Sunday, May 13, 2012

13 May 2012 ah kit shop tourney @ marymount

Participants 22
4 round swiss
Deck used: Machina Gadgets

Match 1 vs keithchen(infernity)
Game 1: Slowly bait out backrow while he seats behind a first turn gantetsu,make big eye and took gantetsu and took control from there
Game 2: He zero max and i threw maxx-c, he decides to giv me +1 by using beetle effect only but i drew enough with 2 cards to add to my zero hand to make a comeback.

Match 2 vs Wesley Seek (Inzektors)
Game 1: Compulse din help much and gadgets gt ram over or shot by hornet after he controlled with a first turn ninja from gruf.
Game 2: Make a counting mistake of making emerald when i gt 2 monsters in grave only, later on he had less than 2k and a facedown centipede while i had a gadget on field, i tried to reveal my other gadget and say make kachi kochi to kill but plan fail cause i no play and i just took warning and managed to win as his mst came 1 turn late.
Game 3: Time was called and i had better advantage with flush and warning set and 2 veiler in hand. He tried some mindfuck skills but i had flush to counter his mst on his own mantis equipped to damsel on my last turn to avoid the veilers.

Match 3 vs Jun Cai (Raioh Inzektors)
Game 1: Raioh gt darkholed and game was a little scary as he din show any inzektors all game(turns out tat he drew none and i just beatdown while negating his gorz with a warning.)
Game 2: Searchers all in hand, fortress gt bottomlessed then all hopes gone, lost in like 3-5 mins.
Game 3: He make bls mid game to clear my gadget and black corn i rush back with fortress and gearframe then he could not follow up after that.

Match 4 vs Xiaomei (Machina Gadgets)
Game 1: Had higher advantage and won
Game 2: Out advantaged
Game 3: Fail rush leads to her taking total control the following turn.

Top 8 vs Sam (Tour guide Inzektors)
Game 1: Loss to some beatdown by tourguide sangan and gruf
Game 2: Keep drawing gadgets off my emerald and had no veiler to answer to his outs, deck often shuffled to not get a foil which my veilers mostly are LOL

Bottom 4 vs Xiaomei (Machina Gadgets)
Game 1: Advantaged and win
Game 2: Forgot how i got gged
Game 3: Had a better hand and game went till late on and i use gold fish to beatdown and win lol.

Result 5th/6th took dragons collide ocg deck.

Nt bad finally topping again, side deck most cards untouched and needs to be touched, forgot how to side as a machina player after nt playing it for almost a year in tourneys, still vividly remembers that i was using machina last year same time period lol.

Grats to mr wesley for winning.

Zzxiaoboizz signing off

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