Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Minor Update

Haven been playing these past days, most probably gonna head down TTZ Trading on Friday to test build............

Was thinking of cards to counter inzecter cards, though of a couple and also seeked advice from fellow duelist

1. Effect Veiler (Well this card is self explanatory although the inzecters can side deck d fissure lol)
2. Eradicating Aerosol ( Well given that damsel and centipede can exceed, i doubt its highly useful lol)
3. Compulsory Evaculation Device (Wait for damsel or centipede to be equipped with hornet then bounce? Lol i doubt hornet has effect though, cause i ask Mr Baha before if u bounce it back hornet does not activate its effect)
4. Chain Disappearance (With Damsel at 1000 attack, definitely a good side deck choice but with inzecters maining lance and siding decrees, highly doubtful of its ability to break insezcter stunts)
5. Macro Cosmos ( Like above with Decrees + Mst and heavy storm flying around, once again i doubt its abilities to stay on field although it being on field is a good deterrence to Inzecters)
6. Shadow Imprisoning Mirror- Hornet can't equip but bomb still can go off, Thanks to many for pointing this out, My mistake sorry.(Edited as of 3 December)

So what do u think are the best side deck?

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Videos like i promised

Yeap sry for the late and probably low quality videos......

Venus: Yew Tee Full Yen card shop
Date: 26 November 2011
Who: Dylan (Six Samurai) vs John (Infernity)
What: Yugioh Ranking Tournament Final Game 1 Game 2 Game 3

Jcube ranking tourney 27/11/2011

Deck used: tg ultimate offering gadgets
Match 1 vs Bahamut84 (windup insecter)
Game 1: Was pushing and winning until i eat the insecter plus wind up combo and die
Game 2: i had 3 hand and no field, he do wind up drop 3 hand combo and reduce me to 0 and won aft i drag on by top decking dark hole and mst...

Roflmao that deck too strong....somehow once the strategy goes off its gg, hard to deny the insecters are here to stay omg. With db scrubbing, its time to switch decks once again emos

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ranking tourney at Yew Tee 26/11/2011

Deck used: Ultimate offering gadgets with bulb

Match 1 vs Dylan (Zexuan's ascetism six samurai)
Game 1: Offering then control from there after an inital stalling due to both players no monsters
Game 2: He make shien and call grandmaster which run over my poor gadget
Game 3: He attempted 3 direct attacks with stardust and 2 kizans, the stardust was when i torrential he countered with his last backrow (roflmao), i opened offering to protect myself and left only 1100 when i had a tragoedia on the field after his last wack....might hav just jump out and protect myself earlier and things would have been better....anw i top veiler and i had an aoj in grave with 4 hand so i could make brionac and win since he had 4100 left but i realise my extra pile no 6 stars trolled to the max and then i just shake his hand cause making trishula wun let me win as time was called and it was my last bp.

The videos between Dylan and John in the finals would be put up when im free....not really that energetic after finalising my deck for later qualifier...hope wun scrub again in first my luck at ah soo too bad or i mistake too much.........i really think is both with the latter playing more of a role haha

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ranking tourney at jcube 20/11/2011

Deck used: Gravekeepers
First match against Johann (Debris Junk Dopple)
Game 1: Drew badly and got stunned by his stunts with soldier gorz and everything out to end me
Game 2: Remember royal tribute but he still gt like 3 hand cards after that then just played it out
Game 3: He nearly killed me but luckily i had compulse to safe myself then i dark hole and whack him again

Second match vs Wei Ann (Six Samurai)
Game 1: Royal tribute and saw his hand of ROTA Solumn and magatama, he proceeded to set 3 next turn and i lucky mst a solumn which i then proceed to play out his cards with spy and gang
Game 2: I veiler then the followng turn he do stunt with gateway and united i drop maxx c to try to change his mind but he still rush and i gg
Game 3: Controlled and won

3rd match vs Jeremy Aw (TGAA)
Game 1: I think i controlled and he bad hand lolz
Game 2: He got sangan and snowman on field and he pot and revealed Earth Striker And krystia, he forgot take krystia as he has not normal summoned that turn and i only had a facedown spy and facedown tribute. He took striker instead and next turn i just wack the sangan and snowman before showing a tribute to minus him off then beatdown ftw.

Game 1: Make a mistake to flush and drew nothing and got beatdown
Game 2: Another game where i make another stupid mistake of summoning recruiter after i valley and it ate bottomless -.-

Result = 3 wins 1 lost but not happy cause din get to kill the A rank and therefore still 0 A rank kills .....We shall see how our ranking go lalala

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tourney Report for 19/11/2011 at jcube

Deck used: Gravekeepers (What can i use? This deck is cheap and good, no need soldier also haha)

Participants: 32
5 Round swiss cut to top 8

Match 1 vs Pokekid(TGAA)
Game 1: Heavy storm then jump hyperion soldier and co
Game 2: I Royal tribute he drop whole hand then i beatdown
Game 3: He tried to rush with puppet plant on my commandant and jumping of monsters but nt enuff kill me, i just dark hole then regain control and when he pot birdman mst and monster reborn when i got sin cyber end descendant backrow and necrovalley on field, he took birdman then he forgot set 1 more monster so he only gt 1 monster which i summon commandant next turn sac it with descendant effect then i direct with my sin cyber end. I took the commandant and descendant using stele the turm before he pot so he made a bad mistake.

Match 2 vs Alvin (TGAA)
Game 1: Royal tribute hit only 2 then he fight back but he choose not to blackrose and ate a mirror force which then i gain control
Game 2: Ended quickly cause i had nothing while he tot i had something. He nearly did not want to trishula which would have cost him the victory but he still tori and i gt 0 outs to it.
Game 3: Was in control until he exceed Black Mist and whack my sin cyber end. From then on went downslope since blackmist attack is 2100 after attacking sin cyber end and i could not find a way to out it. Royal decree locked my backrow down while i did not draw my mst

Match 3 vs Junjie (Agent Angel)
Shared as usual when i see him so winner just go up and cont playing
Game 1: Beatdown with sin cyber end
Game 2: He do stunt and had brionac leviar librarian on field at a point of time but i compulse the brionac and then he ate dark hole after thinking that my final backrow is a mirror force (Which is true) Then i just sin cyber end beatdown on a turn he nvr set monster

Match 4 vs Sin Kwan (Debris Junk Dopple with Vertz Mandrago)
Game 1: Game dragged as both player had nothing and until i drew sin cyber end i killed him when he had like 3 backrow which are 2 call and 1 avarice
Game 2: Game dragged very long and he tried to equip armory arm to my sin cyber end then use bulb to sucide (I tot i eat 4000 but i realise i will eat 100 only) Anw i mst my armory arm to make him eat 3900 and then on gain control.

Match 5 vs Daniel Ang (GK Debris junk dopple)
Game 1: Royal tribute then beat down
Game 2: Tio beatdown plus trishula and friends
Game 3: Start with a hand of 2 veiler and a wand, slowly fight back and flush when he do his stunts, later on my sin cyber end whack his spy and he say he no target when only 1 spy in grave so i presume his other set card is oso spy = bad hand
Yes, my record against Daniel is now 3-1 LOL...anw 4 wins for a gk is good, have been struggling the whole of November till now which is 19 days ??

Top 8 vs Jun Cai (Grave BF)
Game 1: Tio beatdown thru vayu effect after he icarus
Game 2: Beat him down with 100 lifepoint left, i tribute at start he whole hand spell trap
Game 3: I tribute him he whole hand monster, i flip spy he instant scoop

Top 4 vs Shaun Lim (Agent Ritual Angel)
Game 1: I royal tribute he instant scoop
Game 2: Game drag long and i killed his herald with 2 effect veiler and torrential but had no outs to his earth and hyperion then, my 2 solid backrow valley and sin cyber end die to his 1 heavy storm
Game 3: Stand no chance against him after he can come out 2 more maju aft i warning 1 -.-

Din play with Max as he took the roach and i took 10 booster pack which opened crap then me and junjie just bought the rest and it still suck.
Result: 3rd/4th
Comments: Pleased with my performance, but i having issue with maxx c and royal tribute in my hand = Dilema, better solve it quick or i foresee a hard deck building ahead. Anw Blackmist is Agent's new weapon against GK NO JOKE.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Order of Chaos plus a little follow up

Alright many blogs have expressed their views towards Order of Chaos, personally i feel that there are a few cards that are decent yet not broken........

Inzecter series- Bomb and search like free
Mainspring mouse- Rofl u dun solumn him is like the ocg tour guide from grave for mainsprings
Mainspring Honey- Yay we got our own emersblade....
Darksword the Head soldier of dark demon world- Dark world and many dark archetypes solution to agent angel....just equip krystia and hyperion to it and be a boss.
The turtle that once will be called god- Good card for those legendary ocean users
Wind-Up Zenmaighty- U are forcing me to play mainspring now no joke
Compulsory Evolution- Vishal will be wondering why asia plus finals not held 4 weeks later....this is like test tiget for evoldos, if ur evoldo 'gk spy' works then u will really advantage lol
Spiral Spring- Looks good but think about it there are only 2 sets of possible targets.....u will really need manufacture to make this card useful...u dun wan to have a kitty cat and draw this card and laugh till omg......
Ninjitsu Art of Transformation- There was much hype about this so it definitely has some value
Huge Revolution Reversal- Good Against most cards but of course there is starlight road, given that this is a counter trap means ur opponent cannot chain speed spell 2 traps to it........ but this one no free 2500 attack beat stick

Update: Just saw my rankings, it is -2 and i believe that should not be so.....anw now i have a new target which is to destroy Rank A people and as such i can get high points hehe and at the same time they lose more points since they are of higher rankings...........

Hitlist on the scale of 1-10 where 10 means very hard to kill and 1 = sure free food....? denotes i have not played u before or i can't gauge ur skills.

Pls note that these are my own opinions and should not be used as any flaming such as so and so is a noob or so on without my permission hehe, for those who feel offended, once again i apologise and say this is just what i feel of your standards.

Division A members
LIM CHENG WEE (Can you even find him?)
CHING LING WONG (who is this person?)
WONG CHIN TAN (who is this?)
JUN YI LIEW (who is this?)
CALVIN WONG (Who is this?)
LEE LIANSENG (Who is this?)
NOEL NICHOLAS (Who is this?)
CHUAN ZHI 10 if he using machina gadget
YU KUN HE (Who is this?)
CHOO WEE MIN 7 unless he using some tcg abuse deck
QING HUANG TAN (who is this?)
LEE YONG HWEE (Who is this?)
WILLIAM CHAN (Who is this?)

In case if u do not notice what i mean, so many ?? is on the list.....Probably these ppl should show us why they deserve an A ranking and yet nt topping locals at ahsoo and stuff
Target by End of November = Take down at least 3 of these targets and scrub at most once to the A ranking people...... In case you still dunno where the website is, it can be found here
im rank 84 zzz............ok its 3.10am time to oink

Reply to the comments: Lol i better dun criticise le if not i really become the next max lol, btw anyone know why i cannot post comment on my own blog? i log in with google acc and they say i no permission LOL
Signing off

Sunday, November 13, 2011

13 November 2011 Asia Plus Main Event

Team Name = Team Insane Tech
Members: Poh Seng (Leader) Wesley Seek (Member A) Cho Wee Min (Member B)
Deck used: Agent Angel Junk Doppel Dimensional Jur Ragia

Match 1 vs Team consisting of Jia Jie (Vampirerion) Jonathan (Harsickle) and Zhi ( dunno forum name)

Wee Min vs Zhi (Machina Gadget)
Wesley vs Jia Jie (T.G Agent Angel)
Me vs Jonathan (Dark World)

Game 1: A good agent start plus keep wacking him means i make ancient holy wyvern and he bottomless which i miracle descent it back lol, hyperion then came along
Game 2: Die to his too fierce card destruction, plus his lightning hit right target
Game 3: Open dark mirror in starting hand plus i got backrow to protect me.

Highlight of the match being Jonathan using Monster Reborn and Jia Jie direct Wesley with DD crow

Match 2 vs Team Challenge Accepted including Jeff, Baha and Jeremy
Wee min vs Jeremy (TG Agent Angel)
Wesley vs Jeff (Machina Gadget)
Me vs Baha ( Dark World)

Game 1: He won with card destruction in hand and gateway to dark world too....5 cards in his hand when i scrubbed
Game 2: Open dark mirror call out ancient fairy dragon call out krystia and party
Game 3: Game went on very long cause he know i got prison while i had honest and he had snow. with skill drain on field, i vortex him he bribed and i solemn= mistake then later i scrubbed.

Highlights of the match being a scape goat junk syncron mistake by Wesley and an early Stardust by Wee min thru starlight road in game 1

Match 3 vs Team consisting of Cassandra, Guan Ji and Potato
Wee Min vs Guan Ji (Machina Gadget)
Wesley vs Potato (Lightlord)
Me vs Cassandra (WWBF)

Game 1: Tio control by mirror force and icarus as well as 3 bfs on field featuring bora shura and vayu by shura effect
Game 2: Dark mirror is the cure to opponent cards
Game 3: Can drop hyperion but scared 1 backrow so nvr drop and in the end Venus wack into MarshMellon and i had Exactly 1000 life left lol

Match 4 vs Team featuring Jonas Bai dunno who and Rui Feng(The guy from sg showdown one or smthing like that)
Wee min vs Gravekeepers
Wesley vs Rui Feng (Dark World)
Me vs Jonas (TG Agent Angel)

Game 1: I had 2 gantetsu 1 venus and 1 jupiter he sp krystia and call out earth search for venus then swap his earth with my venus, both his monster wack my 1 gantetsu, next turn i top deck lightning vortex he gg as i trapdust shoot him earlier and reduced his life sharply
Game 2: He krystia and i honest him yet he honest me and i tot i die but is he die but anw he trishula later on after i dp his krystia then he remove wrong allowing me to miraculous descent venus and call 2 ball sacrifice and call krystia then he play defensive tg thru setting and i mind crush him later on and saw his hand of 1 werewolf 2 hyperion and 1 krystia with less than 2800 life points left and i had venus and krystia on field for the win lol. Barbeque him zz

With that our team lost and ended up in 7 and got scolded by Jia Jie as they had low tie breaker hehe... At the end of 3rd round i saw my team at 4th position so meaning if we won it we would have qualified haha.........anw jonas team went on to get 2nd

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Asia plus main event 13 november 2011Asia plus main event 13 november 2011

Yes its coming like finally, as mentioned in the previous post where our team has been sub par all the while, this could effectively be the first and last time as a team........just want to add on to ygo noob's latest post, ranting at teammates is really smthing 1 should not do yet im a person who does that....anw i should feel happy that i did nt qualify the first leg as it allowed my team more time to think and to eventually come up with a conclusion to what to use.... Anw i wish everyone all the best....

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Jcube asia plus tourney 6/11/2011

Teams present: 11

We did not get a bye unlike 5 other teams and therefore had to fight
I used Gravekeepers as usual, with a little tech around

Team faced: Dunno what name but got calvin shelton and zan hao

Me vs Zanhao (Machina Gadgets)
Game 1: Lance and limiter for the game
Game 2: Cyber dragon attacks holy light and then contacts fortress for a plus 2 then he later smash that and my gk descendant and recruiter bomb his 1 card field till he top breaker but i had sin cyber end and valley already.
Game 3: 2 Trap eater plus 2 commandant plus necrovalley for a starting hand means its bad siding and bad hand that tributed to a quick defeat. I think when he ramp over my commandant he knew i had a bad hand......

Wesley won Shelton (Six samurai)

Weemin lost to Calvin (Dark world)

With that my asia plus career with gravekeepers has came to a conclude this is my result sheet

Lost 2 matches against Machina Gadget( Yew Loong and Zan Hao)
Won 1 match against TG agent angel (Ernest)
Lost 1 match against Pure Agent Angel (Bixuan)

On a sidenote, Team Lucksack featuring Baoyuan Kahmeng and Sherwyn did very well today in jcube asia plus tourney by managing a 2nd place.....kudos to them and i tot they did very well.
Next week is the grand finale where teams like ours which fail to qualify have to go for the swiss rounds........

Saturday, November 5, 2011

5 november 2011 yew tee qualifier tourney

Haiz first tourney of the month............
Deck used: X-sabers
There is a reason why Wei Ann din use it anymore............
First match vs Sebastian (lightlord)
Game 1: charge plus bls plus trishula = gg lols
Game 2: 2 faultroll plus librarian plus hyunlei and he gt crap hand = gg
Game 3: tragoedia take my rai oh and make shock ruler plus judgement plus my hand gt ryko darksoul debris 2 gottoms with nothing in grave= gg

Zz first tourney of the month then scrub le...hope tmr wun scrub