Friday, December 30, 2011

Mini tourney at kit shop 30 December 2011

All 4 of us joined, so expect an update from our insane tech blogs.
Yes, i din update there means i scrubbed -.-
Deck used: Gravekeepers (No time change deck)

Match 1 vs Josiah Tan or more known as Dragjo (Dragunity)
Game 1: Sin cyber end then royal tribute he drop whole hand
Game 2: 1 or 2 misplays and allowing his buster mode stardust to gain advantage and i died.
Game 3: His Ravine kept giving him monsters and when i paste my valley
over it he pasted ravine again, struggle till ard 1300 lp then my stele came and i repaste again lolz, turns out tat his 3 backrow were all seven tools but i opened skill drain early on already. Then just beatdown with some top deck sin cyber end long haha.
He's really friendly la so should be friendly players even though he might hav done some mistakes on forum but he already apologised ^.^

Match 2 vs Wesley seek (inzectors)
Game 1: He mistake of shooting my sin cyber end equipped with fiendish chain with damsel and nt the valley instead -.-
Game 2: He depleted my resources and i feel tat i over-sided, destroying my gk engine
Game 3: Time was called after i used warning and i had no monsters in hand despite a solid backrow.

Match 3 vs Sunny (Ascetism six samurai)
Game 1: Tribute reveals storm magatama 2 dest, a relatively bad hand so i just controlled aft he storm finish.
Game 2: His shien controlled me
Game 3: I royal tribute he threw 2 kageki and kizan and he concede aft checking his top deck card which is united.

Match 4 vs Ying Jun
Will leave it for him to say haha

Result: 10th place and the 3 other blog members all top 8 lolz.
Looking forward to ranking tourneys in January, attractive prizes and not so much looking forward to 8 dollar tourneys -,-

zzxiaoboizz signing off


  1. Hey, My name is Josiah, not Joseph. HAHAHA! :D

  2. Haha, before the duel i thought of using my six sam deck. But still prefer Dragunity although its weaker, kinda fun when buster mode's on the field. Then when I saw gravekeepers i was like "Im gonna lose, NECROVALLEY!!! Should have used six sam instead!" haha but all in all fun tourney for me although had very bad results, 1-3. Cheers dude!