Sunday, July 15, 2012

Secret chain tourney at marymount 15/7/2012

Deck used: Tour guide gravekeepers

Match 1 vs Wei Ann (Arrive Hero Beat)
Game 1: Storm his only backrow which was a hero lives and proceeded with sin stardust beatdown, he top mystical space typhoon but it was useless.
Game 2: He rush me with hero stunts and although i stall with gk spy, hero blast proves to be too strong
Game 3: Game went into time and i inflicted 3700 damage on my last 2nd battle phrase and make maelstroke which in his last battle phrase, proved too much to handle as i had necrovalley on the field to counter a monster reborn he took via pot of duality.

Match 2 vs Nicholas (Hieroglyph)
Game 1: We had exchange of plays and he had a tefnut left on the field and i had 2 hand which was commandant and descendant. I top deck into allure which i used and drew into veiler and sin stardust, i proceeded with beatdown after that.
Game 2: The good old days of gk came as i drew into a spell trap hand with starlight road royal tribute chain disappearance mask of restrict tribute minus him by 5 but he had 2 seal left in his hand. Couple of turns later i got trap stunned by him and his hieroglyph stunts killed me as i sat there and did nothing.
Game 3: Controlled with spy and compulse then made roach and controlled even more frm there.

Anyways i shared and let him went up as said before the match even started as i had to leave soon anw

Match 3 vs Kian Leng (Machina Gadgets)
Game 1: He farm too much and he had 5 hand when i died
Game 2: I tribute plus had stele and spy to gain back advantage
Game 3: I had no outs to his massive horde of farming and creatures.

Match 4 vs Gavin (Verz Rabbit)
Game 1: He turn 2 rabbit and made a shock ruler with an existing sabersaurus on the field. When he called for monster effect, i drew tour guide the following turn and when he declared magic, i drew into dark hole. After taking couple of hits, he potted into rabbit and on my turn i dark hole his shock ruler and played a face down defence recruiter which had no valley on field. He dark hole and i just kept my cards but he showed me that he had 2 heliotrope in his deck, i find that it was a very respective gesture and i actually appreciated it a lot, good attitude in yugioh while being competitive, i gained a lot of respect for him and i actually said its ok that u do not need to show as frankly i was thinking that he would not have taken the rabbit if he had no target in his deck haha.
Game 2: Zenmaines and Maelstroke control
Game 3: I managed to drain his resources with stele and spy again, his top deck rabbit got book of mooned by me and i beat him down soon after.

Anws i left after this passing the deck to my insane tech teammate Weemin to play the last round

Match 5 Weemin (TGGK) vs Jonas Tai (Arrive hero)
Game 1: Gk plus valley lock him down according to Weemin
Game 2: Tour guide and gk plus valley lock him down according to Weemin again.

So i ended up 3-2 but din go up anws, after the match a song suits my feelings the best which is Step by KARA(for those that dunno that im a KARA fan now u now haha). Felt that i tried to step it up with gks again well i guess better luck next time.

zzxiaoboizz signing off

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