Monday, November 12, 2012

Top shop qualifier 11/11/2012

So some would ask why go again when u qualified on 10/11/2012. Well its all conspiracy to 'help' ur own friends get in that day.

Deck used: Kara Laggia (Was supposed to play Kara World but Weemin did not bring fran ken to help me damn it)

Match 1 vs 'Kid' from Jurong (Frogs)
Game 1: Dolkka to kill his first turn ground mole and controlled from there with tour guide follow up
Game 2: Marshmellon stalling fell short when i dark hole it and followed up with ophion and dolkka to lock down.

Match 2 vs Anand (Hero Beat)
Game 1: Early mst exchange and i was left with no backrow, he went for excalibur to take down my ophion before going absolute zero in main phrase 2 and i drew no answer.
Game 2: Mid game rabbit stayed on field due to a set warning and top deck mst on his only backrow which was torrential tribute to turn the table and otk with 3 heliotrope (normal 3rd one from hand)
Game 3: Similar as game 1, early mst exchange just that my prison this time got solumned and i gt otked by shining plus excalibur

So i was supposed to lose at this point but he gtg so he gave me the win and i truely thank him (would be sure to return the favour)

Match 3 vs Jason (Inzektor)
Game 1: Typical grinding match with rabbit in late game to seal the game
Game 2: Had Rabbit early on but he pot for bottomless and i was unable to lure it away
Game 3: Another grinding match but had a saber plus 4 backrow start and was able to rabbit in mid game for the win desptie a Maxx-c chained upon its activation.

Match 4 vs Cheng Wee (Wind Up)
Game 1: Thunder bird set 5, reminds me of arimura yohei style and unfortunate for him 4 were real backrows
Game 2: Summoned raioh, was forced to negate his exceed and he reborned my raioh which was killed by my heliotrope and i reborn raioh to my field. He began the rabbit rat grind and exhaust his resources trying to get past raioh, his last card in hand was a rat which gt solemned by me and his 'supposed to return rat' gt lucksacked by my top deck tour guide and leviar it back to completely control the game and win.

Match 5 vs Sherwyn (Dark World)
Game 1: Grinding match and he misplayed his sangan by not attacking into my heliotrope and resulted in him being resourceless
Game 2: Discontinued as i can't qualify and had to give up the win in exchange for 3 can drinks

Conclusion: I should consider siding better for hero matchups, they turn out to be the most vulnerable ones.

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Top shop qualifier 10 Nov at ttz trading

Deck used: Kara Laggia

Match 1 vs Bahamut84 (Chaos Dragon)
Game 1: Heavy backrow plus tour guide start lead to sangan getting rescue rabbit and verz ophion control to win the game.
Game 2: Similar Verz Ophion control and chalice stopped ryko from destroying ophion.

Match 2 vs Wei Ann (Laval)
Game 1: Had mst to clear his backrow and set up ophion on turn 2 and control with heavy backrow from there.
Game 2: He had double rekindling but i had bottomless and dark hole in hand to clear it and apply pressure with verz castor to win.

Match 3 vs Jackie (Arrive Hero)
Game 1: First turn rabbit wasted much of his resources and was able to win with card advantage outstripping hi by 2.
Game 2: First turn rabbit again and had reborn plus dark hole to turn the table when he excalibur plus absolute zero.

Match 4 vs Ryan Stark (Darrive Hero)
We did not side since both of us qualified already being in top 2.
Game 1: Reborn plus tour guide to turn table
Game 2: Rush by him and lost
Game 3: Rush by him with miracle fusion x2 and lost.

Conclusion: Forbidden Lance is not a good card in kara laggia aka verz laggia. With windups flying around, setting a lance seems rather wtf when they do their stunts.