Monday, May 28, 2012

Recent meta trends in singapore

The recent worlds pre qualifiers has seen 2 machina gadgets win them and seeded to top 16, while machina gadgets seem to make a comeback, a couple of considerations to make for the upcoming asia events

Main decking cyber dragon - seems a good stunner in the first game and can eat up zenmaines which inzektors tend to make after nuking fields.

Not playing chain disappearance- Inzektor though widespread, chain disappearance can be not main decked nor sided since centipede against chain disappearance makez u look like some trolollol.

Huge revolution reversal vs Starlight road. IMO heavy backrow decks should play reversal while decks that are less heavy should play starlight road with the reason being starlight road < warning.

Hanzo hieratics threat- recently tool down malaysia worlds qualifiers and expect more from this deck that control from hanzo and can perform gaia bouncer control and even otk.

Main decking veilers - stop otks, inzektors bombing , gadget gearfrmae. searches and rabbit from using effect, mayb too obvious but the quantity to play is another issue, i prefer 3 veiler in gadgets and 2 in rabbits.

Siding against inzektors. Really eternal rest are the 1 for 1 against inzektors while compulse gets rid of exceeds like ninja which are irritating. While compulse can get rid of exceeds, it merely stalls against normal inzektors. DD crow can work wonders but if opp has another grulf or hornet in hand, there goes the 'crow' effect.
Hand traps vs field traps, mst is likely to be at 3 and with ryko plus storm, hand traps seems viable but without monsters to clear the mob, inzektors bomb next turn again

Friday, May 25, 2012


Just for those that watch the vids in previous post and realised that drillroid actually drill past snowman in game 2. Thats not the real ruling as i read from other post and i would really apologise to win by 'wrong rulings' nevertheless, drillroid is still a good card imo as it can destroy facedown snowman as a 1 for 1, or destroy damsel in fd defence.

So sorry for wrong rulings demonstration even if that day it was ruled otherwise. Thanks to Derelome gang and the blog one dream live it for pointing it out if not i wun check its rulings too.

I guess now the thing to do will be focusing on worlds, this post is just to clarify and public apology since i feel that winning by wrong rulings is very wrong. Reminds me of the msia playoff ....

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Monday, May 21, 2012

Worlds pre qualifier 1 finals video

On the left is Wan Xin aka xiaomei and on the right is me.

Part 1:
Part 2:

Credits to Colin for video taking and Ygo Accel for posting the vid links on their fb page and uploading it thanks.

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Worlds pre qualifier 1 20/5/2012 at marymount

Deck used: Machina Gadgets
Format 4 round swiss cut to top 8, winner gets seeded to top 16 of worlds singapore qualifier next month

Match 1 vs Ryan Stark (Rabbit Ragia)
Game 1: Torrential his 3 monsters he solemn i solemn back = earn
Game 2: Game went back and forth and i use meklord grannel and fortress to overpower sabersaurus with a set forbidden lance

Match 2 vs Samuel (Lightlord)
Game 1: I went first set warning and ended, he used solar recharge on his turn and ended with no wulf nor guardna milled. I summoned meklord grannel and sp fortress and went for the kill with limiter in the process using warning on his tragoedia.
Game 2: He was leading with his mills and he beat me down with judgement dragon
Game 3: He drew pretty badly and gadgets earned advantage quickly so he was quicky out-resourced

Match 3 vs Wan Xin aka Xiao mei (Machina Gadgets)
Game 1: Saw 5 backrow but none was activated as gearframe beatdown
Game 2: Cleared her 3 fortress with 2 flush and proceeded to beatdown

Match 4 vs Kenneth (Hanzo Hieroglyph)

Since we both top 8 for sure, he gave me the win

Top 8 vs Bixuan (Inzektors)
Game 1: He drew pretty badly so i went for beatdown
Game 2: Game went down hill for him when he attempted to bottomless then veiler my gearframe and i book it, repeated hits from gearframe and he lost.

Top 4 vs Kennth (Hanzo Hieroglyph)
Game 1: Managed to have outs to his outs and rush him when he had a facedown card
Game 2: He went first with 1 set facedown and used card car d effect. I summoned gearframe and sp fortress and went with limiter only to end up with a book of moon on my fortress and went down hill from there.
Game 3: Lightning vortex worked and game stretched till time was called but i was around 3600 life and he had only 600 life, he din top deck anything good to turn the table.

Finals vs Wan Xin aka Xiao mei (Machina Gadgets)
Game 1: Limiter ends her mid way thru the game
Game 2: She had a big hand and hardly set backrows, game came to a point of time where i had giganto x and fortress on the field with offerings to the doom and limiter set and she was left with 4600, she mst my limiter which i choose not to chain, she jumped fortress and i destroyed it using offerings to the doom, she set a facedown defence monster with no backrow which i proceeded to use giganto x effect to search drillroid the next turn and won. It was later said that she had a bad hand of gadgets.

So seeded to top 16 of worlds qualifier Singapore, a milestone achieved yay. Now the next step is to decide what to use on that day, should i go for aggressive build decks or control based and stick back to the machina gadgets that brought me into top 16....hmm tough choice that i hav roughly a month more to think haha.

zzxiaoboizz signing off 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

13 May 2012 ah kit shop tourney @ marymount

Participants 22
4 round swiss
Deck used: Machina Gadgets

Match 1 vs keithchen(infernity)
Game 1: Slowly bait out backrow while he seats behind a first turn gantetsu,make big eye and took gantetsu and took control from there
Game 2: He zero max and i threw maxx-c, he decides to giv me +1 by using beetle effect only but i drew enough with 2 cards to add to my zero hand to make a comeback.

Match 2 vs Wesley Seek (Inzektors)
Game 1: Compulse din help much and gadgets gt ram over or shot by hornet after he controlled with a first turn ninja from gruf.
Game 2: Make a counting mistake of making emerald when i gt 2 monsters in grave only, later on he had less than 2k and a facedown centipede while i had a gadget on field, i tried to reveal my other gadget and say make kachi kochi to kill but plan fail cause i no play and i just took warning and managed to win as his mst came 1 turn late.
Game 3: Time was called and i had better advantage with flush and warning set and 2 veiler in hand. He tried some mindfuck skills but i had flush to counter his mst on his own mantis equipped to damsel on my last turn to avoid the veilers.

Match 3 vs Jun Cai (Raioh Inzektors)
Game 1: Raioh gt darkholed and game was a little scary as he din show any inzektors all game(turns out tat he drew none and i just beatdown while negating his gorz with a warning.)
Game 2: Searchers all in hand, fortress gt bottomlessed then all hopes gone, lost in like 3-5 mins.
Game 3: He make bls mid game to clear my gadget and black corn i rush back with fortress and gearframe then he could not follow up after that.

Match 4 vs Xiaomei (Machina Gadgets)
Game 1: Had higher advantage and won
Game 2: Out advantaged
Game 3: Fail rush leads to her taking total control the following turn.

Top 8 vs Sam (Tour guide Inzektors)
Game 1: Loss to some beatdown by tourguide sangan and gruf
Game 2: Keep drawing gadgets off my emerald and had no veiler to answer to his outs, deck often shuffled to not get a foil which my veilers mostly are LOL

Bottom 4 vs Xiaomei (Machina Gadgets)
Game 1: Advantaged and win
Game 2: Forgot how i got gged
Game 3: Had a better hand and game went till late on and i use gold fish to beatdown and win lol.

Result 5th/6th took dragons collide ocg deck.

Nt bad finally topping again, side deck most cards untouched and needs to be touched, forgot how to side as a machina player after nt playing it for almost a year in tourneys, still vividly remembers that i was using machina last year same time period lol.

Grats to mr wesley for winning.

Zzxiaoboizz signing off

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Singapore Worlds Qualifier in about a month plus

Within a flash of asia qualifier in singapore, world its here. With the release of return of the duelist and the duelist edition 1/2 as the new additions to the weapons cache for players to use, players will be sad to know that the new SD (Yes that water one) cannot be used. Anw its held on 23 June with 6 rounds swiss for 128 players who register first and cut to top 12. With 4 pre-qualifers to choose 4 winners to join the top 12 for the top 16 playoffs.
Gt some side deck dilemma? Refer to Avengingknight's side deck post then

According to recent worlds meta analysis, popular decks as follow
Hieroglyph variants
Rabbit Ragia

Random decks like
Final countdown
Gadgets variant
Mask change herobeat
BF variants
Agent Variants
Chain burn

Well i think that the 2 most top decks will once again be Inzektors and Hieroglyph since Singapore qualifers clearly show that. Although i tip gadgets to have an outside chance, the lack of tinplate goldfish might just mean that gadget players have slower access to giganto-x their plus card. Similarly Rabbit Ragia is never strong with asia format in play, no verz access, of course unless u can dominate with it like Ryan Stark in the asia qualifers who got 3rd (nickname: Rabbit Ryan)
Karakuri geargia might face problems of birdman and iron call being unable to use while infernity without lavalral chain will be top decking tremendously.
1 thing i do hate about inzektors mirror match is that much of the game is about ur hand and ur mindset. If u wanna do mantis otk and u think ur opponent does not have veiler, most likely u stand a chance to win. Matches where inzektors pit each other can start and end quickly something i do not really like.

Right now im thinking machina but i might need to up its speed if i were to play it, however the last year worlds horror of 2 fortress 3 gearframe 1 cannon against gravekeepers as a starting hand has not hovered away yet argh.

Things to do before worlds
Get tour guides from epic dawn to play
Think of a deck to play for world's 4 pre qualifiers
Think of what to play for worlds
Try to top for worlds this time (I want to avoid the disappointment of taking out a big dog last year and dying to a pro gravekeeper player after that. -.-) 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ranking tourney at full yen(yew tee) 5 may 2012

Deck used: Vertz rabbit
Participants: 13

Match 1 vs Zhiyong (Vertz rabbit)
Game 1: Heavy storm then use warning counter his starlight road then controlled with rabbit.
Game 2: Somehow had a 2 card advantage but he beat me down since the 2 card were warning and road whic i drew when i had less than 2k.
Game 3: Rabbit for advantage then controlled with mst and storm, he made mistakes but i was lucky to win.

Match 2 vs Eddy (Skill drain machina geartown)
Game 1: he skill drain then solemn my lance to kill my ragia with his barbaros, i made ophion then after that lure him into attacking then lance and won after that.
Game 2: He solumned my bottomeless on his fortress and previously lured my raioh with a cyber. Stalled till judgement was set then i reborn chber made chimeratech and end game with him and heliotrope cause he left 3950.

Match 3 vs Zexuan (Six Samurai)
Game 1: He failed to lure warning out and i managed to warn his shien and kill him with verz beatdown.
Game 2: Warning his exceed then tbird beatdown.

Match 4 vs Wesley Seek (Inzektor)
Game 1: His hand too bad
Game 2: Gt controlled and died
Game 3: He safe zone stall very long then he heavy and ended me, in the middle i made a mistake of not flipping my thunderbird before i heavy storm, allowing him to break it zz.

As such lost in finals and no if u read my fb post, i can't get the iu and sistar new album now gg. But still good as i had 3 wins, making me a target on ppl's back now i presume lol.

Zzxiaoboizz signing off

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Video Update

A friendly match(With side) between Alvin Putra from and Sherwyn Lim, both local sg duelist with Putra piloting arrive hero and sherwyn vertz ragia. I take no credit for the duel, except for fliming it. Enjoy and i apologise for poor video quality. Feel free to comment below.

Game 1:
Game 2: