Sunday, November 24, 2013

Asia plus sg leg 24/11/2013 report,decklist

Team name: Team Nigglets

Leader = Me (Firefist)

Match 1 2-1 Firefist (opponent prohibits Wolfberk, draws 3 in 4 turn)
Match 2 1-2 Six samurai(G1 united dojo, G2 united dojo, G3 united dojo gateway)
Match 3 2-0 Karakuri
Match 4 2-1 Verz
Match 5 1-1 Verz discontinued (Malaysia Champ alex)

In short, 3 win 1 loss 1 discontinued
Player A = Le troll chang peng (he does not play competitive a lot so now surprised udk him) (Verz)

Match 1 0-2 Frog
Match 2 2-1 Mermail
Match 3 0-2 Firefist (he opened an overworked when there was no flame dance card on field)
Match 4 2-1 Mermail (Shock ruler eats torrential but got xyz reborn)
Match 5 0-2 Dragons (Dueling days author's Ghostrick too strong)

In short 2 win 3 loss

Player B= Le troll mr phua ( he does not play competitive a lot so now surprised udk him) (Dragons)

Match 1 2-0 Skill drain beat
Match 2 1-2 Constellar
Match 3 2-1 Lightlord
Match 4 1-1 Dragons (Worlds sg champ William Oh) Discontinued cause team won
Match 5 1-2 Mermails (Vanguard sg champ)

In short 3 wins 1 loss 1 discontinued

Decklist as follows for firefist

Monsters 14
2 Boar
2 Gorilla
3 Bear
3 Wolfberk
2 Dragon
2 Raioh

Spells 13
2 Gyokku
2 Tenki
3 Tensu
3 Pot of Duality
2 Onslaught of the flame king
1 Mystical space typhoon

Traps 13
2 Tensen
3 Prideful Roar
2 Bottomless trap hole
2 Void trap hole
1 Compulsory Evac device
3 Mirror force

Side deck 15
2 Rivalry of warlords
2 Soul drain
2 Kycoo
2 Imperial Iron wall
1 Gyokku
1 Pinpoint guard
1 Lightning Vortex
2 Gemini Imps
2 Diamond Dust

Verz decklist

Main deck
21 Monsters:
3 Evilswarm Castor  HA07-EN048
2 Rescue Rabbit  PHSW-JP037
3 Evilswarm Kerkyion DS13-JPD01
3 Evilswarm Heliotrope DT13-JP024
1 Evilswarm Azzathoth DT14-JP024
1 Evilswarm O’Lantern DT13-JP027
3 Evilswarm Mandragora DT13-JP028
1 Dark Armed Dragon PTDN-JP019
2 Evilswarm Thunderbird DT14-JP025
2 Kagetokage ST13-JP016

9 Spells:
1 Reinforcements of the Army BE02-JP116
1 Monster Reborn BE1-JP133
1 Heavy Storm BE02-JP068
2 Infestation Pandemic DT14-JP046
2 Mystical Space Typhoon BE1-JP031
2 Forbidden Lance STOR-JP061

11 Traps:
3 Divine Wrath SD11-JP036
2 Compulsory Evacuation Device GS03-JP019
1 Solemn Judgment BE02-JP057
1 Infestation Infection DT13-JP050
1 Solemn Warning GS05-JP020
1 Deck Devastation Virus FE1-JP058
2 XYZ reborn ORCS-JP057

Side Deck 15:
3 Overworked TDGS-JP080
1 Deck Devastation Virus FE1-JP058
2 Safe Zone EXVC-JP078
2 Genex Ally Duradark LE16-JP001
2 Forbidden Chalice RGBT-JP061
3 D.D. Fissure SD14-JP028
1 Forbidden Lance STOR-JP061


Dragons decklist

Main 41 Cards

Monsters 26
12 E drag
2 Scarecrow
1 Dandylion
2 Maxx C
3 Card Car D
2 Debris Dragon
2 Card Trooper
2 Flamvell Guard

Spells 8

3 Seven Sword
1 Dark Hole
3 Scape Goat
1 Card Dest

Traps 7
2 Torrential 
2 Phoenix Blast
1 Return from DD
2 Trap Stun

Side 15
1 Trap Stun
3 Catastrophe
2 Ryko
3 Electric Virus
1 Infestation Terminus
3 Dyna
2 Book Of Eclipse 

Extra 15
Red Jewel
Stardust Jewel
Mist Bird Callosus
Big Eye
Master of blades
Black Rose

Enjoy...Sighs another year in the provisional top 8 better luck next time i guess

GLHF to remaining asia plus participants (Hong Kong players i suppose)

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tcg decklist sept 2013

Gt really bored so might as well post a decklist that i always play on dnet in tcg format

 IMO its pretty gd in thinning deck but the cons is that my side deck usually fails me and imperial iron wall would shut down the deck upright

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Worlds sg qualifier 4-axis decklist

Since someone asked for, i shall post it then

Monsters 15
3x Bear
2x Gorilla
3x Maxx-c
2x Wolfberk
2x Raioh
3x Kycoo

Spell 10
3x Tenki
2x Tensu
1x Duality
2x Lance
1x Reborn
1x Book of Moon

Traps 15
3x Prideful Roar
2x Waboku
3x Compulse
1x Warning
1x Judgment
1x Magic Jammer
1x Dark Bribe
1x Mind Crush
2x Imperial Ironwall

As you can see its a very anti meta lineup and most likely its weakness is that it cannot outfarm gadgets cause tingoldfish plus gadget plus kagtokage plus chain summoning = too strong

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Worlds Championship qualifier 2013

First off the recent lack of post is due to my national service/ army commitments and i did not participate any ygo weekly cash for prize tournaments as well.

Heading into worlds, i only had one aim which was to get the exclusive sleeves via making the top 40 cut

As i did not hav prophency nor dragon rulers, i carefully examined between verz, 4-axis, anti meta beat and even archfiends

Verz - Heavily sided against and if u can't get ophion out, the big 2 decks would eat u up.
Anti meta beat- Imo is heavily inconsistent
Archfiends- Inconsistent but could have being a surprise package with recent cases topping in Japan with completely dff builds(from arma knight to archfiend field spell builds)

My final choice was 4-axis as it is considered anti meta yet it has firefist to keep the attacking and advantage momentum going.

Match 1 vs Prophency (zexuan)
Game 1: He ended his turn with batel 2 backrow and 1 spellbook tower with 6 hand. I attempted to respond with a kycoo but it got booked of moon and i went downslope from there
Game 2: I started with bear and 2 backrow and he attempted to kill my bear with batel plus power plus starhall attk boost but it ended up crashing into my prideful roar and i gained momentum from there to go shock ruler nxt turn and quickly ending game 2
Game 3: He din open well and ended with a lily, defense position veiler, 1 backrpw and spellbook tower with 4 hand. I played heavy storm and then summoned gorila which was my 6th card and attk over a batel his field spell fetched him and took tensu to normal bear and pop lily and made tiger king and added tenki. I ironwall him the following turn and solemned his master leaving him to made catastor to run over tiger king and nxt turn i went bear + wolfberk to end it.

Match 2 vs Verz (Anand)
Game 1: Ironwall stopped his rabbit and i gain momentum from there
Game 2: His ophion equipped with safe zone ran into my bear with prideful roar and i tenki into gorila nxt turn to pop the safe zone and momentum built to win frm there.

Match 3 vs Dragon Rulers (Edmund)
Game 1: Double ironwall ftw
Game 2: Random mind crush on my turn for a mst netted a risk reward and i was able to protect my soul drain to continue more momentum from then on

Match 4 vs Jonas Tai
We played casually and he would have won game 3 if not for him misplacing a bahamut shark in his main deck and showing it to me by taking it out mid game.

Top 40 playoffs vs 3-axis (Ye Xiang)
Game 1: He started off badly with 2 tensu in hand and i crushed his chouten while having double bear on field
Game 2: His first turn 3-axis stunt proves too much to handle
Game 3: Game went back and forth and into time but he did not have a 3rd bear when he top deck a tenki and so i won with superior lp.

I dropped as i had to book in after that lool so Jason Leong went on into top 16 and went on to top 8 so congrats to him.
At the same time Weemin made the top 40 playoff and was unlucky to not made the top 16 while wesley aka lamby gt 2nd, kudos to him.

In fact in the top 40 playoffs there were like 6-7 firefist which was quite a gd representation considering there were <10 total players piloting it (exact details wait for duelist codex or duelingdays)

With other worlds qualifiers ard the corner, would wish readers overseas all the best. As for my decklist, would only post when requested upon

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Friday, February 1, 2013


Wow, it has been close to 2 months since i update this blog, really sorry cause i am not busy at all but literally lazy.
Over the past months since the last update, FireFist has really took over the meta by storm and with Asia 2013 just around the corner, most people would really ponder over decklist to play since the March Banlist (i presume) would come along as a factor and with probably less than 2 weeks to prepare, it only makes things interesting.

For my own banlist thoughts, these are the few cards i think they would hit on

Wind Up Shark and Factory to 1
While still allowing magi shark play to go thru, it just makes things hard just like how inzektor damsel and hornet were hit to 1.

Atlantean Dragoon and Genex Undine to 1
Undine though with its drawback of drawing 2 controllers, still is a major plus and is likely to see the ban hammer to perform konami's advantage shrinking, the same goes for dragoon.

Fire Fist Dragon and Tensen to 1
Nothing much to say here but plus 1k in damage step and dragon plus tenki just ain funny at all. (Yes im sore cause i lost to that on dnet -.-)

Master Hyperion to 2
Other decks slow down so mr hyperion will be going to 2 to ensure people dun hyperion and win so easily.

Grapha to 2
Same as master hyperion reasoning but grapha to 2 sounds reasonable as u can foolish burial it and at one, bottomless would shatter the deck if ur trance daemon does not help.

Sacred Sombres to 1
Personally i wanted to make it to 2 but with the sacred airman able to search him out, i feel that he has a chance to get hit.

Verz Cercyon to 2
Similar to sombres but searching via trap, the reason he is not one is because the trap to return to deck is a cost and can be a minus when met with a timely mst.

Weird Feeling but konami might hit the field card that does Harpie Dancer FTK lol.

Currently piloting Fire King and given that my Asia record is poor, totally dismal about it LOL.

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Guide to EvilSwarm aka Verz

With the release of duelist box sacred and verz, verz aka evilswarm has come into competitive scene actively winning the top shop singapore 2012 as well as topping recently. This post aims to breakdown the deck and attempt to explain how good it actually is.

First lets take a recent decklist that top in japan.

16 Monsters
3x Verz Heliotrope
3x Verz Castor
3x Verz Thunderbird
3x Verz Ceyclon
2x Verz Mandrago
2x Rescue Rabbit

12 Spells
1 Monster Reborn
1 Heavy Storm
1 Reinforcement of the Army
1 Dark Hole
1 Allure of Darkness
3 Mystical Space Typhoon
3 Verz Pandemic Infestation
1 Book of Moon

13 Traps
3 Compulsory Evacuation Device
2 Torrential Tribute
1 Starlight Road
1 Solemn Judgement
2 Solemn Warning
1 Infestation Infection
1 Fiendish Chain   

             Pros of the deck
  • Triple Verz Pandemic Infestation makes this deck immune to bottomless, torrential and prison.
  • Verz Castor plus any Verz = Verz Ophion
  • Infestation Infection can be chained onto opponent's bottomless and torrential tribute, searches Verz Ceyclon as well
  • Verz Ceyclon is an instant rank 4 when effect successfully resolves, if Ceyclon plus another Verz monster = Ophion which its effect earns back the 1 card used.
  • Top decking prowess, Top decking rabbit or Ceyclon as well as reborn when u have Ceyclon in graveyard and 2 other Verz
  • Verz Thunderbird is one of the best level 4 floaters around in yugioh now, its survival can be ensured easily and used to XYZ the next turn.
  • Mandrago plus Verz Ceyclon or rabbit = Verz Ouroboros or Shock ruler
  • Mandrago plus Verz Ceyclon taking back Verz Castor and Castor using its effect = able to XYZ 2 rank 4 monsters
  • Trap cards like Torrential Tribute works well with Pandemic as well as Thunderbird.
  • Bad hand of monsters can be easily cleared by Allure of Darkness      
         Cons of the deck
  • Drawing 3 Infestation 2 mystical 1 infestation infection is not a funny thing, alternatively opening with spell trap that are not protective is not going to help one in winning games.
  • Opening with monster hand such as Rabbit Thunderbird Castor Ceyclon Heliotrope is not funny when your opponent starts with 4 backrow and ends turn.
  • Its weakness to Windup (Hence some actually play 3 compulsory and even Fiendish Chain) 
         Optional Techs
  •  Dark Armed Dragon (If ur ophion gets warninged, DAD becomes alive lol)
  •  Pot of Duality (To alleviate bad hand rates and to ensure u can XYZ next turn)
  •  Forbidden Garments (Useful Against Ryko as well as torrential tribute and mirror force as well as bottomless trap hole)
  •  Maxx-c and Effect veiler (To stop windup and mermail stunts as well as gives you a chance to draw outs to it)  
  • Forbidden Chalice against monster effects
  • Ability to tech in Deck Devastation Virus

  For me, my verz testing has been good so far (probably tournament reports in another post if i have time lol). Starting to see many different versions of Verz being played in Japan, most importantly will be to find a balance between the builds i feel. For me, i do not like to play 2 Verz Mandrago in the deck as its attack is the lowest (1550) among the other verz usually played. And top decking this card is useless, when u have ophion on the field this card is also a useless normal summon. Although it allows for stunts to be done with this card, i am still sceptical of it. Possibly a player would play 2 because u can use mandrago to be banished for allure of darkness LOL.

zzxiaoboizz signing off 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Top Shop 2012 Singapore tourney report

Nope i did not do well this time not at all, misplay much when it matters

Deck used: Offering Machina Gadgets

Match 1 vs Cassandra (Hero beat)
Game 1: Started with 2 warning 1 torrential 1 tragoedia and 2 gadgets. Started to grind out and stalled till real late game where i drew a fortress to turn the table. The notable top deck moment was when she had shining and i had 2 gadget and i top into a compulsory lol.
Game 2: Drop Gorz but still lost as i miscount my lance and red gadget against a photon thrasher and lost my fortress to a dd warrior lady when 2 gadgets is in my hand
Game 3: She had 2 miracle and that was enough to rush me and win as i had no tragoedia nor gorz in hand to stop the rush (i did have dark hole and gadgets in hand though)

Match 2 vs Anthony (Chaos Dragons)
Game 1: Real Grinding match and i top deck reborn while he top deck Dark armed dragon with 3 dark in grave
Game 2: Drew 4 trap including an ultimate offering which was all countered by a single royal decree

Match 3 vs Sherwyn (Mermail)
Game 1: His hand too overpowered, basically otk me on his 2nd turn
Game 2: His hand too op but i had cosmos luckily
Game 3: His hadn too op but i had shock ruler to declare monster effect

Match 4 vs Lauren (Wind up)
Game 1: He started with 2 factory and rabbit shark and end up with 1 backrow, 1 shock ruler, 1 coat of arms and 1 zenmighty. Shock ruler declared spells. On my turn i tinplate red gadget into giganto x and drop fortress to clear the zenmighty and shock ruler while setting my 3 backrow of avarice prison and ultimate offering. He went for zenmaines the next turn and i prisoned it and on my turn i open offering and came out ouroboros to remove his backrow, big eye gemknight pearl and shock ruler to end the game.
Game 2: Drew into hand traps but din get the chance to use it as i just beat down and heavy storm when he had 3600 left and i had double summon red gadget and fortress

Match 5 vs Keith (Infernity)
Game 1: Grinding match and he had warning and bottomless to my giganto x and fortress
Game 2: His infernity doom dragon hit the wrong target and allowed me to top the table
Game 3: He top deck archfiend x2 plus reborn on the next draw = enough said

Total Score 2-3

Decklist of the deck
So now top shop is over......the question is what to do next (stay or quit or hmm)
Sorry for the hyper inactiveness rofl, will try to be more active now till i enlist in march hmm.

zzxiaoboizz signing off