Saturday, February 25, 2012

Yew Tee Unofficial tourney 25/2/2012

Ok so today on a budget so went down Yew Tee to play instead, its double eli cut to top 8 but only top 4 got prize so 1st gets 14 pack 2nd gets 8 packs 3rd and 4th 4 packs each

Participants: 1X

Deck used: Laval (first time tourney with it)

March banlist used
Match 1 vs Shaun ( Mask change hero beat)


Game 1: Game came to this point where he had neos alius faceup and 2 facedown backrow. I use laval lady to bomb one and it revealed mask change. I raigeki the other and it was super poly. I activated rekindling and made librarian then normal fader and made formula syncron to draw 2 and drew rekindling again yay lol make laval dragoon then bounce his alius then quasar for game.

Game 2: Game changed to my favour when i was at 2500 when he made bladeheart and killed my fader but died to snowman eater when he attked it. I then did helldog beatdown but he jump gorz and i tot i lose cause if token and gorz attack i had nothing against it. He summoned a 3rd monster and i used torrential and from then on i had another bottomless and was leading in advantage and use a laval cannon to sync and beatdown.

Match 2 vs Jason (Chain burn)


Game 1: Started with 2 laval burn, he set 4 backrow and 1 face down defence monster and i destroyed it with my laval lady, which turns out to be a marshmallow then i summoned laval cannon and made black rose and he chained jar of greed, the book card, ceasefire,just deserts. From then on i just controlled lol.

Game 2: Drew 2 royal decree and after stalling a few turns by both sides, he decided to chain disappearance my laval lady when i normal summoned it, i allowed it to pass and he started chaining another 3 more trap card before i decree and he chain chain strike but i had rekindling and friends to end the game. Then he revealed he had make a mistake of not siding backrow destruction cards cause he saw to little backrow in my deck.

Top 8 vs Infernity


Game 1: Drop a maxx-c and draw then had 2 rekindling and heavy storm and raigeki break to end him.

Game 2: Had 2 torrential and maxx-c, he continued doing stunts and i db torrential him. Then beatdown as i had veiler crow fader in hand.

Top 4 vs Hakim (Empty Jar)


Game 1: Deck out

Game 2: Had mst and raigeki break

Game 3: We both deck out but it was his turn and he end turn so i gg.

Conclusion: I flared up at Yong Kang after losing to empty jar, really sry abt it, it just sucks to lose to it. Otherwise, today would have been a day of good testing, prohibtion should take a place in my side deck, its like useful against any cards. Otherwise would be very please with the laval deck's performance. Gt 4 packs and had nothing meanwhile, Ying Jun and Wesley's pack had yeah the display pic lol

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Saturday, February 18, 2012

March Banlist like finally out

Forbidden Cards :
Glow-Up Bulb


Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

Trap Dustshoot

Restriction Cards :

Tech Genus Strike

Agent of Mystery, Earth

Semi-Restriction Cards:


Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner

Emergency Teleport Shien's Smoke Signal

Level Limit Area B

Torrential Tribute

Ultimate Offering

Reborn Tengu

No longer restricted:

Call of the Haunted

Post banlist release comments- Like many others, only approval of trap dust shoot as it really screws a duel. The restriction on Tengu and Earth is definitely shocking though like many i anticipated venus instead. The restriction of striker to 1 seems kinda weird considering we see so many hero beat and inzectors dominating instead of tg agents nowadays.
Banning of trishula bulb spore simply means junk dopple is really now unplayable. Double lumina should improve the speed of lightlords though it remains a ? if they can actually outpace inzectors and hero beat.
2 torrential means elaborate plays are to be thought of more before making while ultimate offering at 2 seems to slow down the ultimate offering gadgets speed considerably.
Lastly call of the haunted at 3 encourages more trooper sangan love omg

Laval does not get hit directly but its trishula friend is dead so it needs mist wurm now sianz. Still interesting to see how the meta goes for march, currently it looks odds on to be dominated by just hero beat, inzectors and Rabbit ragia lolz

No tourney report tis week cause i had too many family affairs to settle lolz

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lorong Ah soo Team tourney 11/2/2012

Format Double elimination
Number of Teams: 16 if im not wrong
Team members: Ryan (inzectors) and Yew loong (Machina offering gadgets)
Deck used: Rabbit ragia with the 2k werewolf beatstick as the 2nd yellow monster skin
Team name: Team Sherwyn and Jiyoung part in red not registered cause i feel that name too long, Lauren will have a hard time writing.

Match 1 vs Team Cainiao

Me vs Shotkia (forum name, dun know real name sry) (Bubbleman Hero beat)
I won the dice roll
Game 1: Went first and ragia plus 2 backrow, 1 mst 1 warning. On his turn he pot and took super poly, he mst my warning but my ragia negate it, he summon stratos i show him warning. On my next turn i attack him then mst his super poly away and then i just controlled from there.
Game 2: Dust shoot revealed dark hole miracle 2 nobleman alius and snowman. I had a ragia on field with no materials, he had a stratos in grave, i returned the alius cause my face down is a freaking starlight road. Then game went on until a point where he compulse his faceup snowman and set it again as i had gale faceup on field with him using his miracle and eating my warning that i drew the turn bfore he use his miracle LOL. I top rabbit then call out 2 werewolf where 1 of them died and i made scrap archfiend in mp2. He dark hole me but i lance then he pot for hero blast and i just whack for game next turn.

Team score Yew loong won 2-1 against Rabbit Vertz
Ryan lost 1-2 against Agent Angels

Match 2 vs Baha's team

Me vs Jeff(Hero beat)
Game 1: Outplayed by his advantage after a heavy storm
Game 2: He heavy storm then rush in the next couple of turns, i was at 5k and had a attacking guaiba on field, he had 2 cards and one of them is honest, on his turn his hand size 3, he sp cyber and miracle for shining then throw honest i gg. Started this game with 2 raioh 2 yellow skin 1 pot and 1 rabbit LOL.

Team score: Yew loong lost to Calvin (Bubbleman Hero beat) 0-2
Ryan lost to Baha (Vertz Rabbit) 0-2
Clean sweep by them OMG

Match 3 vs Wei ann's team

Me vs Johann (Tech Genius Agent Angel)
Game 1: His hand too good, i fiendish chain and he compulse his earth the following turn
Game 2: I raioh and bottomless then next turn wanghu he scooped
Game 3: He tori plus krystia and i made a fatal mistake of rushing to mst his decree too soon when i have book of moon. Did not expect him to hav chain disappearance too which killed a rabbit i potted for.

Team score Yew loong lost 0-2 to Jia Jie (Inzectors)
Ryan won Wei Ann (Hero beat) 2-0

Conclusion: Our team crashed out while the team we beat in the first match, team cainiao went on to finish 4th. Dun really know what to say about this tourney, since i mentioned that rabbit ragia < Hero beat in my previous posts so i can only say im very pleased to even win a hero beat today. Could have fared better against Johann in my opinion and that could just prove to be the stumbling block i fail to overcome. Anw kudos to Lauren the judge for running around and answering a lot of qns and kudos to my team members for attempting to play to their very best, really sorry to them.

zzxiaoboizz signing off yawnz

Monday, February 6, 2012

A small update

Din participate in tourney last weekend due to the fact that im playing in the team tourney this week and had troubles with cash inflow (WTF i know).

Anw the singapore meta currently stands at (not according to order)
Hero beat

So for this week's team tourney, i suppose most will be siding accordingly to these few decks and the possible few that can appear out of the blue....dopple six sam infernity and sacred(?)

Basically, ragia will probably the weakest among the 5 i mentioned as they do not have access to a dolkka(as tcg exclusives are not allowed for this team tourney) and ragia can be killed my a side decked snowman eater which laval hero beat inzectors users all would be most likely to side it in. Ragia's difficulty of getting over a spirit reaper also highlights another barrier that ragia decks face. Lastly, Rabbit ragia running both normal skin dinos, sabersaurus and kabulsaurus hav much difficulty fighting against alius and a possible honest. But then again nothing is impossible and theres still a chance ragia decks can defeat hero beat.

Moving on, i am struggling to pick a deck to play on this saturday.
Laval< Any decks that has heavy backrow, although Miao topping 1st 2 times with laval is no joke.
TGAA< Cosmos Ragia
Hero Beat > Ragia
Inzector pratically is on the same level as Hero beat

Alternatively i can play ninja jurrac but i doubt its consistency as it has topped in singapore too few times.

So real dilema as to what to use, i dun hav HB and i can't play hb well anw..........

Signing off