Saturday, February 25, 2012

Yew Tee Unofficial tourney 25/2/2012

Ok so today on a budget so went down Yew Tee to play instead, its double eli cut to top 8 but only top 4 got prize so 1st gets 14 pack 2nd gets 8 packs 3rd and 4th 4 packs each

Participants: 1X

Deck used: Laval (first time tourney with it)

March banlist used
Match 1 vs Shaun ( Mask change hero beat)


Game 1: Game came to this point where he had neos alius faceup and 2 facedown backrow. I use laval lady to bomb one and it revealed mask change. I raigeki the other and it was super poly. I activated rekindling and made librarian then normal fader and made formula syncron to draw 2 and drew rekindling again yay lol make laval dragoon then bounce his alius then quasar for game.

Game 2: Game changed to my favour when i was at 2500 when he made bladeheart and killed my fader but died to snowman eater when he attked it. I then did helldog beatdown but he jump gorz and i tot i lose cause if token and gorz attack i had nothing against it. He summoned a 3rd monster and i used torrential and from then on i had another bottomless and was leading in advantage and use a laval cannon to sync and beatdown.

Match 2 vs Jason (Chain burn)


Game 1: Started with 2 laval burn, he set 4 backrow and 1 face down defence monster and i destroyed it with my laval lady, which turns out to be a marshmallow then i summoned laval cannon and made black rose and he chained jar of greed, the book card, ceasefire,just deserts. From then on i just controlled lol.

Game 2: Drew 2 royal decree and after stalling a few turns by both sides, he decided to chain disappearance my laval lady when i normal summoned it, i allowed it to pass and he started chaining another 3 more trap card before i decree and he chain chain strike but i had rekindling and friends to end the game. Then he revealed he had make a mistake of not siding backrow destruction cards cause he saw to little backrow in my deck.

Top 8 vs Infernity


Game 1: Drop a maxx-c and draw then had 2 rekindling and heavy storm and raigeki break to end him.

Game 2: Had 2 torrential and maxx-c, he continued doing stunts and i db torrential him. Then beatdown as i had veiler crow fader in hand.

Top 4 vs Hakim (Empty Jar)


Game 1: Deck out

Game 2: Had mst and raigeki break

Game 3: We both deck out but it was his turn and he end turn so i gg.

Conclusion: I flared up at Yong Kang after losing to empty jar, really sry abt it, it just sucks to lose to it. Otherwise, today would have been a day of good testing, prohibtion should take a place in my side deck, its like useful against any cards. Otherwise would be very please with the laval deck's performance. Gt 4 packs and had nothing meanwhile, Ying Jun and Wesley's pack had yeah the display pic lol

zzxiaoboizz signing off


  1. I apologise for interrupting the match. Got so used to casual match that I ended up talking.

  2. Those are some nice pulls you got there Pohseng.