Friday, February 1, 2013


Wow, it has been close to 2 months since i update this blog, really sorry cause i am not busy at all but literally lazy.
Over the past months since the last update, FireFist has really took over the meta by storm and with Asia 2013 just around the corner, most people would really ponder over decklist to play since the March Banlist (i presume) would come along as a factor and with probably less than 2 weeks to prepare, it only makes things interesting.

For my own banlist thoughts, these are the few cards i think they would hit on

Wind Up Shark and Factory to 1
While still allowing magi shark play to go thru, it just makes things hard just like how inzektor damsel and hornet were hit to 1.

Atlantean Dragoon and Genex Undine to 1
Undine though with its drawback of drawing 2 controllers, still is a major plus and is likely to see the ban hammer to perform konami's advantage shrinking, the same goes for dragoon.

Fire Fist Dragon and Tensen to 1
Nothing much to say here but plus 1k in damage step and dragon plus tenki just ain funny at all. (Yes im sore cause i lost to that on dnet -.-)

Master Hyperion to 2
Other decks slow down so mr hyperion will be going to 2 to ensure people dun hyperion and win so easily.

Grapha to 2
Same as master hyperion reasoning but grapha to 2 sounds reasonable as u can foolish burial it and at one, bottomless would shatter the deck if ur trance daemon does not help.

Sacred Sombres to 1
Personally i wanted to make it to 2 but with the sacred airman able to search him out, i feel that he has a chance to get hit.

Verz Cercyon to 2
Similar to sombres but searching via trap, the reason he is not one is because the trap to return to deck is a cost and can be a minus when met with a timely mst.

Weird Feeling but konami might hit the field card that does Harpie Dancer FTK lol.

Currently piloting Fire King and given that my Asia record is poor, totally dismal about it LOL.

zzxiaoboizz signing off

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