Thursday, December 15, 2011

15 December 2012 Clementi Kit shop Qualifer

Deck used: Twilight wyvern
Match 1 vs Alvin Nah (Tour guide rabbit ragia)
Game 1: He din hav monsters at the start and i was allowed to farm out a wyvrn which led to JD. He also mistake by not dust shooting immediately after i draw allowing me to sp a judgement dragon out. We both knew it was a dustshoot cause he potted it out
Game 2: He started strong with fissure rabbit and tourguide which becomes dollka and i had no outs
Game 3: He had d fissure but i cleared it then used JD to clear field and direct with 2 cards in deck left and with him having 2600 lifepoints

Match 2 vs Calvin (Ninja Dino Dragon)
Game 1: His repeated supply of monsters from hanzo and gold ninja killed my 'gd' hand of 2 trag 3 sorceror 1 jd and drawing solar recharge bulb carrier on the following turns.
Game 2: He just had too many super tranformations after i cleared a D.Fissure

Realised that after game 1 i always have to side to beatdown, really need to analyse how to side better, din run any chaos soldier today and din see a problem with it....probably due to my magi magi obsession made me run 3 sorceror and also for DAD to come out easiy which i only came out 1 time in casual. It sucks to mill JD out but its gd that wyvern comes out when 2 jd in grave cause i dun play any grave retrieval cards like monster reincarnation. To fight d fissure i guess i have to side return from DD hahaha.

zzxiaoboizz signing off

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