Saturday, October 15, 2011

Asia plus tourney qualifier 15 October 2011

Deck used: Gravekeepers
Teammates = Wesley and Weemin

First round = BYE since there were 10 teams

2nd round vs Team Arsonist
Anthony (Dark plant) vs Wesley
1 - 2
Zhi (machina gadget) vs Weemin
2- 1
Me vs Ernest (TG agent angel)
Game 1: Allowed him to syncro into android using reaper and earth, he still has another gantetsu with 2 materials on it but earlier on he attempted to remove a venus when valley was on field hence revealing his hand to be a hyperion and venus from earth's search. Android beat my commandant away but i had a set spy and 2 recruiter as i could not beat the reaper. Then my spy called out descendant and with necrovalley long on field, descendant tribute recruiter and destroyed android and searched out assailant and all wack gantetsu to reduce his 4200 lp to 0.
Game 2: I managed to have more resource but his mst on necrovalley and appearance of bls changed the whole game. My starlight road and chain d both were set and were useless against him. I some how top deck my core destroyer but it got oranged light.
Game 3: I royal tribute he drop whole hand which has 3 balls. Went on to control and he did the mst top deck bls stunt but i had mirror force set and he removed my recruiter and next turn i sin cyber end him as he had only 1k lp with no hand.

Round 3 vs Team Chieflion
Weemin vs Johann
1 - 2
Wesley vs Vishal
2 - 1
Me vs Bixuan

Game 1: I royal tribute him he drop his honest but later on a stupid judge ruling put me into jeopardy. I equip my wonder wand to recruiter and he asked judge if lance would make my mob lost target. In actual fact it will not and judge say it will and rendered my wand to a waste. Then it happened that it actually still equips to recruiter and i was only told of tat a couple of turns later. Thanks judge for making me have the losing hand. Bixuan already used his heavy storm and i had widespread ruin plus mirror force in hand. Subsequently i went downstream when my sin cyber end tio mst and venus beatdown
Game 2: Had a wonderful spell trap hand with a stele and only 1 gk and when another gk came in the form of recruiter, he had dark mirror on the field already. Lost to his eventual beatdown

Result = crash at top 4

Humans make mistake once in a while, i wun blame Bixuan for the defeat but i blame myself for not convincing the judge enough and the judge who did not consult the rest of the people. A wrong ruling could have changed the thing in a true that was. Once again i would say that my official tourney route has never been lucky. First it was chard then it was 9th place and now its this.....dunno what awaits me further. Hoping for better luck next time then......

zzxiaoboizz signing off

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