Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Siding as agent angels

After expressing my view on how to side against agent angels, its time to speak about siding as agent angels.

Gorz- prevents opponent from easy otk and since agents have low amount of trap cards ( might not apply to ALL agent angels but at least i play little traps)
DD crow- prevention against dandy variants
Puppet plant- six sam and hero beat, mainspring too lol
Ally bomb- agents vs agents?
Cyber dragon- contact with machiners yeah

Autonomous action unit- explained in last post
Nobleman of crossout- Against irritating ryko

Malevoent catastrophe- clear enemy heavy backrow especially for decks like grave bf, gb and machina gadgets or offering gadgets
Gozen match- six sam or dandy variants
Dimensional prison- against machinas
Chain disappearance- mirror match or against dandy six sam variants
Transmigration prophency- both a sheld and a sword.
Dark mirror- Dark world is here and to wreck chaos -.-

Siding against Agent Angel

To celebrate my first 500 view record, im gonna talk about siding against agent angel today, recently i seen a lot of ppl picking up agent angels, with the msia championship the best evidence. However, agent angel can be considered a deck that is as difficult as dopple dandy and probably one of the decks u need the most luck at ur side. Gonna talk about a couple of cards that people commonly side against today.

Chain Disappearance- Definitely in most people's side deck, this card has the ability to take care of the shine balls and earth, with 3 earth out, opponent's hyperion will be put to the test as they would only have 3 venus avalable to remove. Removing the balls prevent any daigusta epic drama. However, recent japanese top 8 agent angel decks have 2 forbidden holy lance and 2 trap stun or 2 seven tools of the bandit 0.0 so it might not be so wise to play chain disappearance but it is still an essential to put as it reaps 1 massive advantage if 1 succeeds in allowing it to play.

Light imprisoning mirror- Able to limit hyperion's destructive effect, krystia's imba no special summon rule, agent searching and sping balls, this card has everything covered, definitely a good game staller but like i said earlier, lance and bandit would counter this effectively and even a mst or dust tornado (jap starting to side this) will do the job.

Dimension fissure: Definitely useful as hyperion has no bullets and it makes krystia in one's hand stuck hand. Though 1 should be careful of lavael as it can wack more trouble to the player who activates this.

Autonomous action unit- Mostly for mirror match, i usually side this in during mirror matches. The reason is simple u just warning ur opponent venus and during ur turn open trap stun this card and united we stand for quick end game. Useful in late game as u can reborn opponent hyperion to destroy opponent mobs using angels in ur grave. The 1500 lifepoint damage may be hefty so 1 is more than enough.

Ally of justice core destroyer: A beatstick against light mobs as it kills them by effect, unable to be touched by bottomless since it has only 1400 attack. Despite such positives, easily vulnerable by cards like orange light any hyperion or even daigusta. A good choice of cards but might prove to have no deck synergy.

Ally bomb: A +1 when destroyed by battle, using orange light effect to negate oso nets a +1, only bad thing is u would have to set it usually so opponent would attack it. Agents can make exceeds or syncros in 2 turns so 1 might have to have backrow to prevent that from happening. Sazibi's six sams had massive advantage due to this card and it made me use a ganetsu to wack it in my 3rd game against him. Definitely a card to get especially agents on the rise now.

Ally of justice quarantine- saw it in the euro nationals list, this 1700 attk monster does not allow either player to sp light monsters. This cancels out hyperion krystia and balls. While locking these 3 cards down essentially means victory, it is notable that its passive effect cannot be negate by herald nor it is able to be destroyed except by honest plus light monster or jupiter or tribute summon of krystia or hyperion. Im definitely getting this if im not playing agent angels when against agent angel.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

23 July 2011 tourney at AMK

Deck used: Evoldos

First match vs (forgot ur name) (Hero plant)
Game 1: I destroyed ur future fusion but u show me miracle fusion then came out 0 and i had to stall, eventually u poly ur zero and stratos into great tornado, clear my field and monster reborn for the win......
Game 2: Kinetic wins games
Game 3: Dimensional fissure leads the way in a victory

2nd match vs jun hao (machina solidarity gadgets)
Game 1: I had no evoldo vestra and u just keep poking and towards the end open more firepower with solidarity and i had insufficient hand size to combat ur big hand
Game 2: Despite him having big hands, i was able to drain his resources and use cyber to tag his gadgets too, we stall a bit as my dimensional fissure (again) forced him to waste massive resources for a fortress.
Game 3: His green gadget keep poking and i top draw into cerato with him having 3 set cards and me having 4 set cards, 1 bottomless 2 cosmos 1 fissure and 1 fissure face up.i summoned and afraid of prison and ended, we stalled again for a while till i got my dd survivor then i picked up courage to wack and a couple of turns later he scooped, turns out there were no dprison after all.......

3rd match vs T3chy (Dark world)
Game 1: He shuffled into a spell trap hand while i had offerings seven tools and mst to clear them.
Game 2: dimensional fissure (YET AGAIN) lead the way to victory

4th match vs Jeff (Debris junk dopple)
Game 1: Despite calling my raigia 2 times, ryko clear them successfully and he had more resources than what i attempted to build up.
Game 2: Giant trunade and unfriendly stuff appeared.

5th match vs Xiaomei (Mainspring)
agreed to share beforehand but she wanted a 'creativity' match, eventually she got 9th haha
Game 1: mainspring pump attk too gay, she exceed tyrus subsequently and i had to warning, in the following turns i ate more exceeds and lost.
Game 2: kinetic for the beatdown
Game 3: She mistake but i was managed to get over her traps and do a hydrogadon stunt, following the boss mob and managed to clinch victory

So in the end is 3 win 2 lose in theory but 4 win and 1 lose (unofficial records)

My rant about evoldo? That 1900 attk guy can search only via special summoned by evolo reptiles, something i dun like as that would slow things to a very great extent. Despite that, i believe with more supports things can go even further, The dd side is very gd, it manage to take care of a couple of metas like machina gadgets and dark world. Might need to add nobleman to get rid of rykos...........on the other hand, might have to mend side dec, 5-6 cards i din even use today lolz. Alright tats it for this tourney ^^, lucky nvr reach top 8, if not need treat johann dominic junjie william and shaun lim mac ahhahahaha

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Yishun Teenage Hub tourney 17 july 2011

Deck used: Agent Angel
Round 1 vs Leo (Bambooshoot lockdown)
Game 1: He opened the wall and paid 3k and i died cause i cannot break thru his traps
Game 2: Trap stun plus daigusta for the win
Game 3: We both stalled for a while before i unleashed a blind mst on his 5 set cards destroying a dark bribe, next turn i open trap stun and he had no response to it and i otked with daigusta and friends.

Round 2 vs Yew Long (Zombie creature swap take 2400 dmg and random deck)
Game 1: Tio beatdown
Game 2: Quick end with trap stun and daigusta phoenix
Game 3: Mistake and tio beat down.

Round 3 vs Clarence (Anti-meta beat)
Game 1: Trishula attempted to control but afterwards i top drawed hyperion and gg him
Game 2: Another game of quick end.

Round 4 vs Daniel ( Debris junk doppel)
Game 1: I syncro into librarian with sangan and earth, fetching a orange light, able to combat his junk syncron while he syncro into formula and scrap dragon fetch me advantage to finish him off with a venus with 3 balls and 2 united we stand equipped to take out a dopple token.
Game 2: Syncro into Librarian again and then bounch his 1 bad row when i syncro brionac using birdman reborned and a venus. Daigusta and united we stand followed on for the kill.

Top 8 vs Yew Long
Game 1: tio beatdown and creature swap trick
Game 2: quick beat him down
Game 3: Stalled and i left 500 when he draw effect veiler summoned it creature swap it with my defense facedown mob ande use ganetsu then he creature swapped earlier to beat me for the win. Luckily we shared though

Bottom 8 vs William(Dark World)
Game 1: Controlled and won
Game 2: I misplayed
Game 2: 3k beat stick too beat to deal with even with dark mirror

Battle for 7th and 8th vs Anthony (Debris junk dopple)
Game 1: 2 balls in hand
Game 2: Similar situation, enough said

In the hand got hope and yew loong got 3rd.

Cardmaster tourney 16 july 2011

Deck used: Agent Angels
Round 1 vs Bixuan aka Sazibi (six samurai)
Game 1: He went first and set defense mob and set 3 backrow, i then performed normally and then opened a trap stun then use venus call 3 balls and bounce with birdman, he had 1 hand 2 set cards then. Took control with a tori and went on to win
Game 2: He opened oppression early and then took it out when my venus wack his ally bomb. Then he did stunts and he was left with 1 hand and i had no hand when he ended, both with no field too. We both had ard 2k+ life. I top draw puppet plant and ended while he top draw kageki and had hand of the six in his hand.
Game 3: I think it was the united we stand setup that killed him.

Round 2 vs Faz (Junk doppel)
Game 1: had a bad hand of shining ball and no agent
Game 2: He had nothing while i had an average hand, beat him to death
Game 3: He had a lot of things while i had nothing

Round 3 vs Vishal (GB)
Game 1: Herald of orange light then controlled from there
Game 2: He controlled quickly and i lost
Game 3: i summoned earth search venus and ended, having an honest in hand hyperion mind control and trunade. He searched and summoned Laquari and set 5 and ended. i drew monster reborn and activated trunade where he solumned. I mind control laquari and syncro brionac, he said ok and i throw 4 of my hand and bounch his 4 back row monster reborning a hyperion for the game.

Round 4 vs Junjie(Machina Gadget)
Game 1: it was a fight and i had united we stand equipped on earth to beat him
Game 2: He chain disapearrance my ball and i went downhill from there
Game 3: Daigusta and united we stand for the win

Round 5 vs Shaun Lim aka chicken noodles (Ritual agent angel)
Game 1: He came out herald and i forced him to left 1 card and wack his herald with my hyperion equipped with united we stand. He opened book of moon and my only hand card left was herald of orange light. Next turn he flash me a hyperion and i scooped.
Game 2: He had a bad hand and i just honest wack and return to hand while having solid backrow. Top draw MST and blew his set card of catastrophe away LOL.
Game 3: He giant trunade my 2 real backrow and summoned venus activating effect. I throw orange light and he throw also, then show me united we stand and i scooped. Grats to him making top 8 while i scooped. Might want to change back to control agent angel instead of chiong ones

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Photon Shockwave selected card review

As most of u should know Photon Shockwave the latest booster pack has been released in ocg. Will be highlighting a couple of cards that caught my eyes, not really going to extra mention those mostly discussed by other blogs. Please note that im just giving my own point of view and i do apologise if i have made any rulings error or error in my reviews.

1. Evoldar Cerato- When sp summoned, a 2100 big stick, its effect is similar to the flameveils except that u can only search 3 cards out, easily sp by Evolda Vestro, definitely one of the power house of the Evoldar clan. Coupled with lances and this card would be unbeatable. Despite the positives, the search for a evolda card might just prove the engine too slow. Might need to try to know its actual speed. Of course its also a plus as it is a dino tat can be used to exceed Evolkaiser Raigia. Estimated price in Singapore (SG) = 12 for ultra and 15 for ultimate. With price to fall below 10 dollars within a week and might raise to 18 for ultra and 20 for ultimate if more evoldo supports comes out.

2. Extra Gate- Not a bad card to remove fortress when against opponent, decent side deck choice but with people putting 2-3 formulas in dandy variants, this card just proves to be worthless. Estimated price 6-8 for the first 2 weeks followed by 4 each subsequently, of course this card's price will rise if formula is limited to 1, using this card would break the whole engine.

3. Fragment Greed- Simply put this is a 2 turn wait for a +1, the price to pay will be -1 for 2 turns though and u might endure a -1 for 2 turns if ur opponent destroys it when it has 2 counters. Nevertheless will see use in gadget decks and mayb other decks. Estimated price of 6 dollars for first 2 weeks then drop to 4 dollars subsequent weeks

4. Radiance of darkness- Excellent side deck choice for grave bf, wwbf and dark world, with 1500 monsters as a requirement, probably one of the best virus in the game. However, it remains to be seen if the rulings are destroy all monsters that were special summoned this turn or any monsters special summoned this turn. Obviously the 2nd ruling would make this card a contender for best card in the set, i would say that if its the 2nd ruling, this card's estimated worth will be at 25-30. Think of it as a 1 turn krystia and u will realise its effectiveness.

5. Houou- The spell trap version of dark dust spirit, this card would run well in frog monarch decks as the often hav problem clearing backrows or getting pwnt by bottomless. Though its a sprit monster, i guess its worth the risk to empty ur field for 1 turn for a massive plus. Estimated cost is 3 dollars

Mainspring archetype- With so many variety of mainspring cards, it looks as though they can be competitive, given their ability to swarm, they are a force to be reckoned with but gozen match as a side deck card or rivalry would knock them off. Although they have the effective trap card which resembles beast soul swap, i need to see mainspring cards being able to destroy cards for it to be more competitive. Even with over wrench, it seem a little too slow for now. Need to try to give a more actual report.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A day at CM 10/7/2011

Went to dhoby cm and played a couple of practicing rounds, noticed that there have been many people looking for pots but then no one wants to let out to make a loss, as anticipated, it might just cap at 45 lowest for jap pots. English and jap pots are not so close substitudes and hence a increase in supply of english pots will not really decrease the price by jap pots a lot. Jap pots are needed for nationals and asia related competitions too.

Moving on, i tot about playing x-sabers as a fresh start to a new deck, nt that my agents are weak or what, i haven mastered agent perfection yet, often running out of steam at top8 / top4 . Have to fix my matchup against dandy and friends too, often i find myself running out of resources quickly with a couple of funny misplays.

Next week is the release of Photon Shockwave, might try to tweak agent angel a bit to more OTK format, might also give mainspring a 2nd shot and also evoldo a try, although i can't seem to gather enough resources yet.

As the time passes, the banlist looms, with enough analysis by various blogs, its really apparent that dopples will get hit, heard rumors of icarus getting hit too. Lets hope they dun touch my beloved hyperions and trap stuns.

Wun be surprised if they restrict formula to just 1 or junk synchron to 1. Though many are saying librarian are the cause of their gayness.

Seems like yugioh would be interesting for the time being at least, on a more serious note i should start doing school work lol

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Khatib tourney 9 june 2011

Deck used: Agent Angels

Match 1 vs Kenneth (Dark world)
Game 1: His card destruction fetch him 4 effects then he paste gay double grapher me, i even had to solumn his dark world dealings.
Game 2: Hyperion for control and winning games
Game 3: I activated dark mirror and his whole face changed, despite dark world dealings activations, he failed to draw a mst and lost.

Match 2 vs Alvin (Agent angels)
Game 1: pot fetch me a united we stand and earth fetch me a venus, with a trunade already in hand, i quickly finished him the following turn.
Game 2: I lanced my shine ball when he chain dissapearance me but he had torrential to my 2nd ball, i subsequently unleashed hyperion and controlled the game.

Top 8 vs Rong jie (Dark world)
i agreed to share with him but winner go up
Game 1: He had nothing to my otk attack despite me risking it when he set a card
Game 2: He controlled as i sided most otk materials out
Game 3: Sided back the stuffs and quickly made a control.

Top 4 vs Anthony (Debris and friends)
Game 1: He jump tragoedia and did all the shifting and trishula tricks
Game 2: He jump tragoedia again and did all the shifting and trishula tricks
Really wonder if he played 3 tragoedia LOL

Bottom 4 vs William (Dark world)
Game 1: Controlled with warning and hyperion
Game 2: I controlled again, negating his bottomless with his trap stun.

In the end i got 3rd and got a raven while Rong jie got a pot of avarice super rare, we split and i got myself 17 bucks....................

Happy with my performance today but more has to be done to fight dandy and friends

Monday, July 4, 2011

Youth Day tournament at beauty world cardmasters 4 july 2011

Deck used: Agent Angels

First match vs Sunny (Tuningware synchro)
Game 1: Hyperion controls games
Game 2: Tyrus takes his control
Game 3: Giant trunade united we stand daigusta otk

Second match vs Benjamin (Dark World)
Game 1: Had firm control with 3k beat stick and skill drain
Game 2: Shadow mirror and control
Game 3: Shadow mirror but he exceed hope and use book of moon to pwnt my hyperion

Third match vs Shaun (Dark World)
Game 1: too much advantage with gate and his dark world combos, blew my otk setup with virus
Game 2: Quick otk since he did not have backrow hate
Game 3: Top decked venus for the victory

Fourth match vs Faz (junk dopple)
Game 1: he mill a lot and had lots of advantage while i had nothing much to stop him
Game 2: We both stalled for many turns and he slowly lured all my traps while i had only 1 venus and no earth through out the game.

Result 2-2

Learn that arms hole not really useful in the build, though trap stun did help and should play agent jupiter or 1 more birdman instead. As for side decking, more side decking against dark world perhaps, mayb the 1 turn macro cosmos would seal the deal

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Yugioh singapore nationals 3/7/2011 report

Hi my first tourney report here hehe, a fun tourney i hav to admit yet sad tourney too
Deck used: Machina gadgets

First match vs Shu Miao (Grave BF)
Game 1: he controlled me
Game 2: Reborned his brionac then bounce 2 of his 3 set cards, had solumn set face down and a yellow gadget on my field, he had just 32oo life points, both wack for game
Game 3: Time was called and i had 1900 life points while he had 4300 lifepoints in my last battle phrase and also last turn, he had arma knight in attk and armoured wing sp by vayu and arms wing, i had 2 fortress 1 green gadget with no search target and 1 breaker in hand and nothing on field, reduced his life to 2300 and lost.

Second match vs Jun Yong aka xiaocola (Machina gadget)
Game 1: we were almost equal in resources and i had 900 left while he had 1800 left when i left 1 red gadget in hand and he had a fortress in hand after searching from gearframe previously. i ended and he top drawed bottomless, i top drawed gearframe and he used bottomless but i still can search fortress and therefore won.
Game 2: we both top decked a few turns with no monster while my top decked gadget got warned and i then got gearframe and summoned it when i had 200 lifepoints and he was at 3400 lifepoints. he said ok and i searched and wacked him, he said ok and i showed him limiter removal, he wanted to use solumn but it would not help so i won.

Third match vs Goh jia rui aka derelome (machina gadget)
Game 1: he went first and gearframe was stopped by my veiler, he then lost resources quickly and top draw pot, revealing 1 card, prison and solumn judgement, i had hope on my field and 3 hand, i psycho him to take solumn judgement but he took prison set and end, next turn i summoned my breaker lying in my hand from start and then took total control and gged him.
Game 2: i cyber u and u cyber me and i counter u, u counter me and i top draw and win.

Fourth match vs Michal Santoso (sry if spell wrong dun come kill me!) aka bahamut84 (Debris dopple dandy)
Game 1: i used pot and revealed oppression while he had a bad hand
Game 2: i got double dd crow while he had another bad hand

Fifth match vs Chard aka Chard, i was paired down but he din let me win so sad
Game 1: 2 gk spy and necrovalley and royal tribute to control me
Game 2: Did not even get my side deck cards and opening hand was Gearframex3, gadgets x2 and 1 fortress, went first and had a fortress and gearframe equipped to it then ended, he showed me royal tribute on his turn and i throw my cards on the table facedown, he took the cards and see and laughed/smiled, i shortly lost after that.
Score 3 win 2 lose
Position 24th
Not bad for my first nationals haha, hope to do better