Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lorong Ah Soo Team Tourney 31/3/2012

Edit: Sry for the picture, infringement of privacy on some ppl sorry
So on 25 March 2012, i posted on FB to look for a team. The only 'serious' reply was by Kenneth Tan which i accepted. Thats how the team was formed LOL.
So Team members are
Kenneth Tan (Inzektors) Player A
Aim (Inzektors) Player B
Me (Verz Raggia) Player C
Match 1 vs Vishal's Team
Me vs David (Inzektor)
Game 1: I tot he was playing hieroglyph but was shocked when he summoned inzektors lol. I started with ragia and 4 backrow that are real but lost them to some misplays and he outplayed me so i lost my advantage quickly and gged.
Game 2: Prohibtion helped in slowing him down a lot and i was able to kill him with heavy backrow.
Game 3: Top a guaiba to ram over him and make laggia then after that he had 2 backrow and only 1300 left, i direct with laggia that has no material, he call of the haunted for zenmaines i tot its ok cause i gt chalice but he chain flush and i chain judgement then i show him chalice for the win,
Aim won Vishal
Kenneth lost to Alvin Putra
Overall team won 2-1
Match 2 vs Jeff's team
Me vs Brian/ Ball-snow (Inzektors)
Game 1: Forgot to call thunderbird come back and lost advantage
Game 2: Heavy 5 backrow with thunder bird and 2 faceup cosmos for control.
Game 3: He had rivalry torrential and everything
Aim won Kenneth Koh
Kenneth Tan lost to Jeff
Overall team lost 2-1
Match 3 vs Jia Rui's team
Complete mirror match lineup lol
Me vs Pokekid (Verz Laggia)
Game 1: The mistake came when i chain disappearance his rabbit and he flushed as i had only 1 monster and he had another so i gain advantage from there and beat down.
Game 2: He went first and rabbit for laggia then i dark hole it and after few turns he had a verz heliotrope and 1 backrow after killing my sabersaurus. I sp mandrago on my turn and mind control the heliotrope to make opion and take my infestation lance which gain me advantage and allowed me to control and win from there.
Aim lost to Jia Rui (i think)
Kenneth won Zalro
Overall Team 2-1
Match 4 aka fight to get into top 8
Me vs Dunno whats ur name (Inzektor)
Game 1: He flush my opion and he had only 1/2 hand left. I normal rabbit in mp2 and i think jeff said he forgot to veiler after allowing me to pass. I then controlled with a facedown warning and ragia from there.
Game 2: His otk failed and i fought back after clearing his 2 backrow with a heavy storm that got solumned and an mst. Rabbit did the job and after that he made 2 fatal mistakes and lost.
Kenneth won Hieroglyph
Aim din have to play it out cause we 2 won
Top 8 vs Team Aqueous
Me vs Shaun Lim (Infernity)
Game 1: Verz Ophion on first turn and 5 backrow. But had little to stop his searchings, he searched out barrier and 3 breaks but barrier got negated and breaks got countered. His acid golem died to my lance and my ophion was able to stay on field to win.
Game 2: He went for gantetsu with the infernity beetle and had 5 backrow. I pot for prohibtion and called for judgement. He infernity break it. I use another prohibtion and called for the same thing, he allowed it to pass and i heavy stormed and profit +2 from there. Then i summoned thunder bird and ended. 2 turns later i dark hole and chain chalice on his gantetsu and thunder bird ran away. A 2nd thunder bird flew down and they performed beatdown. After that lost the 1650 attk thunder bird and match then somehow came to this point where i had 2 backrow and a thunder bird. He had 2 backrow and 1 hand, which is zero max and he sp necromancer in defence and i chain dissapearance it. He had barrier but he din put it in atk position so i won that game with beatdown on next turn.
Aim won Shaun Lin
Kenneth Tan still played out the match and won Dominac
Top 4 vs Calvin (Hiero)
Game 1: He detach wrong material and fail to otk me. I dark hole then controlled
Game 2: He otked me
Game 3: I made ophion and had solid backrow. He dark hole and i chained the verz infestation that i searched earlir with ophion, he thought for a while after that and scooped as he cannot get over it.
Aim won Guan Ji
Kenneth won Nian Jie
Top 2 vs Jonas Team
Me vs Gavin (Verz Raggia)
Game 1: I rabbit into raggia and controlled
Game 2: He rabbit into raggia. I pot for compulse and set it alongside snowman. Started with 2 thunder bird, heavy storm and sabersaurus also. He flashed rabbit number 2 on 2nd turn and had 2 helio trope, i allowed it to pass and then he attacked with ragia which my snowman destroyed the raggia. I then took 3900 dmg then after that he exceeded for ophion. i compulsed and he open one of the backrow which was infestation. On my turn i drew into rabbit. I stormed and destroyed bottomless. I summon rabbit and made verz bahamut took his ophion but throwing away 1 thunder bird and search for infestation with his ophion and both swing for 4900 dmg then set the infestation. He then had snowman for 2 turns but i had thunder bird and sabersaurus to keep up with the damage and won him eventually.
Aim lost to Yong Jie (sry if name is spelled wrongly)
Kenneth Tan won Jonas Tai
Overall Team won 2-1
And so we won the Team Tourney, and we walked away with 1 lavalral chain each.YAY! LOLs
My first lavaral chain won in a tourney and kudos to my team mates who did well too.
Incredible 2 weeks where i topped 3 tourneys with all 3 in top 4. From top 4 on last saturday to top 2 last sunday to winning it today. Just cannot believed it. Anw team effort too, important to acknowledge that as well.
Signing off

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Double tourney report

Actually did all the things but when i published it i hit an error after being told to log in so all my efforts wasted LOL.

Anw finished 3rd/4th in jcube tourney on 24/3/2012

Finsihed 2nd in the games haven team tourney after some vwxyz happened in last round of swiss after we were down paired

Teammates Wesley and Ying jun both inzektors

Match 1 vs Sherwyn (Hero beat)

Match 2 vs Kenneth (laval)
He had better hands than mine in third game so i lost. He gt rekindling while i had none lol

Match 3 vs William (inzektors)
His hand too godly my hand gg

Match 4 vs Dunno who u sry (vertz laggia)
Game 1: i veilered first rabbit and cleared it and he showed me 2nd one lol
Game 2: Trap stun and controlled
Game 3: Hand too good

Top 8 vs Jacob (Hiero)
Game 1: Wait till he rush me then i rush him back with catastor librarian and lavan dragon and bounce his 3 monsters on field away and otk him as he had no hand and only 6k lp left
Game 2: He card car d 3 times then decided to rush me and wasted all his resources to see the otk stopped by a fader and he had 3 monsters and 1 facedown card then which was pot of duality and i librarian formula then brded to clear field then summon laval cannon make stannon to control.

Ying jun lost to Saviour's wwbf
Wesley won Jie lun's vertz raggia

Top 4 vs Jonas Tai (Inzektor)
Game 1: Double veiler plus good hand while he had spell trap hand
Game 2: He shoot too much and had too much advantage
Game 3: Stannon forced his wind blast into nothing and he top decked card car d which did not save him as he did nt draw any cards to protect him from taking any further damage.

Wesley won Daniel in mirror match
Ying Jun lost to Jun Yong in mirror match

Top 2 vs Jeff
Game 1: Greedy and gged
Game 2: Laval tio banished too much and had no laval cannon while roach was applying pressure on me.

Game ended when i lost as Ying Jun had already lost and Wesley at that point of time was 0-1 down.

Top 2 today, good experience gained and that was what i needed. Felt that i was too greedy today only tats abt it lol.

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Update of late

Sry was having exams this week and it ends on 23 March so it means that im rather too depressed to continue studying for the last paper due to maths -,-

Anw recently there have been many events such as Sam topping in msia (old news) and of course the asia registration has started and will end ard 3-4 April.

As usual inzektors will be dominant while a minority will be using weird decks since participation is the motive here (meaning take playmat)

As for me, not really gonna go serious here, ragia is most likely the most serious i can use but need to think how to put card car d in if i were to use it. Card Car d has too much advantage.

I predict it will be 40% inzektors 30% hiero 15% Ragia variants and 15% other decks

Moving on went down last week 17 March 2012 with siryugiohalot to Lorong Ah Soo tourney

I used Lavals and make some major deck flaws. But first with the report

Match 1 vs Wei Ann
Game 1: Main deck veiler and maxx-c made me struggled against his big hitters, was losing advantage fast
Game 2: He made a rush by using warning on my battle fader then he super polied and i flushed the shining as i had only 2400 left, but he responded with a judgement and i raigeki break that shining and he took nothing to his hand, from then on his advantage was largely reduced and i went beatdown to win the game.
Game 3: He was leading till this point where he had 2 facedown and an daigusto emerald on field and stratos in hand. I used laval lady to destroy 1 of them and it was book of moon and he chained on emerald. I summon laval canoneer and sp a laval magma canoneer and both wack and exceeded for lavalral chain in mp2 and got compulsed. On his turn i took a stratos hit before top decking rekindling with him having 2400 left.

Match 2 vs Nian Jie (Laval)
Game 1: On his 2nd turn he quasar while i attempted to salvage a less than decent hand with maxx-c and 2 effect veilers used on quasar which he negated and librarian respectively. I then drop a gorz when i took 4k damage but after that failed to deal with shooting star dragon and gged.
Game 2: On my 2nd turn i quasared while he had a less than decent hand.
Game 3: He had a less than decent hand while i had a fantastic hand of 2 rekindling and 1 molten transmission field.

Top 16 vs Bryan Tew (Inzektors)
Game 1: Card car d plus pot means that i had enough outs to stopping his inzektor stunts despite making a mistake of throwing a veiler when he activated his inzektor effect and not when the hornet was equipped to damsel which would caused his hornet to fly off to grave.
Game 2: Totally outplayed by his gd hand and skills
Game 3: Hand was bad and some card car d ruling gt me gged(mayb its my own fault for not clarifying rulings anw)

However took away positives, had not ran any gold sarc previously and now thinking abt it to main it for consistency. Since card car d plus pot is seriously nt consistent enough.

Deck list that lost at top16

Monsters 23
3x Tender of the laval/handmaiden (they call it this on dnet)
3x Laval canoneer
2x Laval magma canoneer
2x flameveil helldog
3x effect veiler
3x battle fader
1x maxx-c
1x Gorz
3x Card car D
2x Laval lady of the burning lake
Spell 12
3x Molten transmission field/ Sweltering Heat Transmission Field
3x Pot of duality
1x Monster reborn
1x Dark hole
3x Rekindling
1x Heavy Storm
Traps 5
2x Torrential Tribute
2x Raigeki Break
1x Phoenix Wing Wind Blast

Hope to see improvements after changes
zzxiaoboizz signing off

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another unofficial Team tourney in Singapore


This is the 2nd tourney after the one at lorong ah soo.
However, team insane tech is most likely to participate but the numbers are not cfmed yet(meaning we dunno if all 3 members are from team insane tech) Anyways this should be another fun tourney(but not friendly of course with inzektors the current meta)

Zzxiaoboizz signing off