Saturday, October 29, 2011

29/10/2011 Lorong Ah Soo team tourney

Jeremy once told me that LAS tourney always hav ppl more lucksack......mayb i understand that today.
Deck used: Skill Drain Gravekeepers
Wesley and Weemin as teammates yet again
Match 1 vs Team Sherwyn consist of Stark (GK) Jeremy Aw(TGSAA) Yew Long(Machina Solidarity Gadgets)

Me vs Yew Long
Game 1: I royal tribute him and he throw 3 but he open gadget and solidarity and when i got rid of gadgets he got a gearframe and fortress and just run over like crazy. After clearing again he left 1 facedown and solidarity and i had compulse set long ago and a malefic cyber end dragon, was anticipating bottomless then i would bounce and end him but he open solemn judgement then aft that is gearframe and fortress to end me.
Game 2: 2 DD Warrior Lady in first 2 turns prove to be useless as gearframe took it away. Royal tribute 2 for 2 with me throwing recruiter and him throwing 1 red and 1 fortress. When i top deck monster he prison it, that happened 2 times and followed by some epic gearframe and cannon story, after clearing it he went again and again until i even saw machina force wtf lol. Not gonna blame anyone, Skill Drain din work at all against him so is fair to say i scrubbed real bad.

Wee min lost to stark 2-1 and Even though Wesley won 2-0 it was already over as their 2 members had already won.

Now that all my techs are seen by some and used, need to go back to the drawing board again. Skill Drain its a gg tech.
To add on, Weemin was at heartland mall today and wanted to cab but we went to the wrong side of road and i said walk down can reach shop until i saw a bus stop and realise no 113 bus which brings us to the shop. We cab and THEY forget to pay me ARGH. Anyway Thanks to Jacky Lim for telling the judge we will be slightly late. Thank You
Not much of a ruling dispute today, Bryan is a good judge haha (i dun mean to flame ppl but if u read the amount of flame inside then lol)
zzxiaoboizz signing off. Hope to advance GK build soon

Monday, October 24, 2011

I din know orcs was released so early

Gold ninja and hanzo and the ninja exceed?? Lol anyone can tell me if they seen orcs bp in sg

RE: Thanks clover for telling me its duel online lol

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tourney report at jcube 22/10/2011

Today was a really low turnout day of 11 participants so its 4 swiss round with top 4
Deck used: Gravekeepers with a lot of staples gone(asia format)

Match 1 vs Stark (Tengu scraps)
Game 1: He flash a tengu and a couple of turns later scrap dragon to run over my deck which has no answers to scrap dragon after draining all resources on the 3 tengus
Game 2: Same thing happened, except with heavy storm this time clearing my backrow and drawing starlight road aft that against scrap dragon. Early game got dominated by cyber dragon and had no malefics drawn

Match 2 vs Ying Jun (TG Agent Angel)
Game 1: Necrovalley and solid backrow means i control him throughout plus royal tribute to take his soldier and tragoedia out.
Game 2: The use of chain disappearance and bottomless means even when my valley got msted, hyperion and his little children cannot do a thing.

Match 3 vs Alvin (TG Agent Angel)
Game 1: He took my stardust dragon using tragoedia effect then he summoned venus and i opened bottomless and he forgot to negate using stardust then it went all downhill from there.
Game 2: He opened decree and used heavy storm to take out 2 of my backrows but i had more in hand and slowly build up the numbers again to turn the tables, his cyber dragon got contacted by my sin cyber end lol.

Match 4 vs Vishal (BF asia format)
Game 1: Sin cyber end just kept wacking at him
Game 2: He black rose clear field and i used starlight road which he negated with warning and i had no hand but he did not have enough firepower to kill me so i build up the advantage with wonder wand a couple of turns later after using traps that i top draw to hold out

Top 4 vs Stark (Tengu scrap)
Game 1: Tengu again proves to be the mvp
Game 2: Managed to drain all his resources this time and win
Game 3: Royal tribute proves to be effective this time as i threw his 3 card hand of full monsters and had my monsters to whack for the game.

Top 2 vs Gabriel (TG Agent Angel) The one that owns the pampers blog
Game 1: Heavy storm plus armory arm venus daigusta and soldier means at 6300 lp and a facedown spy is not enough to win it.
Game 2: lost my necrovalley to his mst and his hyperion jumped out when i had little life and i compulsed it and it was a good gamble as he din hav any agents and only drew them the turn after he died (his next top deck)
Game 3: Heavy storm plus dark hole and hyperion and earth in the following turns means it was a victory for him despite me chain disappearning his balls and tg striker

Result 2nd
Had good training with TGAA today, just what i needed

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A quick ranking tourney update 16 October 2011

Deck used: Gravekeepers Asia format (meaning i din change from the previous tourney report)

Match 1 vs Dillon(sry if i spell ur name wrongly) WWBF
Game 1: He made ancient fairy dragon and killed my necrovalley, followed by a dad but he only bomb 1 of my backrow as he had sirocco and vayu in grave, he chose not to rush me but to icarus me later on and ate my starlight road which allowed me to gain back my momentum.
Game 2: He went first set 1 face down defence monster and 1 backrow, i use recruiter rai-oh to wack the monster next turn which turns out to be a vayu and i proceeded to use necrovalley and royal tribute revealing my whole hand of no monsters while he threw Gorz and puppet plant away (been some time since i see ppl using this) his other 2 cards were nobleman of cross out and mind control. After a few direct from raioh he sucessfully had shura on the field and mind control my raioh and made hope which got destroyed by widespread ruin lol.

Match 2 vs Weihan (Darkworld)
Game 1: Chose to go for a commandant beatdown instead of throwing it to replace his necrovalley, was rushing for tution at 3pm and then was 2.52pm so i wanted to quick end and i got the win as he did not draw any dw monsters
Game 2: He activated return from dd bringing back a removed grapha from gate's effect, i compulsed it as i wanted to use my spy to direct him for the win, he had only 300 lp left after paying. I ate a book of moon instead and he drew gate the next turn paste it and had monster reborn and grapha = double grapha to end me
Game 3: Raven plus drag down proves too much for my 1 watcher, made a misplay with widespread ruin opening on raven when grapha is on field.......LOL. Had 2 backrow but tio heavy storm as i din see that coming cause he set 2 backrow also and i tot dark world supposed to burst cards 1 by 1 but im wrong again. the other destroyed card was dark hole rofl, then got rushed and lost again.

He went on to beat ash/lingwong the macro guy lol.

Overall im pleased as this was to try out the deck and happy that i got at least a win haha.

On another note, i might be experimenting a new gk build if i can get the cards lol.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Asia plus tourney qualifier 15 October 2011

Deck used: Gravekeepers
Teammates = Wesley and Weemin

First round = BYE since there were 10 teams

2nd round vs Team Arsonist
Anthony (Dark plant) vs Wesley
1 - 2
Zhi (machina gadget) vs Weemin
2- 1
Me vs Ernest (TG agent angel)
Game 1: Allowed him to syncro into android using reaper and earth, he still has another gantetsu with 2 materials on it but earlier on he attempted to remove a venus when valley was on field hence revealing his hand to be a hyperion and venus from earth's search. Android beat my commandant away but i had a set spy and 2 recruiter as i could not beat the reaper. Then my spy called out descendant and with necrovalley long on field, descendant tribute recruiter and destroyed android and searched out assailant and all wack gantetsu to reduce his 4200 lp to 0.
Game 2: I managed to have more resource but his mst on necrovalley and appearance of bls changed the whole game. My starlight road and chain d both were set and were useless against him. I some how top deck my core destroyer but it got oranged light.
Game 3: I royal tribute he drop whole hand which has 3 balls. Went on to control and he did the mst top deck bls stunt but i had mirror force set and he removed my recruiter and next turn i sin cyber end him as he had only 1k lp with no hand.

Round 3 vs Team Chieflion
Weemin vs Johann
1 - 2
Wesley vs Vishal
2 - 1
Me vs Bixuan

Game 1: I royal tribute him he drop his honest but later on a stupid judge ruling put me into jeopardy. I equip my wonder wand to recruiter and he asked judge if lance would make my mob lost target. In actual fact it will not and judge say it will and rendered my wand to a waste. Then it happened that it actually still equips to recruiter and i was only told of tat a couple of turns later. Thanks judge for making me have the losing hand. Bixuan already used his heavy storm and i had widespread ruin plus mirror force in hand. Subsequently i went downstream when my sin cyber end tio mst and venus beatdown
Game 2: Had a wonderful spell trap hand with a stele and only 1 gk and when another gk came in the form of recruiter, he had dark mirror on the field already. Lost to his eventual beatdown

Result = crash at top 4

Humans make mistake once in a while, i wun blame Bixuan for the defeat but i blame myself for not convincing the judge enough and the judge who did not consult the rest of the people. A wrong ruling could have changed the thing in a true that was. Once again i would say that my official tourney route has never been lucky. First it was chard then it was 9th place and now its this.....dunno what awaits me further. Hoping for better luck next time then......

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Saturday, October 8, 2011

What was i up to for the past 2 weeks?

Well u might have noticed there were no tourney reports for the last 2 weeks, the reason for this is simple- i was busy exploring a viable gk build and obviously i din feel that it was good enough to play tourney with it. My wwbf can beat poh choon's tgaa but my gks lost against him badly. Ever since i have been trying with new builds of gk. Some might have been doing this but o have not played with sin cyber end for quite some time.....will need to try that. Will have to fix a couple of things to make it tourney ready.
Till then cya
zzxiaoboizz signing off

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A update

Sry for the long time of no updates as i was busy with my promos (seriously hoping to promote lol) The release of Photon Shockwave in english is coming soon and as usual, a couple of tcg exclusives to put one's attention at. The following cards caught my eyes.

Sources from ygo wiki.

1. Photon Sabre Tiger 3 star beast Attk 2000 Defence 800
Effect-When this card is Normal or Flip Summoned: You can add 1 "Photon Sabre Tiger" from your Deck to your hand. If you do not control another "Photon Sabre Tiger", this card loses 800 ATK.

Comments: Seriously a 3 star yellow gadget? Except when u sp this u cannot search but i see this as another avenue for offering gadgets to exploit especially when Zenmaines the so called new and improved gantetsu is out. Definitely with dt 13 coming out, i will get 3 of this to play offering gadget tiger(lol)

2. Wind up Rabbit Beast warrior 3 stars attk 1400 defence 900
Effect: During either player's turn: You can target 1 face-up "Wind-Up" monster you control; banish it until your next Standby Phase. This effect can only be activated once while this card is face-up on the field. Effect Unconfirmed.

Comments: Lets just assume this effect is true, wind up will be more playable as magician can leech on this card's effect and its just a free activation every turn. Yipee

3. Evolzar Dolkar XYZ dragon monster, requires 2 dino type monster Attk 2300 defence 1700
Effect:When an Effect Monster's effect activates: You can detach 2 Xyz Materials from this card; negate the activation and destroy it.

Comments: This is just another alternative to Ragia, probably those who are afraid of rykos and stuff can use this. Situtational but Ragia gives more protection than this guy.

Overall a decent pack but not as good as Tengus and Tour guides.... Probably Photon Sabre Tiger is the better one among the 3 (my personal opinion haha)