Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lavalral Chain tourney 28 January 2012 at Lorong Ah Soo

Deck used: Cosmos Rabbit Ragia

Match 1 vs Bixuan (Tech genius agent angel)
Game 1: i drew 2 rabbit in my starting hand and went first
Game 2: Stardust ragia and real backrows secure the game

Match 2 vs Miao (Laval)
Game 1: My cosmos made him deck out
Game 2: He first turn farm damn fast and i lost
Game 3: My ragia negated his laval farming magic card but was greeted by magma canoneer and rekindling...big mistake

Match 3 vs Jacob (Ninja jurrac)
Game 1: Ragia plus trap dustshoot returning his hanzo allowed me to play his hand out
Game 2: He first turn ragia then 2nd turn pot for dustshoot and i din draw snowman....
Game 3: i din hav rabbit on the first turn but had enough to deal with hus rabbit on his 2nd turn. He solumned judgement my rabbit but i monster reborn it then push from there....his hanzo helped him stall a little but i managed to end him.

Top 16 vs Ben (Tour guide agent angel)
Game 1: Venus plus dustshoot owns ppl like a boss, 2 kabulsaurus in hand is not funny.
Game 2: He stalled very long with reaper until i compulse it and direct with 2 ragia, 1 stardust and 1 dolkka that had no materials.
Game 3: He had a pretty bad hand and made a mistake of bottomless my guaiba when his set defence monster is honest and he flipped to return honest to his hand on the subsequent turn. Had a solemn from a pot early on that i din use for the whole game so managed to exert some form of control. Surprisingly, he had no tour guides summoned...only seen him potting but not taking it

Top 8 vs Ernest Sim (Ninja Dragon?)
I din play as i gtg and let him go up ^^ the chain wasn't the main thing i went was to test deck and im happy it went well

Conclusion: Must get a way over reapers.....or i can wait for the new monster from zexal manga....number 50 black corn. First time playing ragia in offical and of course very pleased with the result ^^

Zzxiaoboizz signing off.....back to korea obsession i guess

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Sry for this blog being dead the past weeks, reason being i was bz during weekends and had few ygo experiences. Putting that aside team insane tech would wish everyone a happy chinese new year (why am i writing it here i dunno lol)

Ok wun be talking abt banlist since its something everyone's talking abt...but personally i wun see return of oppression nor book of moon, neither promotes exceeds. Will talk abit about vertz...they made their appearance in dt13, and received tremendous support in dt14....
Notable mentions in dt14
Vertz thunderbird - damage step can use eff?? I wonder haha
Vertz thanthos- er unaffected by opponent mob effect? Gd enough. But ppl would prefer dolkka more duh
Vertz Ophion- shuts down agents, gd card for rabbit decks too since they dun play level 5 and above...effect gives u some invasive support cards
Vertz ouroboros - daigusta emerald plus this in offering gadgets = wind up loop? Drop whole hand then all attk for game? Lolz interesting
Invasive pandemic infection- er free vertz lance? Searchable via ophion too
Invasive corrosive collapse- not destroy but bounce back...situational card but given that vertz mandrago can be sp i think this is tech card.

Conclusion: while vertz might be good. It has rather few invasive support(3 if im not wrong) Anw will hav to play test to know its strength

Zzxiaoboizz signing off

Friday, January 6, 2012

Deck list: Magoushin Gk

Well the 5% difference will be 3 valley 3 commandant 1 veiler and my fav tech glow up bulb hehe
Main decked chain disappearance is some sort of gamble....u dun wanna play against machinas or WWBF with that card in ur hand haha

Ranking tourney at Kit shop 6 January 2012

Firstly Happy belated new year to all readers and happy chinese new year in advance to chinese readers, as mentioned in my last post i will be putting more focus on ranking tourneys this coming month(s) so this is my first tourney of 2012.............

Deck used: Fabled Gk (Somehow 95% similar to the online build )

Participants 8

Match 1 vs Bao Yuan (Inzectors)
Game 1: Lock down with necrovalley and had more advantage when ragin came out
Game 2: The moment he get to equip and shoot like free i died
Game 3: Game went into time and he had nothing that can deal me 2200 damage on his last turn so i won

Match 2 vs Khai Chun (Geartown offering gadget machina )
Game 1: Surprisingly i drew my only main deck chain disappearance against fortress and friends so i died haha
Game 2: Manage to stall with sided cards like snowman eater, dimensional prison and cyber deck 1 cyber to tilt the tables to allow me to stall haha pure luck. After stalling i manage to drain his backrow to 1 left and i raigeki break it and summoned commandant and pushed till he left with 100 lp, he top deck limiter sadly
Game 3:Time was called and he started first with gearframe and jumped fortress out on first turn, set 1 backrow and ended. I summoned breaker on my turn and tio bottomless, set 3 backrow and ended. On his turn he attacked with fortress and ate my prison. He set a facedown mosnter and 2 backrow ended. I sp cyber and attacked he showed me prison and i played book of moon and ended. He opened heavy storm and i chained raigeki break onto his facedown monster which was a gadget. His only card left in hand was smashing ground and we would enter sudden death next turn as both players had same life. So i won

Match 4 vs Ryan (TG Agent Angel)
Game 1: Royal tribute and then pushed for dmg
Game 2: He destroyed my facedown bottomless that i potted for and made a rush with daigusta, gantetsu and acid golem which he use mind control on my facedown recruiter. Total 8100 dmg omg
Game 3: I summoned Raioh and set 4 backrow of starlight road royal tribute mirror force and chain disappearance. Apparently his hand was full of tg monsters, earth, sangan and pot of duality lol.

A gd start to the 2012 ranking tournament career hehe.
zzxiaoboizz signing off