Friday, December 30, 2011

Mini tourney at kit shop 30 December 2011

All 4 of us joined, so expect an update from our insane tech blogs.
Yes, i din update there means i scrubbed -.-
Deck used: Gravekeepers (No time change deck)

Match 1 vs Josiah Tan or more known as Dragjo (Dragunity)
Game 1: Sin cyber end then royal tribute he drop whole hand
Game 2: 1 or 2 misplays and allowing his buster mode stardust to gain advantage and i died.
Game 3: His Ravine kept giving him monsters and when i paste my valley
over it he pasted ravine again, struggle till ard 1300 lp then my stele came and i repaste again lolz, turns out tat his 3 backrow were all seven tools but i opened skill drain early on already. Then just beatdown with some top deck sin cyber end long haha.
He's really friendly la so should be friendly players even though he might hav done some mistakes on forum but he already apologised ^.^

Match 2 vs Wesley seek (inzectors)
Game 1: He mistake of shooting my sin cyber end equipped with fiendish chain with damsel and nt the valley instead -.-
Game 2: He depleted my resources and i feel tat i over-sided, destroying my gk engine
Game 3: Time was called after i used warning and i had no monsters in hand despite a solid backrow.

Match 3 vs Sunny (Ascetism six samurai)
Game 1: Tribute reveals storm magatama 2 dest, a relatively bad hand so i just controlled aft he storm finish.
Game 2: His shien controlled me
Game 3: I royal tribute he threw 2 kageki and kizan and he concede aft checking his top deck card which is united.

Match 4 vs Ying Jun
Will leave it for him to say haha

Result: 10th place and the 3 other blog members all top 8 lolz.
Looking forward to ranking tourneys in January, attractive prizes and not so much looking forward to 8 dollar tourneys -,-

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Jcube tourney 25/12/2011

A lot of funny events happened today such as shaun's win recorded as a loss (might be explained on his blog) sunny's win also become loss and some epic top deck skills

Deck used: Gravekeepers (Deck build by me and Jeremy Aw, he played the same build too)

Match 1 vs Bye

Match 2 vs Daniel Ang(Dark World)
Game 1: Sangan plus drag down = gg when his drag down show me 3 brow
Game 2: He despo for dw monsters and i mirror force his scar and beat him down soon after
Game 3: I crush his drag but his hand was foolish snow gate gate, which he then drew card destruction next turn and double grapha me to gg.

Match 3 vs Baha (Tour guide tengu plants)
Game 1: He was in control for the early game and hit my life to 1xxx and i fought back and had set skill drai and mind crush with necrovalley on field plus descendant. He had only 1 hand and top heavy storm which was followed by a bls. Showing us why he is Baha
Game 2: Gk beatdown although he stalled with dark mirror and reaper for very long until i gt my skill drain.
Game 3: tengu plus bulb plus tour guide plus spore = gg, my hand was bad and i even had to set veiler to attempt to survive the turn(which i did not)
Match 4 vs Ying Jun (Junk dopple)
Game 1: Sin cyber end direct him when he had 4k left and no cards on field.
Game 2: Gt cooked by royal decree
Game 3: He had decree but i had hand of gk and spells which via descendant and recruiter cleared his field and sin cyber end direct when he left 3900 lp

Match 5 vs Ash (Macro)
Game 1: Beatdown with commandant
Game 2: I had a set snowman and he had 2 dd warrior lady, he went to exceed for blade heart and ate my snowman, subsequently i cydra plus skill drain plus sin stardust him to end him.

Result 3-2, same score as Jeremy Aw
A more stable build with skill drain bur more veilers are needed according to Jeremy Aw. We make a decision nt to side anything for dark world and i guessed tat paid the price.

zzxiaoboizz signing off....uploaded from mobile phone

Friday, December 23, 2011

23 December 2011 kit shop mini tourney

Deck used: Spy inzectors to cover up the lack of gigamantis(which i tot is really needed)

Match 1 vs Yingjun (junk dopple)
Game 1: He ran riot with syncros and i had no response to it.
Game 2: A mini fight back when i was left with 200 lifepoints but with only 2 card in his hand he used dark hole and i solumned it, eating a fatal bls

Match 2 vs Wenliang (WWBF)
Game 1: Game went back and forth till he had no response to my inzectors which cleared his field
Game 2; Snowman played a important role and he had no outs after his dad hit my backrow and ate the compulsory
Match 3 vs James Tan (X-sabers)
Game 1: I went for acid golem and had no inzectors to bomb it wtf and had leas than 2k lp then, big misplay.
Game 2: Open decree and drew traps from there = GG

2 big misplays plus deck build error means i end with a 1-2 score and i really need to review my play styles

Thursday, December 15, 2011

15 December 2012 Clementi Kit shop Qualifer

Deck used: Twilight wyvern
Match 1 vs Alvin Nah (Tour guide rabbit ragia)
Game 1: He din hav monsters at the start and i was allowed to farm out a wyvrn which led to JD. He also mistake by not dust shooting immediately after i draw allowing me to sp a judgement dragon out. We both knew it was a dustshoot cause he potted it out
Game 2: He started strong with fissure rabbit and tourguide which becomes dollka and i had no outs
Game 3: He had d fissure but i cleared it then used JD to clear field and direct with 2 cards in deck left and with him having 2600 lifepoints

Match 2 vs Calvin (Ninja Dino Dragon)
Game 1: His repeated supply of monsters from hanzo and gold ninja killed my 'gd' hand of 2 trag 3 sorceror 1 jd and drawing solar recharge bulb carrier on the following turns.
Game 2: He just had too many super tranformations after i cleared a D.Fissure

Realised that after game 1 i always have to side to beatdown, really need to analyse how to side better, din run any chaos soldier today and din see a problem with it....probably due to my magi magi obsession made me run 3 sorceror and also for DAD to come out easiy which i only came out 1 time in casual. It sucks to mill JD out but its gd that wyvern comes out when 2 jd in grave cause i dun play any grave retrieval cards like monster reincarnation. To fight d fissure i guess i have to side return from DD hahaha.

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What was i up to the past days? Update

Well clearing homework i got like mountains of it, other than that this was what i was up toQ

Well its a really lucksack deck, considered increasing the amount of lightlord and solar recharge but at the same time future fusion is also important. Dun really like to use Ravine as i find it slow, really essential to draw banishing monsters from grave cards or im really cooked with a stuck hand. Lavalral Chain actually does an extra mill lol but does it miss timing? Nt really sure haha. From the deck build u can notice that banishing dragons on field for red eyes metals is not the main beat down way. But still its essential via future fusion or milled out. Any comments so i can make it better?