Sunday, August 26, 2012

Team Tourney 26 August (Sept Banlist)

So team insanetech went down today, weemin using x sabers and wesley using mermail

Me using Kara Gadgets as usual, too much money spent on kara = no money for yugioh

Match 1 vs Ryan Stark (Laval)
Game 1: He gold sarc for sweltering and obviously had a bad hand so i just pushed and solumn his sweltering heat plus i had gorz in hand to make the defecit back in case my field gets cleared which it did not
Game 2: Tio mirror force then went down hill
Game 3: Time was called when i was at 7400 and he was at 7200, i had roach plus flush and compulse while he had 2 rekindling.First he used laval lady to clear my flush then he went for laval cannon to pull back lady to make blackrose which i negated, he played rekindling and i just compulsed his only non tuner away and then he normal already so he could not make any play on his last turn and lost.

Team result: Wesley won but weemin lost

Match 2 vs Vishal (WWBF)
Game 1: Drew 3 gadgets and died to bora set 4
Game 2: Knew he had icarus when his 2800 attk bf attacked first plus drop qualat, i drop trag instead and cleared the gaia knight instead of the bf which was a mistake, he had reborn and blizzard next turn anw so no diff LOL.

Team result: Wesley lost but Weemin Won

Match 3 vs Jie Lun (Hero Beat)
Game 1: Outplayed by an early miracle and his solid backrow
Game 2: He top deck 2 raioh i top deck 2 warning and i had 2300 when i top deck the first warning so i died.

Wesley won and Weemin won (top deck creature swap reborn emmersblade swap for opp bls when opp gt 3k lp left i went high after i see him top deck the creature swap)

Match 4 vs Ball Snow
Game 1: Opened offering and the advantage was too big despite him having gorz reborn dark hole, won with ard +7
Game 2: i was at 650 while he was at 2400, he had a facedown set and i have gorz and yellow gadget on field, i humji and used gorz to attack into a set venus then yellow attacked, he top deck krystia next turn and vahalla effect sp it and gged me.
Game 3: Time was called and i started strong with giganto x then he pot for mind crush and set a defence monster, he crushed me but i giganto x search bad then had fortress tinplate gearframe yellow gadget giganto on field but giganto landed onto a gellenduo, i proceeded to black corn it before making a maelstroke in the main phrase 2 and it turned out that he had no outs.

So we ended with 2-2 and gt 9th place while a team that gt a bye and lost to us in first round gt 8th, dunno how pairing system works anyway, the planet is round anything can happen i guess
Wesley lost and Weemin lost epicly in less than 15 mins? (Same timing as my game against vishal and jie lun, i died quickly)

So we all ended with 2 wins each but in truth we know it could have been better played on any other day just not our day i guess and i just have to look forward to other team tourneys.

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

19 August 2011 double tourney report plus banlist aftermath

Phew it has been about 13 days since i last posted, anyway sry for the inactiveness and though i did not blog i still attended weekly tournaments.

On to the tournament report, there were 2 tournaments on sunday, a free ranking tournament and m7 tournament

Free ranking tournament single elimination
Deck used: Kara Gadgets

Round 1 vs Dexter (Chain Burn)
Game 1: Made a fatal mistake by not going for shock ruler with ultimate offering on the field already
and had solemn warning + judgement set while opponent has only 1 backrow. After that ate chain burns and die
Game 2: Game stalled and i took too long to cut his lp such that his card car d was allowed to farm as  i did not want to waste 2000 lp to warn on it. Anws wonders why i din side out my lp reducing cards hmm, big mistake and cost me the game.

Felt that there were insufficient competitive action and decided to play the m7 tournament with the same deck used

Match 1 vs Ryan Stark (Tour guide chaos dragons)
Game 1: He went for otk but failed and i had dark hole to clear the field and later on he played a facedown defence and i was not daring enough to overextend as i thought it was a ryko and i had no outs to his gorz so i decided to keep my reborn which was a bad decision as it was a facedown trooper and he did not have gorz so when he rush me with pulsar and redmd, i had no outs.
Game 2: Control with roach and beatdown
Game 3: Made big eye to snatch his lyla but got veilered so make roach plan fail and time was called and just got outright rushed to gg.

Match 2 vs Jie Lun (Inzektors) I got paired up
Game 1: His inzektor stunts were too much to handle for me as i failed to prevent inzektors from resolving their effect
Game 2: He went for an otk and failed, commiting all out to his field reducing my lp to 600 while he had ard 2k+. I just made chaos hope with tinplate goldfish and gadget the next turn to win the game
Game 3: As he was plotting his otk in the second game, time was called and i sided out all my lp decreasing cards. He went first with pot and took ryko and set it. I drew into yellow gadget and set 3 but was afraid to attack as it may be a damsel and first to take lp damage loses. So he flipped his ryko and destroyed bottomless and he proceeded to summon raioh which he attacks my yellow gadget with and i flipped lance in damage step to win the game and the match.

Match 3 vs 'zzz' (Tour guide verz raggia)
Game 1: Double rabbit seals the game
Game 2: Early swarm proves too much to handle as i was able to set the tempo on the first turn
Game 3: He switched his ophion to defence mode as he was afraid of a mirror force and therefore fell short of damage and i managed to turn the tables next turn as he left my gadget unharmed due to a lance protecting it from heliotrope ^^.

Match 4 vs Zan Hao (Mermail Atlantean Beat)
Game 1: Stopped slinde plays and killed with ultimate offering
Game 2: Jump trag too early and died to diva plus sniper plays
Game 3: Went into top decking mode and prevailed as i top deck monster while opponent top deck kraken with no monsters on field and hand.

Match 5 vs Shaun (Gravekeepers)
Game 1: He royal tribute and drop all of my hand except for double summon and pot of avarice, i set my double summon as bluff and gt msted, i top deck into heavy storm and was able to clear field and go for the avarice which allowed me to turn the tables and push with fortress forcing him to top deck and he kept drawing descendents which was insufficent to kill me.
Game 2: He royal tribute again but he had no monsters to hit me and my top decked gadgets was allowed to poke for few turns and killed him.

Top 8 vs Yong Siang (Verz Raggia)
Game 1: Made a rush after deducing his 2 long set backrows were fake and i was right.
Game 2: Fell victim to 2 torrential tributes, the second was when i was controlling as i had a gadget to poke him but i had 950 left, i was greedy and went to summoned tinplate and got flushed and he use verz heliotrope to kill me the next turn, i should have set the goldfish instead.
Game 3: Starting with giganto x applies pressure and the advantage of it being on field was enough for me to have a higher hand advantage and win.

Top 4 vs Kenneth (Hieroglyph)
Game 1: He had 1 backrow while i had 2 backrow, one bottomless and one ultimate offering, i made ouroboros to bounce back that backrow and he blind mst the wrong one, i opened the offering and killed him
Game 2: Drew into my sided cards and he had a pretty bad hand so i was able to farm and win.

Finals vs Xiao Mei (Hanzo Hieroglyph)
Game 1: Her rush failed as i veilered it and my rush failed as she opened flush and then i ate a top deck hanzo and died.
Game 2: I had maxx-c and veiler and i was able to +2 from her stunts while i maxx-c plus veilered atums as i was afraid of not drawing into any outs or encountering a drago stunt so from then on i controlled with tinplate and friends.
Game 3: She added Su early on and i made roach early on and controlled till the late part where her hanzo contacted with my gadget and gt bottomlessed but she lanced and roach was able to kill it. Soon after she din draw outs despite my roach drained her 2 attemped special summons from very early on.

Took away the M7 and thats the end of the tourney, the sale of the m7 will just nice fund my purchase of kara's pandora album due to be released on 22 Aug

Heading on to the banlist, the format might have been a little slower now but the entry of laval and mermail might mean that format is still pretty fast as they can otk with ease especially laval with sweltering heat plus heavy storm plus rekindling is abusive. Mermail with megalo to otk and abyssphere which punishes ppl who blind mst and gets a -1. Gadgets might have been hit with ultimate offerings to one but offerings is usually a bonus to killing fast. It was meant to have the control and yet rush factor, after all it is a deck largely based on ur hand, i find myself drawing 3-4 gadgets most of the time anyway. Lastly, Agents and Dark world might now see themselves climbing up the ladder although the return of TG agents might not happen with striker still as one and brio trishula now all on the banlist anw. Thats it for now, the meta should be easily defined from this coming week's team tournament as it utilises the september banlist. With mirror force to 2, gadgets might have something to fear now.........

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Thursday, August 9, 2012

9/8/2012 Secret M7 Ahsoo tourney

Since i figured using my wishful thinking that ultimate offering is gonna end, might as well make the full use of it.

Deck used: Kara Gadgets

Match 1 vs Jie Lun (Inzektors)
Game 1: Hand too good, had too much advantage and was able to reap ultimate offerings off pot of avarice and win the game
Game 2: He had advantage but he did not have traps and i just dark hole his centi, gorz and gorz token and go all out despite him having a backrow as i know that he has damsel in hand and hornet in grave while i had dark hole and a gadget in hand. I top deck a gadget, use dark hole then summoned a gadget and pull back fortress from grave to end him as he had 3700 only left. his backrow turns out to be a monster reborn....won with luck.

Match 2 vs Cassandra (Hierathics)
Game 1: Did not know what she was playing and i left a monster and a backrow which got night shot and then bouncer control my 4 hand gadget.
Game 2: Had the control cards and hand traps like veiler so was in control for the whole game.
Game 3: Same as game 2, we both started quite badly but i slowly drew into my gadgets and started farming again, making shock ruler for control.

Match 3 vs Daniel Ang (Verz Ragia)
Game 1: Massive backrow plus 1 gadget in hand, things just got great when the backrow is offering warning bottomless judgement ^^
Game 2: Some bad gadget hand in play
Game 3: We both had nearly no monsters but he had superior backrow and i make fatal mistakes of siding creature swap into the deck which fizzles upon thunderbird.

Match 4 vs Jonas Tai (Inzektors)
He shared with me and let me go up play................

Top 12 vs Daniel Ang again (Verz Ragia)
Game 1: Controlled with fortress equipped with gearframe and maelstroke on field and had 2400 lp while he had 100 lp and 2 backrow. He top rabbit make chaos hope and killed me despite i had 3 hand which is all 3 gadgets.
Game 2: He struggled to keep up with the resources i earned, probably a spell trap hand and he drew monsters late so my advantage was too big and i was able to waste his last torrential and still discard 2 gadgets to call out a fortress to win
Game 3: We both started with 4 backrow, i had a gadget on the field when he summoned his heliotrope and i warning it, he chain judgement and then when he attacked, i dimension prisoned it. Things went down hill for him as he had no lp to pay for warning and basically struggled to draw monsters yet again.

Top 6 vs Javier (Tour Guide Verz Ragia)
Game 1: He had heliotrope on field while i was having no gadgets in hand despite having a double summon. i reaped a yellow gadget off my pot of avarice and started the farming and killed him from there.
Game 2:He rabbit effect and i warning it, next turn he open cosmos then jump tour guide and attempt to make leviar i warning it and he chain judgement, ending me on that turn as my other backrow was a useless prison against his 4 monster swarm.
Game 3: I opened offering just before he made laggia and then make maelstroke which he negated with laggia effect, make emerald which got warninged. Then make Gigantox and ouroboros which got flushed (his last facedown backrow) while that was my 8th gadget used, i chained lance onto my ouroboros and banished his only hand card which was thunderbird then attacked him reducing him to 4050, then on the next turn he set a back row and on my turn i bounce it back to his hand and i summoned red gadget and went for the game.

Top 3 did not play out as we just sold off the top 3 prices back to the shop. So i won 1/3 of the m7 i think? Doesn't matter its with Mr Loke now

Gadget vs Rabbit = Backrow of Gadgets vs Backrows of Rabbit
Consistency vs hmm a little lacklustre consistency but rabbit makes up for it
Gadget vs Inzektor = You got the veiler and traps, u control but if ur opponent pro storm or pro reborn = gg.
The gadget 'miracle' is ultimate offering which if goes to 1, will see ppl playing 7 gadgets mayb, if its banned mayb back to machiner gadgets haha.

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Short tourney report at marymount 5/8/2012

Deck used: Ultimate offering machina gadgets (using it for the last few weeks before banlist executes its might)

Match 1 vs Sherwyn (tour guide chaos dragons)
Game 1: drew 4 gadgets and cannot get past lyla
Game 2: He had better farming and had boss monsters out and rushed me even though i had trag i could not block his swarm and easily died.
But he told me to go up and fight as he was hungry wtshit?
anw so shared and he let me go up

Match 2 vs Bryan Chua (Hero beat)
Game 1: Some top deck warfare and i lost as i did not mst his backrow which turns out to be super poly.....
Game 2: Had too much advantage and beatdown
Game 3: I had 5400 left and he had 2 hand while i have 4 hand and giganto x in attack mode on field. He ecall for stratos and took bubbleman and sp it by setting a facedown (miracle fusion) then he thought for a long while before making bladeheart and detaching it and making shining with an alius in his grave. Both swing and left me with 100 which i jump gorz and next turn made chaos hope to end him. If he went Excalibur plus great tornado route i would have gged as 2800-1150= 1650 and plus hc 4000 = 5650 = gorz unable to block = otk. I was let off here, rare misplay frm him.

Match 3 vs Daniel Ang (Verz Ragia)
Game 1: His uniqute shuffling techniques means i draw 4 gadgets 2 veilers and he opened cosmos gg
Game 2: Made a plus one with solumn when he use thunderbird plus lance to attempt to get rid of my giganto x and him failing to do so allowed me to fetch another use of giganto x another +1 and he cannot get over the defecit.
Game 3: He had 3 backrow 1 which is compulsed and i hav ard 2k plus left with ultimate offering on field and he knew my hand as he sided mind crush. i was fearful of flush so i made giganto x then shock ruler which was compulsed then maelstrom and had 725 left while leaving a veiler in hand. X got prisoned and on his turn he made ophion with castor and heliotrope and beat me so i lost...

Match 4 vs Alvin Putra (Hero Beat)
Game 1: After he judgement on my ultimate offering, he lost much lp advantage and could not keep up the numbers game
Game 2: He drew bad and i lured out his backrow of flush with dropping fortress and then opened my previous turn set offering to end him.

Match 5 Clarence (mermail)
Game 1: Offering went thru and won
Game 2: His megalo abyss plus armory arm dealt me 6k plus dmg to end me
Game 3: He drew bad and was struggling

Top 8 vs Jacob (Tour Guide Chaos Dragons)
Game 1: Was on a down side as my ouroboros gt cleared by an acid golem from tourguide but managed to carry out the plan of making his lp to below 4000 (3700) and allowing him to wack me to 500-1000 before opening offering and make chaos hope and change the tables.
Game 2: He milled gorz out and summoned raioh and i reborn his gorz and took out raioh and had farming sections and eventually won as i had too much resource to bring out fortress again and again to clear his monsters

Top 4 vs Ryan Stark (Chaos Dragons)
Game 1: Its quite unbelievable but he storm then future fusion and ended the game with boss monsters
Game 2: Its quite unbelievable but yet again he storm then future fusion and ended the game with boss monsters.

Shared 25 packs with another player (Samuel) and we got lousy stuff out of it so i rather not talk about the ending

Conclusion: Need to side more against Chaos dragons, trap card based solutions (suggest if any thanks). Drawing 5 gadgets is not funny, neither is 4. 2 is understandable while 3 is the norm today. Gadgets love me too much ah hahaha.

zzxiaoboizz signing off