jump tragoedia again and did all the shifting and trishula tricks
Really wonder if he played 3 tragoedia LOL

Bottom 4 vs William (Dark world)
Game 1: Controlled with warning and hyperion
Game 2: I controlled again, negating his bottomless with his trap stun.

In the end i got 3rd and got a raven while Rong jie got a pot of avarice super rare, we split and i got myself 17 bucks....................

Happy with my performance today but more has to be done to fight dandy and friends