Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tourney Report for 19/11/2011 at jcube

Deck used: Gravekeepers (What can i use? This deck is cheap and good, no need soldier also haha)

Participants: 32
5 Round swiss cut to top 8

Match 1 vs Pokekid(TGAA)
Game 1: Heavy storm then jump hyperion soldier and co
Game 2: I Royal tribute he drop whole hand then i beatdown
Game 3: He tried to rush with puppet plant on my commandant and jumping of monsters but nt enuff kill me, i just dark hole then regain control and when he pot birdman mst and monster reborn when i got sin cyber end descendant backrow and necrovalley on field, he took birdman then he forgot set 1 more monster so he only gt 1 monster which i summon commandant next turn sac it with descendant effect then i direct with my sin cyber end. I took the commandant and descendant using stele the turm before he pot so he made a bad mistake.

Match 2 vs Alvin (TGAA)
Game 1: Royal tribute hit only 2 then he fight back but he choose not to blackrose and ate a mirror force which then i gain control
Game 2: Ended quickly cause i had nothing while he tot i had something. He nearly did not want to trishula which would have cost him the victory but he still tori and i gt 0 outs to it.
Game 3: Was in control until he exceed Black Mist and whack my sin cyber end. From then on went downslope since blackmist attack is 2100 after attacking sin cyber end and i could not find a way to out it. Royal decree locked my backrow down while i did not draw my mst

Match 3 vs Junjie (Agent Angel)
Shared as usual when i see him so winner just go up and cont playing
Game 1: Beatdown with sin cyber end
Game 2: He do stunt and had brionac leviar librarian on field at a point of time but i compulse the brionac and then he ate dark hole after thinking that my final backrow is a mirror force (Which is true) Then i just sin cyber end beatdown on a turn he nvr set monster

Match 4 vs Sin Kwan (Debris Junk Dopple with Vertz Mandrago)
Game 1: Game dragged as both player had nothing and until i drew sin cyber end i killed him when he had like 3 backrow which are 2 call and 1 avarice
Game 2: Game dragged very long and he tried to equip armory arm to my sin cyber end then use bulb to sucide (I tot i eat 4000 but i realise i will eat 100 only) Anw i mst my armory arm to make him eat 3900 and then on gain control.

Match 5 vs Daniel Ang (GK Debris junk dopple)
Game 1: Royal tribute then beat down
Game 2: Tio beatdown plus trishula and friends
Game 3: Start with a hand of 2 veiler and a wand, slowly fight back and flush when he do his stunts, later on my sin cyber end whack his spy and he say he no target when only 1 spy in grave so i presume his other set card is oso spy = bad hand
Yes, my record against Daniel is now 3-1 LOL...anw 4 wins for a gk is good, have been struggling the whole of November till now which is 19 days ??

Top 8 vs Jun Cai (Grave BF)
Game 1: Tio beatdown thru vayu effect after he icarus
Game 2: Beat him down with 100 lifepoint left, i tribute at start he whole hand spell trap
Game 3: I tribute him he whole hand monster, i flip spy he instant scoop

Top 4 vs Shaun Lim (Agent Ritual Angel)
Game 1: I royal tribute he instant scoop
Game 2: Game drag long and i killed his herald with 2 effect veiler and torrential but had no outs to his earth and hyperion then, my 2 solid backrow valley and sin cyber end die to his 1 heavy storm
Game 3: Stand no chance against him after he can come out 2 more maju aft i warning 1 -.-

Din play with Max as he took the roach and i took 10 booster pack which opened crap then me and junjie just bought the rest and it still suck.
Result: 3rd/4th
Comments: Pleased with my performance, but i having issue with maxx c and royal tribute in my hand = Dilema, better solve it quick or i foresee a hard deck building ahead. Anw Blackmist is Agent's new weapon against GK NO JOKE.

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