Monday, July 2, 2012

Locals observation

Recently at the locals, i realised that hero beat was one of my toughest hurdles to get past. Reason being i hardly touch it and mostly i can't read plays made by opponent.

Take for an example of a duel in the locals where she went first and pot for blast, e call for airman but summoned alius with 2 backrow and ended
I thought of it as spark and blast, typical lame combo.
So my hand was tinplate goldfish red gadget fortress warning compulsoryx2
I summoned tinplate and it passed, aft i sp my red she opened warning and i told her u had to warn tinplate eff, from then on i tot it was warning and blast, so i made giganto to bait the warning and attacked with fortress but ate spark instead. I set 2 and ended and lost all to spark and eventually lost that game.

Game 2 and 3 i picked up a bit of scamming skills and lured out the typcal spark and dark hole that hero beat has. Looking at how mind boggling hero beat is, some thoughts of playing it disappeared.

When a gadget/laggia player sets a facedown defence monster, high chance its a snowman kinetic dd warrior lady etc that might be what jero beat players think and therefore nt clearing it using spark and dark hole is nt in the best of interest.

Makes me just wonder how setting a fake like tinplate goldfish can reduce opponent's ability to clear the real ones later on.

Mayb one will attack the facedown head on if he/she has a hero blast in hand or they can tell its a fake. Otherwise i still find it mind boggling, playing against hero beat is like pitting ur iq against theirs, similar to playing chess, mayb u might hav an additional horse if u side correctly haha.

Zzxiaoboizz signing off

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