Friday, January 6, 2012

Ranking tourney at Kit shop 6 January 2012

Firstly Happy belated new year to all readers and happy chinese new year in advance to chinese readers, as mentioned in my last post i will be putting more focus on ranking tourneys this coming month(s) so this is my first tourney of 2012.............

Deck used: Fabled Gk (Somehow 95% similar to the online build )

Participants 8

Match 1 vs Bao Yuan (Inzectors)
Game 1: Lock down with necrovalley and had more advantage when ragin came out
Game 2: The moment he get to equip and shoot like free i died
Game 3: Game went into time and he had nothing that can deal me 2200 damage on his last turn so i won

Match 2 vs Khai Chun (Geartown offering gadget machina )
Game 1: Surprisingly i drew my only main deck chain disappearance against fortress and friends so i died haha
Game 2: Manage to stall with sided cards like snowman eater, dimensional prison and cyber deck 1 cyber to tilt the tables to allow me to stall haha pure luck. After stalling i manage to drain his backrow to 1 left and i raigeki break it and summoned commandant and pushed till he left with 100 lp, he top deck limiter sadly
Game 3:Time was called and he started first with gearframe and jumped fortress out on first turn, set 1 backrow and ended. I summoned breaker on my turn and tio bottomless, set 3 backrow and ended. On his turn he attacked with fortress and ate my prison. He set a facedown mosnter and 2 backrow ended. I sp cyber and attacked he showed me prison and i played book of moon and ended. He opened heavy storm and i chained raigeki break onto his facedown monster which was a gadget. His only card left in hand was smashing ground and we would enter sudden death next turn as both players had same life. So i won

Match 4 vs Ryan (TG Agent Angel)
Game 1: Royal tribute and then pushed for dmg
Game 2: He destroyed my facedown bottomless that i potted for and made a rush with daigusta, gantetsu and acid golem which he use mind control on my facedown recruiter. Total 8100 dmg omg
Game 3: I summoned Raioh and set 4 backrow of starlight road royal tribute mirror force and chain disappearance. Apparently his hand was full of tg monsters, earth, sangan and pot of duality lol.

A gd start to the 2012 ranking tournament career hehe.
zzxiaoboizz signing off

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