Friday, December 23, 2011

23 December 2011 kit shop mini tourney

Deck used: Spy inzectors to cover up the lack of gigamantis(which i tot is really needed)

Match 1 vs Yingjun (junk dopple)
Game 1: He ran riot with syncros and i had no response to it.
Game 2: A mini fight back when i was left with 200 lifepoints but with only 2 card in his hand he used dark hole and i solumned it, eating a fatal bls

Match 2 vs Wenliang (WWBF)
Game 1: Game went back and forth till he had no response to my inzectors which cleared his field
Game 2; Snowman played a important role and he had no outs after his dad hit my backrow and ate the compulsory
Match 3 vs James Tan (X-sabers)
Game 1: I went for acid golem and had no inzectors to bomb it wtf and had leas than 2k lp then, big misplay.
Game 2: Open decree and drew traps from there = GG

2 big misplays plus deck build error means i end with a 1-2 score and i really need to review my play styles

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