Saturday, October 27, 2012

Free ranking tourney at full yen 27/10/2012

Deck used: Kara Gadgets

Match 1 vs Calvin (Dark world)
Game 1: Early machina search plus giganto x made the advantage too big and won.
Game 2: Drew consecutive 4 gadgets and lost to skill drain
Game 3: Soul drain stop opponent snow plus heavy storm hits opponent 5 backrow to steal the win

Match 2 vs Zexuan (Hanzo Rabbit)
Did not play and some conspiracy (cause i lend him my rabbit to play lol) so won and thanks for the win ^^

Match 3 vs Wesley seek (Wind up)
Game 1: Tour guide plus 2 factory on first turn = enough said
Game 2: Giganto x set 4 backrow, 1 of them was rivalry and was able to win that game.
Game 3: Trap stun then rabbit plus magician stunt plus normal rat to otk with shock ruler shark revise butterfly zenmighy.

Conclusion: Top 4 again consecutive and mayb its time to follow the crazy japanese and play 3 Maxx-c 43 card deck in my kara machina. Wind up a bit too imba (Emergency banlist plox)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Asia plus 21/10/2012

So today's team tourney lineup

Me as leader playing Mermail without undine
Wesley as Player A playing chaos dragons
Weemin as Player B playing dark world

Match 1 vs Team Tian Yu Di

Me vs Kelvin Neo (Hanzo Mermail)
Game 1: Opened spike slinde megalo and got pro stormed. Gt rushed to death after that
Game 2: Same as game 1 except that i did not get pro stormed but instead gt owned by an exactly 5 water in grave top deck moulin grace plus hanzo and marksman stunts.

Totally smashed after the first round

Wesley lost to Yijie (Dark world)
Weemin won Soon Hai (Inzektors)

Match 2 vs Neo's Team

Me vs Neo (Gorila Meklord Emperor)
Game 1: Some Megalo rush won the game with help from heavy storm
Game 2: Was too lucky and had storm to clear backrow and rush again

Wesley won Ash (Gravekeepers)
Weemin won Machina gadgets sry forgot name

Match 3 vs  Team Facebook dotcom

Me vs Yew Loong (Skill Drain Valley Beat)

Game 1: Gt controlled by Raioh
Game 2: Was able to draw into side decked dd warrior lady and trap stun to turn table and won
Game 3: Top deck war and lost but i caused the top deck war to happen. It was at this point where i had 3 backrow and he had 5 backrow 2 faceup d fissure. I was at 1600 and had solumn warning solumn judgement and bottomless. I know 1 of his backrow is lance due to an earlier on royal tribute which i equalled the advantage thru a heavy storm. I summoned diva and he opened skill drain while i had another armsman on field. I thought of playing solumn but was afraid to land into a mirror force which could be the other set card. I went to play safe and it turned out to be a Xing Zhen Hu which locked my solumn and we went into top deck war as i lost my armory arm to his monsters.

Wesley Seek won Ryan Stark (Chain burn) Epic game 3 whereby wesley mst hit ryan's mst and decree came into the play.

Weemin won Wenliang (Heroes)

Match 4 vs Baha team

Me vs Bahamut84 aka Michael Santoso (Hero Beat with main decked maxx-c and veilers)
Game 1: Paid too much on warning and solumn judgement and gt killed by a gorz onto my aoj catastor
Game 2: Game stalled for everylong before i managed to get rid of his monsters and direct for game. Many maxx-c and veiler throwed to my face thruout.
Game 3: He had absolute zero and 2 hand. I had 1 hand which is armsman. I top deck compulsory. Set it and use it on his standby phrase. He went for card car d draw, i top deck horseman and attacked him and he had only 900 lp left. He drew and set a defence monster. I top decked diva again but got veilerd, made gaia knight and attacked a set veiler. Next turn he played a defence and i attacked into a set card car d. Time was called at 5500 to 900 and he conceded as he drew no outs.

Really luck sack to top compulsory....sided one out and nearly regreted it.

Wesley won Jeff (Inzektors)
Weemin lost to Calvin (Mermail)

Match 5 vs Team Aequus Bubble match

Me vs Shaun Lim (Dark World)
Game 1: Was in Cruise Control with 5 Atlanteans in hand, he went for some epic 1 card card destruction and turn the tables with that thru gateway and i was unable to clear it. After the card destruction, the next card i drew was Megalo WTF tats ygo folks.
Game 2: Went with a set slinde and set call of the haunted. He went with one backrow and ended his turn. I summoned diva and got marksman out lost all to a flush and slinde called out spike which discarded Horseman and searched megalo and slinde. Dropped slinde and marksman for Megalo. Megalo eff tribute spikeman and double attacked him dropping him to 3200. He had no response to my megalo attacks, i flipped call sp marksman attacked and horseman finished the game.
Game 3: Drew side decked stuff and we continued to play despite hearing that both my teammates lost. Cleared a grapha with gates on field via sphere plus diva into scrap dragon. After that he went defensive and i went to solumn his eradicator epidemic virus while having shadow imprisoning mirror on field. Eventually won the game as he went for Card destruction to throw 4 dw to see if he drew any outs but he did not.

Wesley lost to Weiann (Breaker Bls Heroes)
Weemin lost to Shaun (Herald Agents)

And all of us ended the day with 3-2

Once again Team Insanetech lost the bubble match, now 4 times in a row, with me winning 3 of those 4 losses

zzxiaoboizz signing off.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Consolidation of team tourney pre main event qualifiers

So it has been close to a month since i last posted. Mainly due to the lack of content that is gonna be posted anw.
Team Insanetech has been actively involved in the team tournament with the recent 3 qualifiers

1st one at Jcube 29/10/2012 ended up at top 4
2nd one at Ahsoo 6/10/2012 ended up as first round eliminated
3rd one at Audio Ventura 13/10/2012 ended up as 2nd

Audio Ventura tourney report

Me: Mermails
Wesley Seek: Chaos Dragons
Weemin: Dark World

Match 1 vs Team BBT

Me vs Vishal (Dark World)
Game 1: First turn grapha proves too much to handle to my hand of warnings
Game 2: Double megalo rush plus marksman to clear his only trap
Game 3: He went for dealings dropped grapha i debunked it, he went for card destruction drop 4 dark world and i chained shadow mirror, he din draw any outs to it with his 4 card draw from card destruction and went downhill from there as his attempt to revie a grapha via call of the haunted got trap stunned by me as i went for game.

Wesley and Weemin both won

Match 2 vs Wei Ann (Dark World)
Game 1: Controlled by skill drain but was able to survive till storm came and then snatch the win after clearing his backrow
Game 2: Survived an early DDV to be able to stall till i have diva and storm and once again snatch the game.

Weemin lost to herald agents
Wesley won

Match 3 vs Rong Jie (Hero Beat)
Game 1: Started with spike plus horseman and was able to reap pluses off it and start to control and won.
Game 2: His first miracle ate btmless and he book of moon his shining and miracled again with a photon thrasher and his facedown shining, i dprisoned the 2nd one and was able to go for the game then.

Wesley and Weemin both won

Top 2 vs Alvin Putra (Agent Angels)
Game 1: He had 2 hyperion, venus and storm while i started with 2 mst and abyssphere megalo and no a backrow wrongly mid game and misplayed from there.
Game 2: Drew no atlanteans, 2 mst and 2 abyssphere, quickly lost ground to his first turn venus followed by double earth. Did not feel so bad as my teammates told me i lost before i was about to get killed.

Team both lost. Weemin losing to Keith Chen  in a mirror match dark world and wesley seek losing to sherwyn's 'Light Dual'

Result is 2nd and that means we will have to qualify via main event qualifiers and if we do, its gonna be dead tiring that day. From my knowledge, the team that won last year's team tourney did not have to go thru the tiring swiss.

Fun Fact: This year team tourney record
Wesley win 5 lose 3
Weemin win 5 lose 3
Me win 5 lose 3

No one is the bright spark of the team it seems, we all perform equally dissapointing/satisfying since perception is by one's view.

Fun Fact 2: Team Insanetech has lost 3 out of 3 matches that concerns advancement to top 8
1st one last year team tourney losing to jonas bai team in swiss round 4
2nd one this year new banlist team tourney losing to bryan chua's team in swiss round 4
3rd one this year 4th qualifier losing to Team Putra in the finals.

Odds of making it thru this year: Too unpredictable ( i know i say this to make myself feel good maybe lol)

zzxiaoboizz signing off