Saturday, August 6, 2011

6 August 2011 tourney report at J-Cube

Hi its me zzxiaoboizz again, disappeared last week as i was too busy with school and projects. Went to bishan tourney on friday and scrubbed very badly with TG- Flameveil.

Today i went to J-cube after Johann had borrowed me 3 Reborn Tengu and i borrowed him my natura barkion. He lended me another formula after i realised i needed 1 more.

So am i playing Tengu plants today? Tengu Junk Dopple? Tg Tengu? Nope none of the above.....
Deck used: TG-Tengu plant (lol close to the ones above i know, Damn william use almost/same as mine i think we thought the same)

Format: 5 round swiss with no time limit.

Round 1 vs Lively Kah Meng (Junk Dopple)
Game 1: Tengu plus 1 for 1 means control and off to game 2
Game 2: Monster reborn plus sorceror and grow up bulb and scrap dragon means game 3
Game 3: Make a terrible Baha mistake of having no 1 star tuner as i have sided out and yet leaving 1 for 1 to be in the deck......... But still won as opponent was lower in resources.
He reminded me to side it out next time, will remember that one.

Round 2 vs Classy Akira (Machina gadgets) He plays with class lol.
Game 1: Despite the plant stunts, i misplayed and lost
Game 2: Wanghu and friends came to the rescue and rhino finished him off.
Game 3: Terrible mistake made allowing him to brionac me and gain insane advantage then finishing me off with 2 fortress and many more.

Round 3 vs Soft spoken Kah Meng's friend (Dark World)
Game 1: He bad hand while i had tengu
Game 2: Similar situation

Round 4 vs Egoboy aka Ting Jun (Tg flameveil)
Game 1: He fiendish chain my first lone fire then on next turn fiendish chain my 2nd lone fire, some how i made black rose but he used the TG pot of avarice and drew 2. i was left with 1 card in hand, he had a +2 but i had a tengu after that and a bulb in grave meant more fun and control.
Game 2: Forgot how it went, he stalled for a while before going down.

Round 5 vs Sick Samuel (Junk debris dopple)
Game 1: Shooting Laksa dragon plus solumn judgement plus solumn warning
Game 2: Tio pwnt by trishula and many minus my advantage cards
Game 3: Refer to game 2

We agreed that if either of us win and made it to top 8 he will give the other half 8 dollars and if we made it both together, we wun hav to pay each other. 1 3 win guy got thru and it was me. Thanks for the high tie breaker everyone brought, tq.

Top 8 vs Yijie (Debris Junk Dopple)
Game 1: Plant stunts and advantage
Game 2: Stall for very long with -2 advantage before gging to sorceror
Game 3: Had 2 chain disappearance but din use it cause i control field.

Top 4 vs Classy Akira ( Machina Gadgets)
Game 1: Plant stunts to win him
Game 2: Was down to 100 lifepoints but horn and avarice out advantaged him.

Top 2 vs Cold and not the usual Jun Jie (Machina Gadgets)
Game 1: Plant stunts
Game 2: Tio quick end game by limiter
Game 3: Stall very long but lost to 1 smashing ground.

In the end 2nd and got a duality. Special Thanks to all those i played with today and Johann for loaning me the cards (i said i would mention u one lol)
Quitting Yugioh? Mayb i guess, i really dunno if i should quit ygo. Quit as in temporary not permanent haha. Thats it signing off now

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