Monday, August 29, 2011

Asia card shop at bishan tourney report 29/8/2011

Deck used: Agent Angel ( No tg or what sort ever, just normal aa)

Match 1 = BYE LOL

Match 2 Kaven Sue (Diva Undead)
Game 1: Had hyperion monster reborn etc etc plus i trap dust shoot him revealing heavy storm mst dad goblin zombie pyamid turtle and 1 more card.
Game 2: He had 2900 and i had ganetsu and hyperion on field and i used only hyperion to wack him, next turn he top deck monster reborn and epic pwnt me. Terrible mistake
Game 3: Lost advantage to kycoo and sprit reaper and gged

Match 3 vs Willy (Lightsworn)
Game 1:I control him with quick end
Game 2: He pwnt me with epic skills
Game 3: I set up an unbeatable trap for him to fall in. hyperion on field with earth and ganetsu, hand with venus and orange light while having a set bottomless and he has only 3 cards in his hand. Turns out to be JD zephyros and guardna

Match 4 vs Shelton (Lightsworn)
Game 1: Had all outs to him, solumn judgement his bls and warning his gorz
Game 2: Snipe hunter sniping his ryko and bottomless, i trishula his aoj catastor and wack him while he had 2 set cards and he said ok, i flashed krystia in mp2 and he conceded the following turn.

Match 5 vs Junjie (GB)
Game 1: Honest control
Game 2: Trap dustshoot him but minus 1 as he had no monsters but a bunch of pro traps
Game 3: Fought him after some top decking

We shared and since his parings after round 4 is 3rd he let me win and in the end he 8th also.

Top 8 vs Marcus (Tour guide Agent Angel)
Game 1: Allure plus mind control my venus plus 2 hyperion = i gg
Game 2: I struggled but eventually pulled through as i had hyperion in hand.
Game 3: We started off almost equally until his tour guide sangan and earth gain him much advantage, i use 2 venus to waste away his 2 orange light then i hyperion wack him, he dark hole and then my kyxoo remove both his dark in graveyard as i previously chain d his tour guide. He top draw kycoo wack me and i top draw orange light, i ended my turn. He had 12oo lp while i had 1400 then. He top draw nothing and ended. I top draw a ball and i look at his grave and realise he had 1 venu left, i set my ball and ended while he really top d a venus the next turn and ran over my ball. Followed by rounds of top draw, he mind control my facedown orange light and din even look at it (i think he was pressured by the crowd making large hoo ha) , and use raioh to direct me and i book of moon it, he returned the orange light to me without looking at it again. I top draw warning (useless) and set it, he pot next turn and took mst to blast my warning and he asked wad is my facedown as he din see it just now. I kindly told him its orange light and i kept my cards as i knew nothing in the deck could stop rai-oh as i dark hole his venus earlier. Therefore i lost.

The following match i din play as i gtg and just took prize and sold and left.

Thanks to Wee min and co for helping me with the side deck, adding kycoo in before the tourney started, now i have a better idea of what to side against the new meta. Whether to stick to current agent angels is another question i hav to ponder about. At the current state, i wun be able to make it to sg showdown 2nd day, gotta work on it more. Snipe hunter did its fair share of work today, was happy as i din row 1 or 6 while using its effect.

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Results 7th/8th shared

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rabbit karakuri?

could this build be viable? need some advices here......ignore the tune warrior in the side dec

k lol

Update for this week

Went to Bishan but i did not play in tourney sadly due to personal reasons, went around and look at people playing sad to say there were some sad and happy moments. U can take the following as rants/personal thoughts haha.

1. Some agent angel player played earth and while searching, he places 3 shine balls together. What type of playstyle this is will be judged by urself. Though i think that player does not need to resort to this type of tactics.
2. Sad day for Alvin, his deck wasn't consistant and i tried to mend it a bit but i guess september is just too unpredictable
3. Grats Baoyuan on getting into top 8, dunno how well he did though, feel a bit sad for kenneth aas he endured morphling jar plus card destruction and raven from Baoyuan...this is just how sad life is ahh.
4. SG Showdown preparations are now underway, will need to find a good build to excel in it. Will only hav a couple of exposures to sept banlist tourney before it is showdown....................

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bishan asia card shop tourney 20/08/2011

Deck used: Agent Angel ( 90% is the Worlds agent angel winner build)
Match 1 vs Samuel
Game 1: Make a quick rush on him with lavael and friends
Game 2: He quasar me
Game 3: Trap dustshoot revealed 1 lonefire 1 call of the haunted 1 dark hole 1 giant trunade 1 mst and 1 one for one. Rofl chiong and made trishula and hyperion came shortly after

Match 2 vs Tingjun (Rabbit tg)
Game 1: Struggled for a bit before winning
Game 2: Had gorz but he had gigantech werewolf and brionac
Game 3: Controlled yet again

Match 3 vs Rongjie (Rabbit GB)
Game 1: He had outs to my every move
Game 2: Controlled him
Game 3: A bit of misplay and lost, he had 2 test tiger and gb to play with
He gave me win since i got paired down and the cost is treating him a drink cause he say he is here to test deck ........

Match 4 vs Jackie the trader (Hero Beat)
Game 1: Tio Control by cyber and miracle
Game 2: Control him with a starting hand of 2 venus 1 earth 1 pot which revealed hyperion and gorz shortly after
Game 3: Same as Game 1
Agreed to share though

Match 5 vs Anthony (Debris Junk Doppel)
Game 1: Rush him
Game 2: Drain a lot of resources but he had chaos sorceror and zephyros to kill me as i have gozen on the field
Game 3: DD crow and friends to win, early game librarian followed by mid game trishula

gtg so share ( i think) and let him go up lor

Score 3-2
Won a protector for lucky draw haha

Needs a couple of test tournaments for the sg showdown, moreover that is one which is sept banlist
zzxiaoboizz signing off

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thoughts on banlist

Well banlist has changed the game yet again, i guess i will be busy working on my agent angels now, thinking of various forms of agent angels, need to test deck in real life first, dueling network too imba hand haha

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Yugioh asian championship league and sg showdown 13/8/2011

Hi its me again, a really long day, with 2 tourneys

Deck used: Offering Machina gadgets

League format: Single Elimination
First match vs Jeff (Debris Dopple dandy)
Game 1: Played till half then rain came so we move table and he forgot to sp sorceror, ultimate offering too gay......
Game 2: His ryko got noblemaned and following facedowns too

2nd match vs Jackie (Debris Dopple Dandy)
Game 1: Roach proved to be too tough for him
Game 2: He was waiting for the killer card to come but my gadgets poke him to death before he can get it.

3rd match vs Jonas Bai ( Anti-meta beat)
Game 1: He had empty field and i showed him ultimate offering
Game 2: He had skill drain on the field while i had 2 gadgets and 2 veiler in my hand
Game 3: Had d prison bottomless and smashing ground to his outs

Finals vs Jeremy aka Brainy (Tg tengu)
Game 1: Tengu plus rai oh = gadgets gg
Game 2: Same as Game 1

Sg showdown
Format 3 round swiss cut to top 8 but got only 10 ppl went.
Same deck used

First match vs Wei kiat (Syncro tuningware)
Game 1: Ultimate offering
Game 2: Godinberg shoot me to gg
Game 3: Had control with veiler warning and etc

2nd match vs Rui Feng (BF and lightsworns?)
Game 1: Chaos sorceror end me
Game 2: Was leading in resources
Game 3: Was leading in resources

Top 8 vs Keith Chen, forum name = keithchen89 (Lightsworn)
Game 1: Ultimate offering too strong
Game 2: He top deck judgement dragon but had no life to clear field and i smashed it the other turn, a bit of luck skills for me too.

Top 4 vs Eric (GB)
Game 1: Ultimate offering
Game 2: He had absolute control, i lost without even damaging him that round
Game 3: He had 1 Laquari with attk 2100 and no hand. I top draw cyber dragon and had a red gadget in hand, i sp cyber and normal red and sucide cyber with laquari and red gadget attacked him, he said he felt foil on his next draw and said it might not be a mob, turns out to be lanista which ran over me as i had only 500 lp left.

Took librarian as Jeremy wanted to hav 6 photon shockwave booster packs

Result = 3rd/4th tat means i qualify for 1st day of sg showdown

Friday, August 12, 2011

Random Updates and T.G Tengu plant decklist revealed

Went j-cube to play with titration today, then went to eat with him. Was told that Johann wanted the Tengus and formula back so i guess tats the end of my tg journey........Hence its time to post the decklist since it did not hit 1200 the last time -.-

Monsters 18
2 Lonefire blossom
2 Glow-up bulb
1 Dandylion
1 Spore
3 Reborn Tengu
3 T.G Striker
3 T.G Werewolf
3 T.G Rush Rhino

Spells 11
1 one for one
3 Pot of duality
1 Mind control
1 Giant trunade
2 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Monster Reborn
1 Dark hole
1 Book of Moon

Traps 11
2 Solemn Warning
1 Solemn Judgement
1 Mirror Force
2 TG-EM1
2 Horn of the Phantom Beast
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Call of the haunted

Side deck 15
2 Puppet Plant
2 Wanghu
2 DD crow
1 Thunder King Rai-Oh
3 Dust tornado
1 Royal Oppression
2 Dimensional Prison
2 Chain disappearance

Interchangable between control and offensive, so choose wisely haha

Points to take note: Lack of Foolish Burial screws the deck a bit.
A bit of lamo to play both anti and meta.
Lack of limit reverse prevents many stunts from being done.
If u are one of those who wanna quasar, i only did it once so far so dun expect quasar miracles with this deck.
Formula tend to give u gg draws so dun really rely a lot on formula.

This is zzxiaoboizz signing off

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

No 16 Ruler of color- shock ruler

Solution to offering gadgets? Declare magic then trap then monster effect and lock ur opponent down? Effect unconfirmed though but if u are allowed to use this card's effect once per turn, can it be used on 3 copies of this card? If yes then omg Offering Gadgets top meta liaoz sadly

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

National Day tourney at Asia Card Shop 9/8/2011

Deck used: TG tengu plant no change from the saturday deck.

Round 1 vs Daniel (was confident cause i won him 2 times before despite he's singapore champ la) (he used debris junk dopple)
Game 1: Tengu and warning and plant system made me have more resources than him
Game 2: Control build backfired me as he read my move perfectly and had outs to my wanghu. So wanghu become gghu lol.
Game 3: Stick on to control build which still backfired me. Most notably oppression got destroyed by dust tornado.

He told me to win more to make his tie-breaker look good, of course i tried as he is one of those serious players in the game but after that very friendly one.

Round 2 vs Klyne (GB)
Game 1: Trunade plus plant system and tengu
Game 2: He open oppression and made a couple of mistakes so i can win without much difficulty.

Round 3 vs Bao Yuan (Dark world, hes the Kah Meng friend that played with me on saturday so we very friendly to each other)
Game 1: Once again tengu the star player, he tried to clear my tengus but i made most of it.
Game 2: Had formula armory arm librarian and wonder mag on the field, #$$@$!# no blade gunner or shooting star in my extra deck !@#@!#@!#!@, his dealings top draw a dark hole but i had tengus again tengu star player.

Round 4 vs Darius (Agent angel, very pro strategist)
Game 1: Open decree and spam field for win.
Game 2: Game took very long but i use TG-EM1 to swap a striker for his krystia before using rush rhino to end him. Time was called at the end part of the game.
Game 3: He went first and used earth effect and used pot to get monster reborn, next turn open decree so wad can i say?

Score 2-2 (Din make it at all)

Random rants: Top 16 or Top 8 the organiser got problem deciding...
Tables not enough so must play 2 batch, end of 4 round swiss 8pm plus?
Darius is a pro strategist- play timeout, can think over 5 mins to whether solumn a bottomless traphole, 1 turn can take 5-10 mins? I know my sister called me and tell me to go home early cause dinner is cooked and everyone is waiting for me but pls dun take ur time, i dun really believe that is so hard to decide whether solumn would be appropriate against a venus. If u wan to aim for time out then i really speechless, i admit that my deck cannot beat u in a time out and u win but i guess most duelist wants to win/lose with lp to 0 and not by some time constrains. Of course u can argue i was having a higher advantage blar blar blar but im just stating my pov which u can disagree with. But being so friendly, i dun even want to tell the judge.......

Sad that i din help Daniel get into top 8.......

Tats it signing off now, Bryan did a lot for the tourney today and deserve some form of credit. KUDOs to him haha. If i get 1200 views by 12am 10/8/2011 Singapore time, i will post my tg tengu plant build hehe

Saturday, August 6, 2011

6 August 2011 tourney report at J-Cube

Hi its me zzxiaoboizz again, disappeared last week as i was too busy with school and projects. Went to bishan tourney on friday and scrubbed very badly with TG- Flameveil.

Today i went to J-cube after Johann had borrowed me 3 Reborn Tengu and i borrowed him my natura barkion. He lended me another formula after i realised i needed 1 more.

So am i playing Tengu plants today? Tengu Junk Dopple? Tg Tengu? Nope none of the above.....
Deck used: TG-Tengu plant (lol close to the ones above i know, Damn william use almost/same as mine i think we thought the same)

Format: 5 round swiss with no time limit.

Round 1 vs Lively Kah Meng (Junk Dopple)
Game 1: Tengu plus 1 for 1 means control and off to game 2
Game 2: Monster reborn plus sorceror and grow up bulb and scrap dragon means game 3
Game 3: Make a terrible Baha mistake of having no 1 star tuner as i have sided out and yet leaving 1 for 1 to be in the deck......... But still won as opponent was lower in resources.
He reminded me to side it out next time, will remember that one.

Round 2 vs Classy Akira (Machina gadgets) He plays with class lol.
Game 1: Despite the plant stunts, i misplayed and lost
Game 2: Wanghu and friends came to the rescue and rhino finished him off.
Game 3: Terrible mistake made allowing him to brionac me and gain insane advantage then finishing me off with 2 fortress and many more.

Round 3 vs Soft spoken Kah Meng's friend (Dark World)
Game 1: He bad hand while i had tengu
Game 2: Similar situation

Round 4 vs Egoboy aka Ting Jun (Tg flameveil)
Game 1: He fiendish chain my first lone fire then on next turn fiendish chain my 2nd lone fire, some how i made black rose but he used the TG pot of avarice and drew 2. i was left with 1 card in hand, he had a +2 but i had a tengu after that and a bulb in grave meant more fun and control.
Game 2: Forgot how it went, he stalled for a while before going down.

Round 5 vs Sick Samuel (Junk debris dopple)
Game 1: Shooting Laksa dragon plus solumn judgement plus solumn warning
Game 2: Tio pwnt by trishula and many minus my advantage cards
Game 3: Refer to game 2

We agreed that if either of us win and made it to top 8 he will give the other half 8 dollars and if we made it both together, we wun hav to pay each other. 1 3 win guy got thru and it was me. Thanks for the high tie breaker everyone brought, tq.

Top 8 vs Yijie (Debris Junk Dopple)
Game 1: Plant stunts and advantage
Game 2: Stall for very long with -2 advantage before gging to sorceror
Game 3: Had 2 chain disappearance but din use it cause i control field.

Top 4 vs Classy Akira ( Machina Gadgets)
Game 1: Plant stunts to win him
Game 2: Was down to 100 lifepoints but horn and avarice out advantaged him.

Top 2 vs Cold and not the usual Jun Jie (Machina Gadgets)
Game 1: Plant stunts
Game 2: Tio quick end game by limiter
Game 3: Stall very long but lost to 1 smashing ground.

In the end 2nd and got a duality. Special Thanks to all those i played with today and Johann for loaning me the cards (i said i would mention u one lol)
Quitting Yugioh? Mayb i guess, i really dunno if i should quit ygo. Quit as in temporary not permanent haha. Thats it signing off now