Sunday, May 20, 2012

Worlds pre qualifier 1 20/5/2012 at marymount

Deck used: Machina Gadgets
Format 4 round swiss cut to top 8, winner gets seeded to top 16 of worlds singapore qualifier next month

Match 1 vs Ryan Stark (Rabbit Ragia)
Game 1: Torrential his 3 monsters he solemn i solemn back = earn
Game 2: Game went back and forth and i use meklord grannel and fortress to overpower sabersaurus with a set forbidden lance

Match 2 vs Samuel (Lightlord)
Game 1: I went first set warning and ended, he used solar recharge on his turn and ended with no wulf nor guardna milled. I summoned meklord grannel and sp fortress and went for the kill with limiter in the process using warning on his tragoedia.
Game 2: He was leading with his mills and he beat me down with judgement dragon
Game 3: He drew pretty badly and gadgets earned advantage quickly so he was quicky out-resourced

Match 3 vs Wan Xin aka Xiao mei (Machina Gadgets)
Game 1: Saw 5 backrow but none was activated as gearframe beatdown
Game 2: Cleared her 3 fortress with 2 flush and proceeded to beatdown

Match 4 vs Kenneth (Hanzo Hieroglyph)

Since we both top 8 for sure, he gave me the win

Top 8 vs Bixuan (Inzektors)
Game 1: He drew pretty badly so i went for beatdown
Game 2: Game went down hill for him when he attempted to bottomless then veiler my gearframe and i book it, repeated hits from gearframe and he lost.

Top 4 vs Kennth (Hanzo Hieroglyph)
Game 1: Managed to have outs to his outs and rush him when he had a facedown card
Game 2: He went first with 1 set facedown and used card car d effect. I summoned gearframe and sp fortress and went with limiter only to end up with a book of moon on my fortress and went down hill from there.
Game 3: Lightning vortex worked and game stretched till time was called but i was around 3600 life and he had only 600 life, he din top deck anything good to turn the table.

Finals vs Wan Xin aka Xiao mei (Machina Gadgets)
Game 1: Limiter ends her mid way thru the game
Game 2: She had a big hand and hardly set backrows, game came to a point of time where i had giganto x and fortress on the field with offerings to the doom and limiter set and she was left with 4600, she mst my limiter which i choose not to chain, she jumped fortress and i destroyed it using offerings to the doom, she set a facedown defence monster with no backrow which i proceeded to use giganto x effect to search drillroid the next turn and won. It was later said that she had a bad hand of gadgets.

So seeded to top 16 of worlds qualifier Singapore, a milestone achieved yay. Now the next step is to decide what to use on that day, should i go for aggressive build decks or control based and stick back to the machina gadgets that brought me into top 16....hmm tough choice that i hav roughly a month more to think haha.

zzxiaoboizz signing off 


  1. Gratz Pohseng, Samuel will he proud.

  2. Congrats on using Gadgets to secure a spot in Nats.

    Hope you don't die in Top 16 xD