Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tourney report at jcube 22/10/2011

Today was a really low turnout day of 11 participants so its 4 swiss round with top 4
Deck used: Gravekeepers with a lot of staples gone(asia format)

Match 1 vs Stark (Tengu scraps)
Game 1: He flash a tengu and a couple of turns later scrap dragon to run over my deck which has no answers to scrap dragon after draining all resources on the 3 tengus
Game 2: Same thing happened, except with heavy storm this time clearing my backrow and drawing starlight road aft that against scrap dragon. Early game got dominated by cyber dragon and had no malefics drawn

Match 2 vs Ying Jun (TG Agent Angel)
Game 1: Necrovalley and solid backrow means i control him throughout plus royal tribute to take his soldier and tragoedia out.
Game 2: The use of chain disappearance and bottomless means even when my valley got msted, hyperion and his little children cannot do a thing.

Match 3 vs Alvin (TG Agent Angel)
Game 1: He took my stardust dragon using tragoedia effect then he summoned venus and i opened bottomless and he forgot to negate using stardust then it went all downhill from there.
Game 2: He opened decree and used heavy storm to take out 2 of my backrows but i had more in hand and slowly build up the numbers again to turn the tables, his cyber dragon got contacted by my sin cyber end lol.

Match 4 vs Vishal (BF asia format)
Game 1: Sin cyber end just kept wacking at him
Game 2: He black rose clear field and i used starlight road which he negated with warning and i had no hand but he did not have enough firepower to kill me so i build up the advantage with wonder wand a couple of turns later after using traps that i top draw to hold out

Top 4 vs Stark (Tengu scrap)
Game 1: Tengu again proves to be the mvp
Game 2: Managed to drain all his resources this time and win
Game 3: Royal tribute proves to be effective this time as i threw his 3 card hand of full monsters and had my monsters to whack for the game.

Top 2 vs Gabriel (TG Agent Angel) The one that owns the pampers blog
Game 1: Heavy storm plus armory arm venus daigusta and soldier means at 6300 lp and a facedown spy is not enough to win it.
Game 2: lost my necrovalley to his mst and his hyperion jumped out when i had little life and i compulsed it and it was a good gamble as he din hav any agents and only drew them the turn after he died (his next top deck)
Game 3: Heavy storm plus dark hole and hyperion and earth in the following turns means it was a victory for him despite me chain disappearning his balls and tg striker

Result 2nd
Had good training with TGAA today, just what i needed

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