Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ahsoo team tournament 28/7/2012

Format 3 vs 3 with 3 banlist for 3 people.
Deck used: Machina offering Gadgets
Teammates: Sherwyn and Kenneth Tan

Match 1 vs Jonas Tai (Arrive Hero)
Game 1: Gadget poke
Game 2: He arrive early and shining came out to beat me
Game 3: He mistake leaving monster on the field for me to chaos hope and end him as he had less than 4k and i had 800 with a gadget in hand but i top into another gadget and died.

Team score XX

Match 2 vs Six sam
Game 1: Read his play and nailed the game with whelming 4 hand advantage over his 0 hand
Game 2: Kinetic stalled against his daredevil and i just waited for him to commit onto field before flushing.

Team score OX

Match 3 vs Mermail Beat
Game 1: Drew 3 gadgets but had better hand than opponent (he bad hand)
Game 2: Drew 3 gadgets and died
Game 3: Controlled with backrow of compulse and btmless and won

Team score OO

Match 4 vs Ryan (Verz Rabbit)
Game 1: Judgement on his warning to allow Giganto X to go thru then followed by some beatdown
Game 2: His rabbit ate my veiler and then his thunderbird forgot to attack my gadget allowing me to make Giganto x and pull off the farming and then from then on took controlled of game.

Team score XX

Conclusion: Ultimate offering appeared once as a pot choice only and despite  that taking down games is still something to be happy about.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

22/7/2012 Marymount Tourney

Deck used: Gravekeepers plus tour guide

Match 1 vs Leo (Arrive Dark)
Game 1: Heavy storm plus Dark hole in my hand and a bit of stalling to make a plus 3 off them.
Game 2: Got beatdown by an early miracle.
Game 3: Game went into time, my opponent normal stratos while having shining on the field and having a little more lp than me, while i had only a facedown defence spy and 1 backrow, he chose to destroy my backrow and i chain compulse onto the shining and then he hit into my spy. mp2 he jump for zephyros and i cleared it next turn and lowered his lp to 2200 while i was at 3100 and i made hope and end turn, it was his final turn and he din draw any outs to clearing it so i won.

Match 2 vs Jeff (Hero Beat)
Game 1: Exchange backrows and then i wingblast his bladeheart leaving him with no hand no field and me with 1 valley on field, i top sangan to bring his lp to 3000 with me at 2900 and then he just top e call, airman and then bubble then excalibur.
Game 2: He mst spark and miracle and i gged.

Match 3 vs William (Hero Beat)
Game 1: Pro Storm play and died
Game 2: Mst spark miracle and died

Match 4 vs Ronald (Inzektors)
Game 1: Advantage from spy too much
Game 2: He prohibition veiler and exploded with mantis stunts
Game 3: I controlled with backrow and double veiler.

Final score 2-2

Conclusion: Hero Beat  > Gravekeepers = Change deck?
Just wanna ask any readers out there what do they think about a player entering main phrase or battle phrase or have already activated a card then realise that on that turn they forgot to retrive cards via gold sarc, is the player allowed to take back? 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Secret chain tourney at marymount 15/7/2012

Deck used: Tour guide gravekeepers

Match 1 vs Wei Ann (Arrive Hero Beat)
Game 1: Storm his only backrow which was a hero lives and proceeded with sin stardust beatdown, he top mystical space typhoon but it was useless.
Game 2: He rush me with hero stunts and although i stall with gk spy, hero blast proves to be too strong
Game 3: Game went into time and i inflicted 3700 damage on my last 2nd battle phrase and make maelstroke which in his last battle phrase, proved too much to handle as i had necrovalley on the field to counter a monster reborn he took via pot of duality.

Match 2 vs Nicholas (Hieroglyph)
Game 1: We had exchange of plays and he had a tefnut left on the field and i had 2 hand which was commandant and descendant. I top deck into allure which i used and drew into veiler and sin stardust, i proceeded with beatdown after that.
Game 2: The good old days of gk came as i drew into a spell trap hand with starlight road royal tribute chain disappearance mask of restrict tribute minus him by 5 but he had 2 seal left in his hand. Couple of turns later i got trap stunned by him and his hieroglyph stunts killed me as i sat there and did nothing.
Game 3: Controlled with spy and compulse then made roach and controlled even more frm there.

Anyways i shared and let him went up as said before the match even started as i had to leave soon anw

Match 3 vs Kian Leng (Machina Gadgets)
Game 1: He farm too much and he had 5 hand when i died
Game 2: I tribute plus had stele and spy to gain back advantage
Game 3: I had no outs to his massive horde of farming and creatures.

Match 4 vs Gavin (Verz Rabbit)
Game 1: He turn 2 rabbit and made a shock ruler with an existing sabersaurus on the field. When he called for monster effect, i drew tour guide the following turn and when he declared magic, i drew into dark hole. After taking couple of hits, he potted into rabbit and on my turn i dark hole his shock ruler and played a face down defence recruiter which had no valley on field. He dark hole and i just kept my cards but he showed me that he had 2 heliotrope in his deck, i find that it was a very respective gesture and i actually appreciated it a lot, good attitude in yugioh while being competitive, i gained a lot of respect for him and i actually said its ok that u do not need to show as frankly i was thinking that he would not have taken the rabbit if he had no target in his deck haha.
Game 2: Zenmaines and Maelstroke control
Game 3: I managed to drain his resources with stele and spy again, his top deck rabbit got book of mooned by me and i beat him down soon after.

Anws i left after this passing the deck to my insane tech teammate Weemin to play the last round

Match 5 Weemin (TGGK) vs Jonas Tai (Arrive hero)
Game 1: Gk plus valley lock him down according to Weemin
Game 2: Tour guide and gk plus valley lock him down according to Weemin again.

So i ended up 3-2 but din go up anws, after the match a song suits my feelings the best which is Step by KARA(for those that dunno that im a KARA fan now u now haha). Felt that i tried to step it up with gks again well i guess better luck next time.

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Time to update with some ABYR cards opinion

Seeing how often others update, its time to update as well (wtf i know)

Not going to talk about banlist cause im inexperienced at it.

Moving on in ABYR some cards caught my attention

1. One shot wand: 
Equip only to a Spellcaster-Type monster. It gains 800 ATK. After damage calculation, if the equipped monster battled: You can destroy this card, and if you do, draw 1 card.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Locals observation

Recently at the locals, i realised that hero beat was one of my toughest hurdles to get past. Reason being i hardly touch it and mostly i can't read plays made by opponent.

Take for an example of a duel in the locals where she went first and pot for blast, e call for airman but summoned alius with 2 backrow and ended
I thought of it as spark and blast, typical lame combo.
So my hand was tinplate goldfish red gadget fortress warning compulsoryx2
I summoned tinplate and it passed, aft i sp my red she opened warning and i told her u had to warn tinplate eff, from then on i tot it was warning and blast, so i made giganto to bait the warning and attacked with fortress but ate spark instead. I set 2 and ended and lost all to spark and eventually lost that game.

Game 2 and 3 i picked up a bit of scamming skills and lured out the typcal spark and dark hole that hero beat has. Looking at how mind boggling hero beat is, some thoughts of playing it disappeared.

When a gadget/laggia player sets a facedown defence monster, high chance its a snowman kinetic dd warrior lady etc that might be what jero beat players think and therefore nt clearing it using spark and dark hole is nt in the best of interest.

Makes me just wonder how setting a fake like tinplate goldfish can reduce opponent's ability to clear the real ones later on.

Mayb one will attack the facedown head on if he/she has a hero blast in hand or they can tell its a fake. Otherwise i still find it mind boggling, playing against hero beat is like pitting ur iq against theirs, similar to playing chess, mayb u might hav an additional horse if u side correctly haha.

Zzxiaoboizz signing off