Sunday, December 16, 2012

Guide to EvilSwarm aka Verz

With the release of duelist box sacred and verz, verz aka evilswarm has come into competitive scene actively winning the top shop singapore 2012 as well as topping recently. This post aims to breakdown the deck and attempt to explain how good it actually is.

First lets take a recent decklist that top in japan.

16 Monsters
3x Verz Heliotrope
3x Verz Castor
3x Verz Thunderbird
3x Verz Ceyclon
2x Verz Mandrago
2x Rescue Rabbit

12 Spells
1 Monster Reborn
1 Heavy Storm
1 Reinforcement of the Army
1 Dark Hole
1 Allure of Darkness
3 Mystical Space Typhoon
3 Verz Pandemic Infestation
1 Book of Moon

13 Traps
3 Compulsory Evacuation Device
2 Torrential Tribute
1 Starlight Road
1 Solemn Judgement
2 Solemn Warning
1 Infestation Infection
1 Fiendish Chain   

             Pros of the deck
  • Triple Verz Pandemic Infestation makes this deck immune to bottomless, torrential and prison.
  • Verz Castor plus any Verz = Verz Ophion
  • Infestation Infection can be chained onto opponent's bottomless and torrential tribute, searches Verz Ceyclon as well
  • Verz Ceyclon is an instant rank 4 when effect successfully resolves, if Ceyclon plus another Verz monster = Ophion which its effect earns back the 1 card used.
  • Top decking prowess, Top decking rabbit or Ceyclon as well as reborn when u have Ceyclon in graveyard and 2 other Verz
  • Verz Thunderbird is one of the best level 4 floaters around in yugioh now, its survival can be ensured easily and used to XYZ the next turn.
  • Mandrago plus Verz Ceyclon or rabbit = Verz Ouroboros or Shock ruler
  • Mandrago plus Verz Ceyclon taking back Verz Castor and Castor using its effect = able to XYZ 2 rank 4 monsters
  • Trap cards like Torrential Tribute works well with Pandemic as well as Thunderbird.
  • Bad hand of monsters can be easily cleared by Allure of Darkness      
         Cons of the deck
  • Drawing 3 Infestation 2 mystical 1 infestation infection is not a funny thing, alternatively opening with spell trap that are not protective is not going to help one in winning games.
  • Opening with monster hand such as Rabbit Thunderbird Castor Ceyclon Heliotrope is not funny when your opponent starts with 4 backrow and ends turn.
  • Its weakness to Windup (Hence some actually play 3 compulsory and even Fiendish Chain) 
         Optional Techs
  •  Dark Armed Dragon (If ur ophion gets warninged, DAD becomes alive lol)
  •  Pot of Duality (To alleviate bad hand rates and to ensure u can XYZ next turn)
  •  Forbidden Garments (Useful Against Ryko as well as torrential tribute and mirror force as well as bottomless trap hole)
  •  Maxx-c and Effect veiler (To stop windup and mermail stunts as well as gives you a chance to draw outs to it)  
  • Forbidden Chalice against monster effects
  • Ability to tech in Deck Devastation Virus

  For me, my verz testing has been good so far (probably tournament reports in another post if i have time lol). Starting to see many different versions of Verz being played in Japan, most importantly will be to find a balance between the builds i feel. For me, i do not like to play 2 Verz Mandrago in the deck as its attack is the lowest (1550) among the other verz usually played. And top decking this card is useless, when u have ophion on the field this card is also a useless normal summon. Although it allows for stunts to be done with this card, i am still sceptical of it. Possibly a player would play 2 because u can use mandrago to be banished for allure of darkness LOL.

zzxiaoboizz signing off 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Top Shop 2012 Singapore tourney report

Nope i did not do well this time not at all, misplay much when it matters

Deck used: Offering Machina Gadgets

Match 1 vs Cassandra (Hero beat)
Game 1: Started with 2 warning 1 torrential 1 tragoedia and 2 gadgets. Started to grind out and stalled till real late game where i drew a fortress to turn the table. The notable top deck moment was when she had shining and i had 2 gadget and i top into a compulsory lol.
Game 2: Drop Gorz but still lost as i miscount my lance and red gadget against a photon thrasher and lost my fortress to a dd warrior lady when 2 gadgets is in my hand
Game 3: She had 2 miracle and that was enough to rush me and win as i had no tragoedia nor gorz in hand to stop the rush (i did have dark hole and gadgets in hand though)

Match 2 vs Anthony (Chaos Dragons)
Game 1: Real Grinding match and i top deck reborn while he top deck Dark armed dragon with 3 dark in grave
Game 2: Drew 4 trap including an ultimate offering which was all countered by a single royal decree

Match 3 vs Sherwyn (Mermail)
Game 1: His hand too overpowered, basically otk me on his 2nd turn
Game 2: His hand too op but i had cosmos luckily
Game 3: His hadn too op but i had shock ruler to declare monster effect

Match 4 vs Lauren (Wind up)
Game 1: He started with 2 factory and rabbit shark and end up with 1 backrow, 1 shock ruler, 1 coat of arms and 1 zenmighty. Shock ruler declared spells. On my turn i tinplate red gadget into giganto x and drop fortress to clear the zenmighty and shock ruler while setting my 3 backrow of avarice prison and ultimate offering. He went for zenmaines the next turn and i prisoned it and on my turn i open offering and came out ouroboros to remove his backrow, big eye gemknight pearl and shock ruler to end the game.
Game 2: Drew into hand traps but din get the chance to use it as i just beat down and heavy storm when he had 3600 left and i had double summon red gadget and fortress

Match 5 vs Keith (Infernity)
Game 1: Grinding match and he had warning and bottomless to my giganto x and fortress
Game 2: His infernity doom dragon hit the wrong target and allowed me to top the table
Game 3: He top deck archfiend x2 plus reborn on the next draw = enough said

Total Score 2-3

Decklist of the deck
So now top shop is over......the question is what to do next (stay or quit or hmm)
Sorry for the hyper inactiveness rofl, will try to be more active now till i enlist in march hmm.

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Monday, November 12, 2012

Top shop qualifier 11/11/2012

So some would ask why go again when u qualified on 10/11/2012. Well its all conspiracy to 'help' ur own friends get in that day.

Deck used: Kara Laggia (Was supposed to play Kara World but Weemin did not bring fran ken to help me damn it)

Match 1 vs 'Kid' from Jurong (Frogs)
Game 1: Dolkka to kill his first turn ground mole and controlled from there with tour guide follow up
Game 2: Marshmellon stalling fell short when i dark hole it and followed up with ophion and dolkka to lock down.

Match 2 vs Anand (Hero Beat)
Game 1: Early mst exchange and i was left with no backrow, he went for excalibur to take down my ophion before going absolute zero in main phrase 2 and i drew no answer.
Game 2: Mid game rabbit stayed on field due to a set warning and top deck mst on his only backrow which was torrential tribute to turn the table and otk with 3 heliotrope (normal 3rd one from hand)
Game 3: Similar as game 1, early mst exchange just that my prison this time got solumned and i gt otked by shining plus excalibur

So i was supposed to lose at this point but he gtg so he gave me the win and i truely thank him (would be sure to return the favour)

Match 3 vs Jason (Inzektor)
Game 1: Typical grinding match with rabbit in late game to seal the game
Game 2: Had Rabbit early on but he pot for bottomless and i was unable to lure it away
Game 3: Another grinding match but had a saber plus 4 backrow start and was able to rabbit in mid game for the win desptie a Maxx-c chained upon its activation.

Match 4 vs Cheng Wee (Wind Up)
Game 1: Thunder bird set 5, reminds me of arimura yohei style and unfortunate for him 4 were real backrows
Game 2: Summoned raioh, was forced to negate his exceed and he reborned my raioh which was killed by my heliotrope and i reborn raioh to my field. He began the rabbit rat grind and exhaust his resources trying to get past raioh, his last card in hand was a rat which gt solemned by me and his 'supposed to return rat' gt lucksacked by my top deck tour guide and leviar it back to completely control the game and win.

Match 5 vs Sherwyn (Dark World)
Game 1: Grinding match and he misplayed his sangan by not attacking into my heliotrope and resulted in him being resourceless
Game 2: Discontinued as i can't qualify and had to give up the win in exchange for 3 can drinks

Conclusion: I should consider siding better for hero matchups, they turn out to be the most vulnerable ones.

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Top shop qualifier 10 Nov at ttz trading

Deck used: Kara Laggia

Match 1 vs Bahamut84 (Chaos Dragon)
Game 1: Heavy backrow plus tour guide start lead to sangan getting rescue rabbit and verz ophion control to win the game.
Game 2: Similar Verz Ophion control and chalice stopped ryko from destroying ophion.

Match 2 vs Wei Ann (Laval)
Game 1: Had mst to clear his backrow and set up ophion on turn 2 and control with heavy backrow from there.
Game 2: He had double rekindling but i had bottomless and dark hole in hand to clear it and apply pressure with verz castor to win.

Match 3 vs Jackie (Arrive Hero)
Game 1: First turn rabbit wasted much of his resources and was able to win with card advantage outstripping hi by 2.
Game 2: First turn rabbit again and had reborn plus dark hole to turn the table when he excalibur plus absolute zero.

Match 4 vs Ryan Stark (Darrive Hero)
We did not side since both of us qualified already being in top 2.
Game 1: Reborn plus tour guide to turn table
Game 2: Rush by him and lost
Game 3: Rush by him with miracle fusion x2 and lost.

Conclusion: Forbidden Lance is not a good card in kara laggia aka verz laggia. With windups flying around, setting a lance seems rather wtf when they do their stunts.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Free ranking tourney at full yen 27/10/2012

Deck used: Kara Gadgets

Match 1 vs Calvin (Dark world)
Game 1: Early machina search plus giganto x made the advantage too big and won.
Game 2: Drew consecutive 4 gadgets and lost to skill drain
Game 3: Soul drain stop opponent snow plus heavy storm hits opponent 5 backrow to steal the win

Match 2 vs Zexuan (Hanzo Rabbit)
Did not play and some conspiracy (cause i lend him my rabbit to play lol) so won and thanks for the win ^^

Match 3 vs Wesley seek (Wind up)
Game 1: Tour guide plus 2 factory on first turn = enough said
Game 2: Giganto x set 4 backrow, 1 of them was rivalry and was able to win that game.
Game 3: Trap stun then rabbit plus magician stunt plus normal rat to otk with shock ruler shark revise butterfly zenmighy.

Conclusion: Top 4 again consecutive and mayb its time to follow the crazy japanese and play 3 Maxx-c 43 card deck in my kara machina. Wind up a bit too imba (Emergency banlist plox)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Asia plus 21/10/2012

So today's team tourney lineup

Me as leader playing Mermail without undine
Wesley as Player A playing chaos dragons
Weemin as Player B playing dark world

Match 1 vs Team Tian Yu Di

Me vs Kelvin Neo (Hanzo Mermail)
Game 1: Opened spike slinde megalo and got pro stormed. Gt rushed to death after that
Game 2: Same as game 1 except that i did not get pro stormed but instead gt owned by an exactly 5 water in grave top deck moulin grace plus hanzo and marksman stunts.

Totally smashed after the first round

Wesley lost to Yijie (Dark world)
Weemin won Soon Hai (Inzektors)

Match 2 vs Neo's Team

Me vs Neo (Gorila Meklord Emperor)
Game 1: Some Megalo rush won the game with help from heavy storm
Game 2: Was too lucky and had storm to clear backrow and rush again

Wesley won Ash (Gravekeepers)
Weemin won Machina gadgets sry forgot name

Match 3 vs  Team Facebook dotcom

Me vs Yew Loong (Skill Drain Valley Beat)

Game 1: Gt controlled by Raioh
Game 2: Was able to draw into side decked dd warrior lady and trap stun to turn table and won
Game 3: Top deck war and lost but i caused the top deck war to happen. It was at this point where i had 3 backrow and he had 5 backrow 2 faceup d fissure. I was at 1600 and had solumn warning solumn judgement and bottomless. I know 1 of his backrow is lance due to an earlier on royal tribute which i equalled the advantage thru a heavy storm. I summoned diva and he opened skill drain while i had another armsman on field. I thought of playing solumn but was afraid to land into a mirror force which could be the other set card. I went to play safe and it turned out to be a Xing Zhen Hu which locked my solumn and we went into top deck war as i lost my armory arm to his monsters.

Wesley Seek won Ryan Stark (Chain burn) Epic game 3 whereby wesley mst hit ryan's mst and decree came into the play.

Weemin won Wenliang (Heroes)

Match 4 vs Baha team

Me vs Bahamut84 aka Michael Santoso (Hero Beat with main decked maxx-c and veilers)
Game 1: Paid too much on warning and solumn judgement and gt killed by a gorz onto my aoj catastor
Game 2: Game stalled for everylong before i managed to get rid of his monsters and direct for game. Many maxx-c and veiler throwed to my face thruout.
Game 3: He had absolute zero and 2 hand. I had 1 hand which is armsman. I top deck compulsory. Set it and use it on his standby phrase. He went for card car d draw, i top deck horseman and attacked him and he had only 900 lp left. He drew and set a defence monster. I top decked diva again but got veilerd, made gaia knight and attacked a set veiler. Next turn he played a defence and i attacked into a set card car d. Time was called at 5500 to 900 and he conceded as he drew no outs.

Really luck sack to top compulsory....sided one out and nearly regreted it.

Wesley won Jeff (Inzektors)
Weemin lost to Calvin (Mermail)

Match 5 vs Team Aequus Bubble match

Me vs Shaun Lim (Dark World)
Game 1: Was in Cruise Control with 5 Atlanteans in hand, he went for some epic 1 card card destruction and turn the tables with that thru gateway and i was unable to clear it. After the card destruction, the next card i drew was Megalo WTF tats ygo folks.
Game 2: Went with a set slinde and set call of the haunted. He went with one backrow and ended his turn. I summoned diva and got marksman out lost all to a flush and slinde called out spike which discarded Horseman and searched megalo and slinde. Dropped slinde and marksman for Megalo. Megalo eff tribute spikeman and double attacked him dropping him to 3200. He had no response to my megalo attacks, i flipped call sp marksman attacked and horseman finished the game.
Game 3: Drew side decked stuff and we continued to play despite hearing that both my teammates lost. Cleared a grapha with gates on field via sphere plus diva into scrap dragon. After that he went defensive and i went to solumn his eradicator epidemic virus while having shadow imprisoning mirror on field. Eventually won the game as he went for Card destruction to throw 4 dw to see if he drew any outs but he did not.

Wesley lost to Weiann (Breaker Bls Heroes)
Weemin lost to Shaun (Herald Agents)

And all of us ended the day with 3-2

Once again Team Insanetech lost the bubble match, now 4 times in a row, with me winning 3 of those 4 losses

zzxiaoboizz signing off.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Consolidation of team tourney pre main event qualifiers

So it has been close to a month since i last posted. Mainly due to the lack of content that is gonna be posted anw.
Team Insanetech has been actively involved in the team tournament with the recent 3 qualifiers

1st one at Jcube 29/10/2012 ended up at top 4
2nd one at Ahsoo 6/10/2012 ended up as first round eliminated
3rd one at Audio Ventura 13/10/2012 ended up as 2nd

Audio Ventura tourney report

Me: Mermails
Wesley Seek: Chaos Dragons
Weemin: Dark World

Match 1 vs Team BBT

Me vs Vishal (Dark World)
Game 1: First turn grapha proves too much to handle to my hand of warnings
Game 2: Double megalo rush plus marksman to clear his only trap
Game 3: He went for dealings dropped grapha i debunked it, he went for card destruction drop 4 dark world and i chained shadow mirror, he din draw any outs to it with his 4 card draw from card destruction and went downhill from there as his attempt to revie a grapha via call of the haunted got trap stunned by me as i went for game.

Wesley and Weemin both won

Match 2 vs Wei Ann (Dark World)
Game 1: Controlled by skill drain but was able to survive till storm came and then snatch the win after clearing his backrow
Game 2: Survived an early DDV to be able to stall till i have diva and storm and once again snatch the game.

Weemin lost to herald agents
Wesley won

Match 3 vs Rong Jie (Hero Beat)
Game 1: Started with spike plus horseman and was able to reap pluses off it and start to control and won.
Game 2: His first miracle ate btmless and he book of moon his shining and miracled again with a photon thrasher and his facedown shining, i dprisoned the 2nd one and was able to go for the game then.

Wesley and Weemin both won

Top 2 vs Alvin Putra (Agent Angels)
Game 1: He had 2 hyperion, venus and storm while i started with 2 mst and abyssphere megalo and no a backrow wrongly mid game and misplayed from there.
Game 2: Drew no atlanteans, 2 mst and 2 abyssphere, quickly lost ground to his first turn venus followed by double earth. Did not feel so bad as my teammates told me i lost before i was about to get killed.

Team both lost. Weemin losing to Keith Chen  in a mirror match dark world and wesley seek losing to sherwyn's 'Light Dual'

Result is 2nd and that means we will have to qualify via main event qualifiers and if we do, its gonna be dead tiring that day. From my knowledge, the team that won last year's team tourney did not have to go thru the tiring swiss.

Fun Fact: This year team tourney record
Wesley win 5 lose 3
Weemin win 5 lose 3
Me win 5 lose 3

No one is the bright spark of the team it seems, we all perform equally dissapointing/satisfying since perception is by one's view.

Fun Fact 2: Team Insanetech has lost 3 out of 3 matches that concerns advancement to top 8
1st one last year team tourney losing to jonas bai team in swiss round 4
2nd one this year new banlist team tourney losing to bryan chua's team in swiss round 4
3rd one this year 4th qualifier losing to Team Putra in the finals.

Odds of making it thru this year: Too unpredictable ( i know i say this to make myself feel good maybe lol)

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Sunday, September 23, 2012

23 Sept tourney report

Deck used: Kara gadgets aka tinplate offering machina gadgets
After going 3-2 on saturday, with losses in dark world and mirror match 2-1 respectively, decided to alter side deck and stick to the same deck since i am familiar with it.

Match 1 vs Leo(Hero Beat)
Game 1: Early Giganto x forcing him to spark and from then on just gained advantage and was able to win as i had enough advantage to throw 2 gadgets for a fortress after the first attempt ate his traps.
Game 2: He started with raioh set 2, i went with set dd warrior lady and set prison, which gt msted and then raioh hit into dd warrior lady and he set 2 backrow and i stormed for plus 2 then went double giganto and had much more advantage than him so was able to push back even the 2 giganto died to a cyber dragon contact.

Match 2 vs Ryan Stark (D hero beat)
Game 1 He went all out but was not close and i pot of avariced drew gadget and dark hole and turned the tables of absoulte zero, utopia and excalibur on his field
Game 2: He pro storm and won the game.
Game 3: i rushed him on my 2nd turn with 2x fortress 1x gearframe and 1x red gadget on his empty field.

Match 3 vs William (Spellbook prophency)
Game 1: Baited a Junon effect usage and jumped trag after that, next turn threw fortress to take junon and pushed before eating a btmless as i attempted to make big eye and he pushed with junon via the spell equip card, i pushed back with fortress and giganto for game.
Game 2: He started with trooper, i gadget plus offering set and took out trooper, on his turn he activate gield and ended, i flipped offering next turn and went all out.
Match 4 vs Calvin Ang (Karakuri)
Game 1: Epic starting hand of 3 gadget double summon offering tinplate goldfish, tinplate stunt was countered by maxx-c and as i did not know wad he was playing as he set backrow only, opted to push and end with offering as only backrow, he did karakuri stunt and cleared my field while leaving soldier in defence, ninja and burei in attk mode. I made utopia via double summon on my turn after drawing a mst and then he warning my utopia then i mst the other backrow which was judgement and flipped offering and paid till left 900 and chaos hope ended the game as he had 3800 left.
Game 2: Double mindcrush on me but had trag and topped green gadget so was able to steal soldier make ouroboros to luckily discard his gorz 1/3 chance and then regain control
Match 5 vs Junjie (Hero beat)
Game 1: Giganto advantage
Game 2: Raioh wasted too many of my cards, had nothing to counter gorz plus honest later on
Game 3: Survived a mad rush of stardust alius shining via maelstroke and had enough to turn the table with chaos hope.

Top 8 vs Lionel (chain burn)
Shared and upright surrender as i had nothing to counter him. He went up

Btm 4 vs Jie lun(Hero beat)
Game 1: Drew 3 gadget and ended the game with 4 gadget in hand, 2 red 2 green
Game 2: Emerald for the pluses and he had bad had
Game 3: Time was called i was leading 3600 to 2300 , make Maelstroke and gt solumned. He had hc 2k attk on field in his last 2nd turn, he summoned alius i torrential it he chained spark drew off pot but revealed nothing gd (he took spark out of super poly storm and spark). On my turn i set gadget and a facedown torrntial, he conceded in his last turn.

Conclusion: 5-0 in swiss looks gd but failure to side against rogue decks might just result in the real weird defeats, side deck was generally pleased although its fair to say that i did not meet mirror matches nor dark world which i lost on saturday so it can't be a gd gauge of how far the tweaked side deck is against them.

Zzxiaoboizz signing off.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Team tourney 1st qualifier asia plus

Since team insanetech was not ready due to weemin having bowling competition, i figured out that i would just head down with some of my 'friends' that are either not so competitve in ygo or have their teammates unavalable too.

So we decided
Zai liang as leader with krystialords
Me as player a with arimura yohei beat
Sherwyn as player b with Hanzo Hierathics.

Match 1 vs team bbt

Me vs kenneth tan (hero beat)
Game 1: he started with raioh and 2 backrow and then controlled by bottomlessing my monsters and controlling to the pt where i had 3 hand and he had 5 hand...but subsequetly i drew into outs late game and had d fissure on field all along to minimise the heroes in his grave, was then able to push and win subsequently.
Game 2: he started with airman amf 2 backrow. I sp photon thrasher and it gt bottomlessed, i mst the other backrow which was warning and summoned rescue rabbit it went thru and i ended with a set prison a laggia and prohibtion declaring alius. Controlled for subsequent turns until he top decked super poly and made nova master which i responded with gunman and frm then on he was unable to clear it as he had a stuck alius plus spark x2.

While that match was going on, sherwyn got otked by geargia karakuri, both games lasting less than 3 turns. While zai liang lost 2-0 to dark world which had all outs lol. Anw i still feel that laggia is weak especially super poly is at at least 2 copies.
While the only motive there was to troll, i was fairly dissapointed with sherwyn's 3 turn defeat performance, not to say that he took card car d and have double scarecrow in side deck( wonders if he sided it in)

Currently meta looks to be dark world mermail hero beat although dark world can change to light lord or even karakuri/hierathics/agents. Gadgets still looks pretty bad as a deck choice due to raioh(a reason why i refuse to pilot) as well as its slow and staples limited....but if u can align gadgets properly, its still possible to win with it.

Zzxiaoboizz signing off

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Team Tourney 26 August (Sept Banlist)

So team insanetech went down today, weemin using x sabers and wesley using mermail

Me using Kara Gadgets as usual, too much money spent on kara = no money for yugioh

Match 1 vs Ryan Stark (Laval)
Game 1: He gold sarc for sweltering and obviously had a bad hand so i just pushed and solumn his sweltering heat plus i had gorz in hand to make the defecit back in case my field gets cleared which it did not
Game 2: Tio mirror force then went down hill
Game 3: Time was called when i was at 7400 and he was at 7200, i had roach plus flush and compulse while he had 2 rekindling.First he used laval lady to clear my flush then he went for laval cannon to pull back lady to make blackrose which i negated, he played rekindling and i just compulsed his only non tuner away and then he normal already so he could not make any play on his last turn and lost.

Team result: Wesley won but weemin lost

Match 2 vs Vishal (WWBF)
Game 1: Drew 3 gadgets and died to bora set 4
Game 2: Knew he had icarus when his 2800 attk bf attacked first plus drop qualat, i drop trag instead and cleared the gaia knight instead of the bf which was a mistake, he had reborn and blizzard next turn anw so no diff LOL.

Team result: Wesley lost but Weemin Won

Match 3 vs Jie Lun (Hero Beat)
Game 1: Outplayed by an early miracle and his solid backrow
Game 2: He top deck 2 raioh i top deck 2 warning and i had 2300 when i top deck the first warning so i died.

Wesley won and Weemin won (top deck creature swap reborn emmersblade swap for opp bls when opp gt 3k lp left i went high after i see him top deck the creature swap)

Match 4 vs Ball Snow
Game 1: Opened offering and the advantage was too big despite him having gorz reborn dark hole, won with ard +7
Game 2: i was at 650 while he was at 2400, he had a facedown set and i have gorz and yellow gadget on field, i humji and used gorz to attack into a set venus then yellow attacked, he top deck krystia next turn and vahalla effect sp it and gged me.
Game 3: Time was called and i started strong with giganto x then he pot for mind crush and set a defence monster, he crushed me but i giganto x search bad then had fortress tinplate gearframe yellow gadget giganto on field but giganto landed onto a gellenduo, i proceeded to black corn it before making a maelstroke in the main phrase 2 and it turned out that he had no outs.

So we ended with 2-2 and gt 9th place while a team that gt a bye and lost to us in first round gt 8th, dunno how pairing system works anyway, the planet is round anything can happen i guess
Wesley lost and Weemin lost epicly in less than 15 mins? (Same timing as my game against vishal and jie lun, i died quickly)

So we all ended with 2 wins each but in truth we know it could have been better played on any other day just not our day i guess and i just have to look forward to other team tourneys.

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

19 August 2011 double tourney report plus banlist aftermath

Phew it has been about 13 days since i last posted, anyway sry for the inactiveness and though i did not blog i still attended weekly tournaments.

On to the tournament report, there were 2 tournaments on sunday, a free ranking tournament and m7 tournament

Free ranking tournament single elimination
Deck used: Kara Gadgets

Round 1 vs Dexter (Chain Burn)
Game 1: Made a fatal mistake by not going for shock ruler with ultimate offering on the field already
and had solemn warning + judgement set while opponent has only 1 backrow. After that ate chain burns and die
Game 2: Game stalled and i took too long to cut his lp such that his card car d was allowed to farm as  i did not want to waste 2000 lp to warn on it. Anws wonders why i din side out my lp reducing cards hmm, big mistake and cost me the game.

Felt that there were insufficient competitive action and decided to play the m7 tournament with the same deck used

Match 1 vs Ryan Stark (Tour guide chaos dragons)
Game 1: He went for otk but failed and i had dark hole to clear the field and later on he played a facedown defence and i was not daring enough to overextend as i thought it was a ryko and i had no outs to his gorz so i decided to keep my reborn which was a bad decision as it was a facedown trooper and he did not have gorz so when he rush me with pulsar and redmd, i had no outs.
Game 2: Control with roach and beatdown
Game 3: Made big eye to snatch his lyla but got veilered so make roach plan fail and time was called and just got outright rushed to gg.

Match 2 vs Jie Lun (Inzektors) I got paired up
Game 1: His inzektor stunts were too much to handle for me as i failed to prevent inzektors from resolving their effect
Game 2: He went for an otk and failed, commiting all out to his field reducing my lp to 600 while he had ard 2k+. I just made chaos hope with tinplate goldfish and gadget the next turn to win the game
Game 3: As he was plotting his otk in the second game, time was called and i sided out all my lp decreasing cards. He went first with pot and took ryko and set it. I drew into yellow gadget and set 3 but was afraid to attack as it may be a damsel and first to take lp damage loses. So he flipped his ryko and destroyed bottomless and he proceeded to summon raioh which he attacks my yellow gadget with and i flipped lance in damage step to win the game and the match.

Match 3 vs 'zzz' (Tour guide verz raggia)
Game 1: Double rabbit seals the game
Game 2: Early swarm proves too much to handle as i was able to set the tempo on the first turn
Game 3: He switched his ophion to defence mode as he was afraid of a mirror force and therefore fell short of damage and i managed to turn the tables next turn as he left my gadget unharmed due to a lance protecting it from heliotrope ^^.

Match 4 vs Zan Hao (Mermail Atlantean Beat)
Game 1: Stopped slinde plays and killed with ultimate offering
Game 2: Jump trag too early and died to diva plus sniper plays
Game 3: Went into top decking mode and prevailed as i top deck monster while opponent top deck kraken with no monsters on field and hand.

Match 5 vs Shaun (Gravekeepers)
Game 1: He royal tribute and drop all of my hand except for double summon and pot of avarice, i set my double summon as bluff and gt msted, i top deck into heavy storm and was able to clear field and go for the avarice which allowed me to turn the tables and push with fortress forcing him to top deck and he kept drawing descendents which was insufficent to kill me.
Game 2: He royal tribute again but he had no monsters to hit me and my top decked gadgets was allowed to poke for few turns and killed him.

Top 8 vs Yong Siang (Verz Raggia)
Game 1: Made a rush after deducing his 2 long set backrows were fake and i was right.
Game 2: Fell victim to 2 torrential tributes, the second was when i was controlling as i had a gadget to poke him but i had 950 left, i was greedy and went to summoned tinplate and got flushed and he use verz heliotrope to kill me the next turn, i should have set the goldfish instead.
Game 3: Starting with giganto x applies pressure and the advantage of it being on field was enough for me to have a higher hand advantage and win.

Top 4 vs Kenneth (Hieroglyph)
Game 1: He had 1 backrow while i had 2 backrow, one bottomless and one ultimate offering, i made ouroboros to bounce back that backrow and he blind mst the wrong one, i opened the offering and killed him
Game 2: Drew into my sided cards and he had a pretty bad hand so i was able to farm and win.

Finals vs Xiao Mei (Hanzo Hieroglyph)
Game 1: Her rush failed as i veilered it and my rush failed as she opened flush and then i ate a top deck hanzo and died.
Game 2: I had maxx-c and veiler and i was able to +2 from her stunts while i maxx-c plus veilered atums as i was afraid of not drawing into any outs or encountering a drago stunt so from then on i controlled with tinplate and friends.
Game 3: She added Su early on and i made roach early on and controlled till the late part where her hanzo contacted with my gadget and gt bottomlessed but she lanced and roach was able to kill it. Soon after she din draw outs despite my roach drained her 2 attemped special summons from very early on.

Took away the M7 and thats the end of the tourney, the sale of the m7 will just nice fund my purchase of kara's pandora album due to be released on 22 Aug

Heading on to the banlist, the format might have been a little slower now but the entry of laval and mermail might mean that format is still pretty fast as they can otk with ease especially laval with sweltering heat plus heavy storm plus rekindling is abusive. Mermail with megalo to otk and abyssphere which punishes ppl who blind mst and gets a -1. Gadgets might have been hit with ultimate offerings to one but offerings is usually a bonus to killing fast. It was meant to have the control and yet rush factor, after all it is a deck largely based on ur hand, i find myself drawing 3-4 gadgets most of the time anyway. Lastly, Agents and Dark world might now see themselves climbing up the ladder although the return of TG agents might not happen with striker still as one and brio trishula now all on the banlist anw. Thats it for now, the meta should be easily defined from this coming week's team tournament as it utilises the september banlist. With mirror force to 2, gadgets might have something to fear now.........

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Thursday, August 9, 2012

9/8/2012 Secret M7 Ahsoo tourney

Since i figured using my wishful thinking that ultimate offering is gonna end, might as well make the full use of it.

Deck used: Kara Gadgets

Match 1 vs Jie Lun (Inzektors)
Game 1: Hand too good, had too much advantage and was able to reap ultimate offerings off pot of avarice and win the game
Game 2: He had advantage but he did not have traps and i just dark hole his centi, gorz and gorz token and go all out despite him having a backrow as i know that he has damsel in hand and hornet in grave while i had dark hole and a gadget in hand. I top deck a gadget, use dark hole then summoned a gadget and pull back fortress from grave to end him as he had 3700 only left. his backrow turns out to be a monster reborn....won with luck.

Match 2 vs Cassandra (Hierathics)
Game 1: Did not know what she was playing and i left a monster and a backrow which got night shot and then bouncer control my 4 hand gadget.
Game 2: Had the control cards and hand traps like veiler so was in control for the whole game.
Game 3: Same as game 2, we both started quite badly but i slowly drew into my gadgets and started farming again, making shock ruler for control.

Match 3 vs Daniel Ang (Verz Ragia)
Game 1: Massive backrow plus 1 gadget in hand, things just got great when the backrow is offering warning bottomless judgement ^^
Game 2: Some bad gadget hand in play
Game 3: We both had nearly no monsters but he had superior backrow and i make fatal mistakes of siding creature swap into the deck which fizzles upon thunderbird.

Match 4 vs Jonas Tai (Inzektors)
He shared with me and let me go up play................

Top 12 vs Daniel Ang again (Verz Ragia)
Game 1: Controlled with fortress equipped with gearframe and maelstroke on field and had 2400 lp while he had 100 lp and 2 backrow. He top rabbit make chaos hope and killed me despite i had 3 hand which is all 3 gadgets.
Game 2: He struggled to keep up with the resources i earned, probably a spell trap hand and he drew monsters late so my advantage was too big and i was able to waste his last torrential and still discard 2 gadgets to call out a fortress to win
Game 3: We both started with 4 backrow, i had a gadget on the field when he summoned his heliotrope and i warning it, he chain judgement and then when he attacked, i dimension prisoned it. Things went down hill for him as he had no lp to pay for warning and basically struggled to draw monsters yet again.

Top 6 vs Javier (Tour Guide Verz Ragia)
Game 1: He had heliotrope on field while i was having no gadgets in hand despite having a double summon. i reaped a yellow gadget off my pot of avarice and started the farming and killed him from there.
Game 2:He rabbit effect and i warning it, next turn he open cosmos then jump tour guide and attempt to make leviar i warning it and he chain judgement, ending me on that turn as my other backrow was a useless prison against his 4 monster swarm.
Game 3: I opened offering just before he made laggia and then make maelstroke which he negated with laggia effect, make emerald which got warninged. Then make Gigantox and ouroboros which got flushed (his last facedown backrow) while that was my 8th gadget used, i chained lance onto my ouroboros and banished his only hand card which was thunderbird then attacked him reducing him to 4050, then on the next turn he set a back row and on my turn i bounce it back to his hand and i summoned red gadget and went for the game.

Top 3 did not play out as we just sold off the top 3 prices back to the shop. So i won 1/3 of the m7 i think? Doesn't matter its with Mr Loke now

Gadget vs Rabbit = Backrow of Gadgets vs Backrows of Rabbit
Consistency vs hmm a little lacklustre consistency but rabbit makes up for it
Gadget vs Inzektor = You got the veiler and traps, u control but if ur opponent pro storm or pro reborn = gg.
The gadget 'miracle' is ultimate offering which if goes to 1, will see ppl playing 7 gadgets mayb, if its banned mayb back to machiner gadgets haha.

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Short tourney report at marymount 5/8/2012

Deck used: Ultimate offering machina gadgets (using it for the last few weeks before banlist executes its might)

Match 1 vs Sherwyn (tour guide chaos dragons)
Game 1: drew 4 gadgets and cannot get past lyla
Game 2: He had better farming and had boss monsters out and rushed me even though i had trag i could not block his swarm and easily died.
But he told me to go up and fight as he was hungry wtshit?
anw so shared and he let me go up

Match 2 vs Bryan Chua (Hero beat)
Game 1: Some top deck warfare and i lost as i did not mst his backrow which turns out to be super poly.....
Game 2: Had too much advantage and beatdown
Game 3: I had 5400 left and he had 2 hand while i have 4 hand and giganto x in attack mode on field. He ecall for stratos and took bubbleman and sp it by setting a facedown (miracle fusion) then he thought for a long while before making bladeheart and detaching it and making shining with an alius in his grave. Both swing and left me with 100 which i jump gorz and next turn made chaos hope to end him. If he went Excalibur plus great tornado route i would have gged as 2800-1150= 1650 and plus hc 4000 = 5650 = gorz unable to block = otk. I was let off here, rare misplay frm him.

Match 3 vs Daniel Ang (Verz Ragia)
Game 1: His uniqute shuffling techniques means i draw 4 gadgets 2 veilers and he opened cosmos gg
Game 2: Made a plus one with solumn when he use thunderbird plus lance to attempt to get rid of my giganto x and him failing to do so allowed me to fetch another use of giganto x another +1 and he cannot get over the defecit.
Game 3: He had 3 backrow 1 which is compulsed and i hav ard 2k plus left with ultimate offering on field and he knew my hand as he sided mind crush. i was fearful of flush so i made giganto x then shock ruler which was compulsed then maelstrom and had 725 left while leaving a veiler in hand. X got prisoned and on his turn he made ophion with castor and heliotrope and beat me so i lost...

Match 4 vs Alvin Putra (Hero Beat)
Game 1: After he judgement on my ultimate offering, he lost much lp advantage and could not keep up the numbers game
Game 2: He drew bad and i lured out his backrow of flush with dropping fortress and then opened my previous turn set offering to end him.

Match 5 Clarence (mermail)
Game 1: Offering went thru and won
Game 2: His megalo abyss plus armory arm dealt me 6k plus dmg to end me
Game 3: He drew bad and was struggling

Top 8 vs Jacob (Tour Guide Chaos Dragons)
Game 1: Was on a down side as my ouroboros gt cleared by an acid golem from tourguide but managed to carry out the plan of making his lp to below 4000 (3700) and allowing him to wack me to 500-1000 before opening offering and make chaos hope and change the tables.
Game 2: He milled gorz out and summoned raioh and i reborn his gorz and took out raioh and had farming sections and eventually won as i had too much resource to bring out fortress again and again to clear his monsters

Top 4 vs Ryan Stark (Chaos Dragons)
Game 1: Its quite unbelievable but he storm then future fusion and ended the game with boss monsters
Game 2: Its quite unbelievable but yet again he storm then future fusion and ended the game with boss monsters.

Shared 25 packs with another player (Samuel) and we got lousy stuff out of it so i rather not talk about the ending

Conclusion: Need to side more against Chaos dragons, trap card based solutions (suggest if any thanks). Drawing 5 gadgets is not funny, neither is 4. 2 is understandable while 3 is the norm today. Gadgets love me too much ah hahaha.

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ahsoo team tournament 28/7/2012

Format 3 vs 3 with 3 banlist for 3 people.
Deck used: Machina offering Gadgets
Teammates: Sherwyn and Kenneth Tan

Match 1 vs Jonas Tai (Arrive Hero)
Game 1: Gadget poke
Game 2: He arrive early and shining came out to beat me
Game 3: He mistake leaving monster on the field for me to chaos hope and end him as he had less than 4k and i had 800 with a gadget in hand but i top into another gadget and died.

Team score XX

Match 2 vs Six sam
Game 1: Read his play and nailed the game with whelming 4 hand advantage over his 0 hand
Game 2: Kinetic stalled against his daredevil and i just waited for him to commit onto field before flushing.

Team score OX

Match 3 vs Mermail Beat
Game 1: Drew 3 gadgets but had better hand than opponent (he bad hand)
Game 2: Drew 3 gadgets and died
Game 3: Controlled with backrow of compulse and btmless and won

Team score OO

Match 4 vs Ryan (Verz Rabbit)
Game 1: Judgement on his warning to allow Giganto X to go thru then followed by some beatdown
Game 2: His rabbit ate my veiler and then his thunderbird forgot to attack my gadget allowing me to make Giganto x and pull off the farming and then from then on took controlled of game.

Team score XX

Conclusion: Ultimate offering appeared once as a pot choice only and despite  that taking down games is still something to be happy about.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

22/7/2012 Marymount Tourney

Deck used: Gravekeepers plus tour guide

Match 1 vs Leo (Arrive Dark)
Game 1: Heavy storm plus Dark hole in my hand and a bit of stalling to make a plus 3 off them.
Game 2: Got beatdown by an early miracle.
Game 3: Game went into time, my opponent normal stratos while having shining on the field and having a little more lp than me, while i had only a facedown defence spy and 1 backrow, he chose to destroy my backrow and i chain compulse onto the shining and then he hit into my spy. mp2 he jump for zephyros and i cleared it next turn and lowered his lp to 2200 while i was at 3100 and i made hope and end turn, it was his final turn and he din draw any outs to clearing it so i won.

Match 2 vs Jeff (Hero Beat)
Game 1: Exchange backrows and then i wingblast his bladeheart leaving him with no hand no field and me with 1 valley on field, i top sangan to bring his lp to 3000 with me at 2900 and then he just top e call, airman and then bubble then excalibur.
Game 2: He mst spark and miracle and i gged.

Match 3 vs William (Hero Beat)
Game 1: Pro Storm play and died
Game 2: Mst spark miracle and died

Match 4 vs Ronald (Inzektors)
Game 1: Advantage from spy too much
Game 2: He prohibition veiler and exploded with mantis stunts
Game 3: I controlled with backrow and double veiler.

Final score 2-2

Conclusion: Hero Beat  > Gravekeepers = Change deck?
Just wanna ask any readers out there what do they think about a player entering main phrase or battle phrase or have already activated a card then realise that on that turn they forgot to retrive cards via gold sarc, is the player allowed to take back? 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Secret chain tourney at marymount 15/7/2012

Deck used: Tour guide gravekeepers

Match 1 vs Wei Ann (Arrive Hero Beat)
Game 1: Storm his only backrow which was a hero lives and proceeded with sin stardust beatdown, he top mystical space typhoon but it was useless.
Game 2: He rush me with hero stunts and although i stall with gk spy, hero blast proves to be too strong
Game 3: Game went into time and i inflicted 3700 damage on my last 2nd battle phrase and make maelstroke which in his last battle phrase, proved too much to handle as i had necrovalley on the field to counter a monster reborn he took via pot of duality.

Match 2 vs Nicholas (Hieroglyph)
Game 1: We had exchange of plays and he had a tefnut left on the field and i had 2 hand which was commandant and descendant. I top deck into allure which i used and drew into veiler and sin stardust, i proceeded with beatdown after that.
Game 2: The good old days of gk came as i drew into a spell trap hand with starlight road royal tribute chain disappearance mask of restrict tribute minus him by 5 but he had 2 seal left in his hand. Couple of turns later i got trap stunned by him and his hieroglyph stunts killed me as i sat there and did nothing.
Game 3: Controlled with spy and compulse then made roach and controlled even more frm there.

Anyways i shared and let him went up as said before the match even started as i had to leave soon anw

Match 3 vs Kian Leng (Machina Gadgets)
Game 1: He farm too much and he had 5 hand when i died
Game 2: I tribute plus had stele and spy to gain back advantage
Game 3: I had no outs to his massive horde of farming and creatures.

Match 4 vs Gavin (Verz Rabbit)
Game 1: He turn 2 rabbit and made a shock ruler with an existing sabersaurus on the field. When he called for monster effect, i drew tour guide the following turn and when he declared magic, i drew into dark hole. After taking couple of hits, he potted into rabbit and on my turn i dark hole his shock ruler and played a face down defence recruiter which had no valley on field. He dark hole and i just kept my cards but he showed me that he had 2 heliotrope in his deck, i find that it was a very respective gesture and i actually appreciated it a lot, good attitude in yugioh while being competitive, i gained a lot of respect for him and i actually said its ok that u do not need to show as frankly i was thinking that he would not have taken the rabbit if he had no target in his deck haha.
Game 2: Zenmaines and Maelstroke control
Game 3: I managed to drain his resources with stele and spy again, his top deck rabbit got book of mooned by me and i beat him down soon after.

Anws i left after this passing the deck to my insane tech teammate Weemin to play the last round

Match 5 Weemin (TGGK) vs Jonas Tai (Arrive hero)
Game 1: Gk plus valley lock him down according to Weemin
Game 2: Tour guide and gk plus valley lock him down according to Weemin again.

So i ended up 3-2 but din go up anws, after the match a song suits my feelings the best which is Step by KARA(for those that dunno that im a KARA fan now u now haha). Felt that i tried to step it up with gks again well i guess better luck next time.

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Time to update with some ABYR cards opinion

Seeing how often others update, its time to update as well (wtf i know)

Not going to talk about banlist cause im inexperienced at it.

Moving on in ABYR some cards caught my attention

1. One shot wand: 
Equip only to a Spellcaster-Type monster. It gains 800 ATK. After damage calculation, if the equipped monster battled: You can destroy this card, and if you do, draw 1 card.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Locals observation

Recently at the locals, i realised that hero beat was one of my toughest hurdles to get past. Reason being i hardly touch it and mostly i can't read plays made by opponent.

Take for an example of a duel in the locals where she went first and pot for blast, e call for airman but summoned alius with 2 backrow and ended
I thought of it as spark and blast, typical lame combo.
So my hand was tinplate goldfish red gadget fortress warning compulsoryx2
I summoned tinplate and it passed, aft i sp my red she opened warning and i told her u had to warn tinplate eff, from then on i tot it was warning and blast, so i made giganto to bait the warning and attacked with fortress but ate spark instead. I set 2 and ended and lost all to spark and eventually lost that game.

Game 2 and 3 i picked up a bit of scamming skills and lured out the typcal spark and dark hole that hero beat has. Looking at how mind boggling hero beat is, some thoughts of playing it disappeared.

When a gadget/laggia player sets a facedown defence monster, high chance its a snowman kinetic dd warrior lady etc that might be what jero beat players think and therefore nt clearing it using spark and dark hole is nt in the best of interest.

Makes me just wonder how setting a fake like tinplate goldfish can reduce opponent's ability to clear the real ones later on.

Mayb one will attack the facedown head on if he/she has a hero blast in hand or they can tell its a fake. Otherwise i still find it mind boggling, playing against hero beat is like pitting ur iq against theirs, similar to playing chess, mayb u might hav an additional horse if u side correctly haha.

Zzxiaoboizz signing off

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Yet another weekly tournament 30 June at Lorong Ah Soo

Target for today: Win hero beat with a side deck made for it( nt largely commited to it though)

Deck used: Machina goldfish gadgets

Match 1 vs Sam Kee (Tour Guide Rabbit Ragia)
Game 1: Rabbit into laggia plus raioh and 2 real backrow seals the game
Game 2: Color ruler controls and beats him down
Game 3: Same as Game one. 3 Game all got rabbit and when he goes first, he does it on his first turn GG while drawing 3 gadgets, red yellow green. fk i play only 2 sets

Match 2 vs Ying Jun (Hieroglyph)
Game 1: Typical Hiero stunt
Game 2: Drew too many hand trap to stop him
Game 3: Tio Gustav Max death while drawing 3 gadgets again
Once again, side deck is working like 60%-70% only

So Yingjun call me go up so i went up
and continued playing

Match 3 vs Cassandra (Hero Beat)
Game 1: Pot into blast then she warning my exceed and spark my fortress, next turn pro storm and controlled with solumn later on.
Game 2: Set one kinetic and she tot was snowman and went to spark it. Her gorz was taking away by my big eye while her 3500 shining direct attk allowed me to drop gorz and go for game with a forbidden lance, token, gorz and green gadget but ate scarecrow. With stratos and alius and an unknown card, she can't turn the tables around the next turn.
Game 3: Set tinplate and she went to dark hole it......managed to stall till shining came out and compulse it, then fortress beat from then on.

When they see a facedown set by a gadget player, it is likely it is a snowman hmm how true is that......................

So some lottery luck happened, me and shelton went to top 16 directly

Top 16 vs Yong Xiang (Verz Ragia)
Game 1: Opened cosmos on me and stall till 3 compulse come out then chope for game
Game 2: He controlled me with starlight road plus rabbit
Game 3: He tried to get over my fortress and ended up losing too much advantage so i won by spamming field when he ran out of cards after minus himself using maelstrom to target my fortress, let me drop his last card a rabbit and when he wack i forced him to detach his 2nd material.

Top 8 vs Sam Kee again
Game 1: Pro storm then counter his pro storm with solumn judgement
Game 2: He raioh set 2 i set 3 he pro storm and everything came out
Game 3: He pro storm i pro solumn judgement he pro mst and everything came out while i drew no gadgets nor gearframe

Bottom 8 vs Shaun Lim (Hero Infinity)
Game 1: Stuntman performance so i died
Game 2: Drew 2 gadget and 4 real backrow, controlled from there
Game 3: His void ogre plus dark grepher and 3 unfriendly backrow was the gg factor.

7th/8th playoffs vs Jonas Tai ( Hero Arrival)
Game 1: Tio swarm
Game 2: He bubbleman sp top deck reborn plus zephyros fml

Conclusion: Top 8 but considered poor results since i draw either no gadget or plenty mostly. Especially against Yong Xiang game 1 he opened cosmos then pot for bottomless when my hand has 2 fortress fml
Lauren then showed me his ultimate offering gadget build, personally fiendish chain < Offerings to the doom/ Phoenix Wing Blast / Raigeki Break
Might have to hibernate my gadgets till september, we shall see.

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Worlds Singapore Qualifer tourney report

Tourney report for Worlds Singapore Qualifier 2012

Deck used: Machina Gadgets

Seeded so straight into top 16

Top 16 vs Ultimate Offering Gadget (Sry did not take note of your name)

Game 1: He went first and started with a gadget plus a backrow, i said dun so fast ultimate offering me in a kidding manner. On my turn my gearframe got veilered and i took his red gadget using mind control and made my own Giganto x and search for Gearframe and ended with a backrow. He opened Ultimate offering the next turn and when i veilered his gadget, he had another in his hand to continue and my backrow of offerings to the doom stopped only 1 exceed, the rest flooded out and he made a mistake of forgetting to take his green gadget and went to make utopia quickly. I was spared that turn with 700 hp but could not fight back the next turn and died on his next turn.

Game 2: I went first but did not get any backrow removal, in the early part of the game he opened ultimate offerings again but this time veiler plus compulsory was able to stop the search from going on (Lucky he dun hav 2 gadget in hand this time). Push for damage and he did not draw into a gadget and push again and he had only 1200, not enough to make a comeback.

Game 3: H went first and set 2, i storm and hit offering and mst. Started to gadget farm and i stopped his gearframe farm but his gearframe were consistently hitting my gadgets till he got greedy and went to puppet plant my gadget and made giganto x which i compulsed. From then on i started to draw into my backrows of warning and dimensional prison. Slowly controlled with another bottomless i took off pot from the start. He threw cyber and sp fortress which i bottomlessed. He call of the haunted back cyber and i warning it. He had a book of moon to my maelstroke the next turn (he had 1800 left) but no response to the following turn.

Top 8 vs Samuel (Inzektor)
Game 1: He had a facedown set and a damsel searched by sangan after he flushed my fortress and giganto x. I drop cannon to call my fortress back and had a long ago set limiter removal. He had 4200, i wack with fortress he allowed and i limiter him. Backrow turns out to be a waboku, was lucky that he made a mistake as he had gruf in grave already.

Game 2: Had solumn compulse and transmigration set with a facedown fortress that got booked while attacking his facedown monster and a faceup gearframe. He flipped up facedown monster which is damsel next turn, allowed that to pass, he foolish burial and threw hornet. Activated damsel effect which i chain transmigration, he had no inzektor to equip and had to show me his hand of duality reborn and bls. He pot for torrential. Lure it with a flipped faceup fortress next turn, summoned my gearframe and drop cannon for 4200 damage. He top deck into nothing, reborn damsel in defence and ended, i compulse my own gearframe next turn and summoned it searching out a 3rd fortressa after i drew into the 2nd one and pushed for game.

Top 4 vs Wesley Seek (Inzektor)
Game 1: Fortress hand and died quickly to centipede farming with a compulse set to protect it. Centipede farming leads to damsel mantis and leads to otk.

Game 2: Made a fail otk and ate scarecrow instead, went downhill from there and was just pratically stalling game until my backrow was finally overwhelmed by a wicked cyber dragon. I had the 2nd last gearframe on my field and he sp cyber dragon, i bottomless he chain compulse i offerings it and then died later on due to useful backrow all gone.

3rd/4th Placing vs Bryan Chua aka Ball Snow (Inzektor)
Game 1: Reduced him to 500 then die due to reading of a mst as a real backrow and some zenmaines defending.
Game 2: Had outs to him and reborn allowed me to make giganto x and end him with some 3 card advantage
Game 3: He had relatively few backrow in the late game and i just rushed for the game after using my long held veiler on his critical damsel. He had 3100 left and i had fortress plus reborn in hand but only 1 fortress in grave. I topped into a cannon which i drop for fortress and sp his centipede to deal exact damage to end the game.

Result: 3rd

Post tournament comments: Gadgets did well this time, did not draw badly till against Wesley but thats yugioh. The only negative thing about participation this time is that i lost too easily against Wesley Seek, felt that i did not put up a good fight myself. Nevertheless happy that i made it to 3rd.

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Singapore Worlds Qualifier 23/6/2012 analysis

So about a year ago, the first blogpost was worlds 2011 and time flies too fast seriously.

On my previous post i mentioned predicted top 10 deck type qualifying

1 Machina Gadget
3 Hanzo Hierathic
3 Inzektor
2 Random decks including Chaos Dragons
1 Rabbit Ragia

The Actual one:
1 Machina Gadget (Ultimate Offering) 
1 Final Countdown
1 Hanzo Hierathic
4 Inzektor
1 Rabbit Ragia
1 Infernities
1 Dark World

so Prediction wise pretty spot on with rabbit and gadget. Over estimated hanzo hierathic and the power of random decks muahahaha.

The 6 seeded players deck type

1 Machina Gadget
3 Hanzo Hierathic
1 Rabbit Ragia
1 Inzektor.


5 Inzektor  31.25 %
4 Hanzo Hierathic 25%
2 Rabbit Ragia 12.5 %
2 Machina Gadget 12.5 %
1 Final Countdown 6.25%
1 Infernity 6.25%
1 Dark World 6.25%

At top 8, remaining deck types
1 Infernity
1 Rabbit Ragia
1 Machina Gadget
2 Hanzo Hierathic
3 Inzektor

At top 4, remaning deck types
1 Hanzo Hierathic
1 Machina Gadget
2 Inzektor
With the winner being Inzektor (1st) followed by Hanzo Hierathic (2nd) then Machina Gadget (3rd) and then Inzektor (4th)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

10/6/2012 qualifiers report plus post mortem discussion

Ok quite some time after i can sit down and do another blog post. Went to amk on 10/6/2012 and played in qualifiers despite already qualified so as to test my deck again for 1 last time.

Deck used: Machiners Gadget (u dun see me play hanzo hieratic do u?)

Match 1 vs Joel (Chaos dragons)
Game 1: Giganto x farm too much, had backrow to clear threats
Game 2: Flush prevented him from otk, stalled till a sided photon thrasher appeared before compulsing his facedown monster and heavy storm his 1 backrow to use thrasher to kill him as he had less than 1k lp left.

Match 2 vs Bryan Chua aka Ballsnow (Inzektor)
Game 1: Opened relatively bad but he open worse and when i mst 1 of his 2 backrow which turns out to be mind control, went for the limiter rush kill and it worked.
Game 2: He lure out my veiler with double damsel, he set one the last turn and i din wack as i tot was snowman zz. He proceeded with mantis stuns while i proceeded to keeping my cards
Game 3: Had a veiler and he had a facedown all along which he did not open, correctly read it as a call and was not tempted to use a veiler i potted on his centipede that has mantis equipped, he call for damsel and i use on it instead, he made revise to attempt to clear my fortress but i compulse it and that was game.

Somehow the disappearance of Kenneth Tan is setting in now

Match 3 vs Jeff erm no tio repair......Putra er no also tio repair........Calvin (inzektor) i got paired down
Game 1: Reduced him to less than 1k lp and then went downslope as he drew his pieces and my gadget got solumned.
Game 2: Forgot how it went, died relatively quickly, guess my mood suddenly went downhill alongside my cards

Match 4 vs Hong Rui (Hanzo Hieroglyph) Sry if i was very unfriendly and ill tempered, this uncle just sat beside the table and started singing, i got really pissed off trying to hold my composure.
Game 1: Typical Hieroglyph otk with hanzo opening again
Game 2: Typical Hieroglyph otk with hanzo opening again

Match 5 vs Jonas Bai (Inzektor)
Game 1: He drew badly
Game 2: He mst and do stunts
Game 3: Some insane top deck compulse to save myself and win the game

Score: 3-2 (17th position out of 35 wtf)

So in the end Lauren won it with Hanzo Hierathic

Qualfiers seeded 6 players deck used
2 Machina Gadgets
2 Hanzo Hierathic
1 Rabbit Ragia
1 Inzektor

So from the pre-analysis will we see on the main event day the top 10 decks to be

3.33 Machina Gadgets
3.33 Hanzo Hierathic
1.17 Rabbit Ragia
1.17 Inzektors

However what i foresee is this

1 Machina Gadget
3 Hanzo Hierathic
3 Inzektor
2 Random decks including Chaos Dragons
1 Rabbit Ragia

Reason being Hanzo Hierathic can open the best among these few decks, ignore the machina gadgets opening of dark hole heavy storm limiter gearframe fortress fortress bullshit

Surprisingly the forbidden lance main decked is working against flush break windblast bottomless very well, something u see inzektors playing mostly.

Most of the time, its either opponent does not draw into veiler to stop ur stuns or they get their streak bouncer mind controlled by a non- hanzo hieroglyph player to exceed for gaia dragoon.

Sidingwise, maxx-c, mask of restrict and light imprisoning mirror are the 3 cards most ppl would consider playing alongside scarecrow and tragoedia.

While maxx-c can be stop by just making a streak bouncer and let opp plus 1, mask of restrict can be bypassed via removing dragon on field for redmd, light imprisoning mirror works like a faulty machine against redmd effect.

Not to forget the Black Luster soldier that is a hassle too.

Surprisingly, inzektors have underperformed despite being touted the 'best meta of the format' i guess its becuz hieroglyph is surprisingly fast. But i tipped inzektors killing each other and in the end some ppl piloting inzektor will top based on 40% skill and 60% luck.

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Monday, May 28, 2012

Recent meta trends in singapore

The recent worlds pre qualifiers has seen 2 machina gadgets win them and seeded to top 16, while machina gadgets seem to make a comeback, a couple of considerations to make for the upcoming asia events

Main decking cyber dragon - seems a good stunner in the first game and can eat up zenmaines which inzektors tend to make after nuking fields.

Not playing chain disappearance- Inzektor though widespread, chain disappearance can be not main decked nor sided since centipede against chain disappearance makez u look like some trolollol.

Huge revolution reversal vs Starlight road. IMO heavy backrow decks should play reversal while decks that are less heavy should play starlight road with the reason being starlight road < warning.

Hanzo hieratics threat- recently tool down malaysia worlds qualifiers and expect more from this deck that control from hanzo and can perform gaia bouncer control and even otk.

Main decking veilers - stop otks, inzektors bombing , gadget gearfrmae. searches and rabbit from using effect, mayb too obvious but the quantity to play is another issue, i prefer 3 veiler in gadgets and 2 in rabbits.

Siding against inzektors. Really eternal rest are the 1 for 1 against inzektors while compulse gets rid of exceeds like ninja which are irritating. While compulse can get rid of exceeds, it merely stalls against normal inzektors. DD crow can work wonders but if opp has another grulf or hornet in hand, there goes the 'crow' effect.
Hand traps vs field traps, mst is likely to be at 3 and with ryko plus storm, hand traps seems viable but without monsters to clear the mob, inzektors bomb next turn again

Friday, May 25, 2012


Just for those that watch the vids in previous post and realised that drillroid actually drill past snowman in game 2. Thats not the real ruling as i read from other post and i would really apologise to win by 'wrong rulings' nevertheless, drillroid is still a good card imo as it can destroy facedown snowman as a 1 for 1, or destroy damsel in fd defence.

So sorry for wrong rulings demonstration even if that day it was ruled otherwise. Thanks to Derelome gang and the blog one dream live it for pointing it out if not i wun check its rulings too.

I guess now the thing to do will be focusing on worlds, this post is just to clarify and public apology since i feel that winning by wrong rulings is very wrong. Reminds me of the msia playoff ....

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Monday, May 21, 2012

Worlds pre qualifier 1 finals video

On the left is Wan Xin aka xiaomei and on the right is me.

Part 1:
Part 2:

Credits to Colin for video taking and Ygo Accel for posting the vid links on their fb page and uploading it thanks.

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Worlds pre qualifier 1 20/5/2012 at marymount

Deck used: Machina Gadgets
Format 4 round swiss cut to top 8, winner gets seeded to top 16 of worlds singapore qualifier next month

Match 1 vs Ryan Stark (Rabbit Ragia)
Game 1: Torrential his 3 monsters he solemn i solemn back = earn
Game 2: Game went back and forth and i use meklord grannel and fortress to overpower sabersaurus with a set forbidden lance

Match 2 vs Samuel (Lightlord)
Game 1: I went first set warning and ended, he used solar recharge on his turn and ended with no wulf nor guardna milled. I summoned meklord grannel and sp fortress and went for the kill with limiter in the process using warning on his tragoedia.
Game 2: He was leading with his mills and he beat me down with judgement dragon
Game 3: He drew pretty badly and gadgets earned advantage quickly so he was quicky out-resourced

Match 3 vs Wan Xin aka Xiao mei (Machina Gadgets)
Game 1: Saw 5 backrow but none was activated as gearframe beatdown
Game 2: Cleared her 3 fortress with 2 flush and proceeded to beatdown

Match 4 vs Kenneth (Hanzo Hieroglyph)

Since we both top 8 for sure, he gave me the win

Top 8 vs Bixuan (Inzektors)
Game 1: He drew pretty badly so i went for beatdown
Game 2: Game went down hill for him when he attempted to bottomless then veiler my gearframe and i book it, repeated hits from gearframe and he lost.

Top 4 vs Kennth (Hanzo Hieroglyph)
Game 1: Managed to have outs to his outs and rush him when he had a facedown card
Game 2: He went first with 1 set facedown and used card car d effect. I summoned gearframe and sp fortress and went with limiter only to end up with a book of moon on my fortress and went down hill from there.
Game 3: Lightning vortex worked and game stretched till time was called but i was around 3600 life and he had only 600 life, he din top deck anything good to turn the table.

Finals vs Wan Xin aka Xiao mei (Machina Gadgets)
Game 1: Limiter ends her mid way thru the game
Game 2: She had a big hand and hardly set backrows, game came to a point of time where i had giganto x and fortress on the field with offerings to the doom and limiter set and she was left with 4600, she mst my limiter which i choose not to chain, she jumped fortress and i destroyed it using offerings to the doom, she set a facedown defence monster with no backrow which i proceeded to use giganto x effect to search drillroid the next turn and won. It was later said that she had a bad hand of gadgets.

So seeded to top 16 of worlds qualifier Singapore, a milestone achieved yay. Now the next step is to decide what to use on that day, should i go for aggressive build decks or control based and stick back to the machina gadgets that brought me into top 16....hmm tough choice that i hav roughly a month more to think haha.

zzxiaoboizz signing off 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

13 May 2012 ah kit shop tourney @ marymount

Participants 22
4 round swiss
Deck used: Machina Gadgets

Match 1 vs keithchen(infernity)
Game 1: Slowly bait out backrow while he seats behind a first turn gantetsu,make big eye and took gantetsu and took control from there
Game 2: He zero max and i threw maxx-c, he decides to giv me +1 by using beetle effect only but i drew enough with 2 cards to add to my zero hand to make a comeback.

Match 2 vs Wesley Seek (Inzektors)
Game 1: Compulse din help much and gadgets gt ram over or shot by hornet after he controlled with a first turn ninja from gruf.
Game 2: Make a counting mistake of making emerald when i gt 2 monsters in grave only, later on he had less than 2k and a facedown centipede while i had a gadget on field, i tried to reveal my other gadget and say make kachi kochi to kill but plan fail cause i no play and i just took warning and managed to win as his mst came 1 turn late.
Game 3: Time was called and i had better advantage with flush and warning set and 2 veiler in hand. He tried some mindfuck skills but i had flush to counter his mst on his own mantis equipped to damsel on my last turn to avoid the veilers.

Match 3 vs Jun Cai (Raioh Inzektors)
Game 1: Raioh gt darkholed and game was a little scary as he din show any inzektors all game(turns out tat he drew none and i just beatdown while negating his gorz with a warning.)
Game 2: Searchers all in hand, fortress gt bottomlessed then all hopes gone, lost in like 3-5 mins.
Game 3: He make bls mid game to clear my gadget and black corn i rush back with fortress and gearframe then he could not follow up after that.

Match 4 vs Xiaomei (Machina Gadgets)
Game 1: Had higher advantage and won
Game 2: Out advantaged
Game 3: Fail rush leads to her taking total control the following turn.

Top 8 vs Sam (Tour guide Inzektors)
Game 1: Loss to some beatdown by tourguide sangan and gruf
Game 2: Keep drawing gadgets off my emerald and had no veiler to answer to his outs, deck often shuffled to not get a foil which my veilers mostly are LOL

Bottom 4 vs Xiaomei (Machina Gadgets)
Game 1: Advantaged and win
Game 2: Forgot how i got gged
Game 3: Had a better hand and game went till late on and i use gold fish to beatdown and win lol.

Result 5th/6th took dragons collide ocg deck.

Nt bad finally topping again, side deck most cards untouched and needs to be touched, forgot how to side as a machina player after nt playing it for almost a year in tourneys, still vividly remembers that i was using machina last year same time period lol.

Grats to mr wesley for winning.

Zzxiaoboizz signing off

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Singapore Worlds Qualifier in about a month plus

Within a flash of asia qualifier in singapore, world its here. With the release of return of the duelist and the duelist edition 1/2 as the new additions to the weapons cache for players to use, players will be sad to know that the new SD (Yes that water one) cannot be used. Anw its held on 23 June with 6 rounds swiss for 128 players who register first and cut to top 12. With 4 pre-qualifers to choose 4 winners to join the top 12 for the top 16 playoffs.
Gt some side deck dilemma? Refer to Avengingknight's side deck post then

According to recent worlds meta analysis, popular decks as follow
Hieroglyph variants
Rabbit Ragia

Random decks like
Final countdown
Gadgets variant
Mask change herobeat
BF variants
Agent Variants
Chain burn

Well i think that the 2 most top decks will once again be Inzektors and Hieroglyph since Singapore qualifers clearly show that. Although i tip gadgets to have an outside chance, the lack of tinplate goldfish might just mean that gadget players have slower access to giganto-x their plus card. Similarly Rabbit Ragia is never strong with asia format in play, no verz access, of course unless u can dominate with it like Ryan Stark in the asia qualifers who got 3rd (nickname: Rabbit Ryan)
Karakuri geargia might face problems of birdman and iron call being unable to use while infernity without lavalral chain will be top decking tremendously.
1 thing i do hate about inzektors mirror match is that much of the game is about ur hand and ur mindset. If u wanna do mantis otk and u think ur opponent does not have veiler, most likely u stand a chance to win. Matches where inzektors pit each other can start and end quickly something i do not really like.

Right now im thinking machina but i might need to up its speed if i were to play it, however the last year worlds horror of 2 fortress 3 gearframe 1 cannon against gravekeepers as a starting hand has not hovered away yet argh.

Things to do before worlds
Get tour guides from epic dawn to play
Think of a deck to play for world's 4 pre qualifiers
Think of what to play for worlds
Try to top for worlds this time (I want to avoid the disappointment of taking out a big dog last year and dying to a pro gravekeeper player after that. -.-) 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ranking tourney at full yen(yew tee) 5 may 2012

Deck used: Vertz rabbit
Participants: 13

Match 1 vs Zhiyong (Vertz rabbit)
Game 1: Heavy storm then use warning counter his starlight road then controlled with rabbit.
Game 2: Somehow had a 2 card advantage but he beat me down since the 2 card were warning and road whic i drew when i had less than 2k.
Game 3: Rabbit for advantage then controlled with mst and storm, he made mistakes but i was lucky to win.

Match 2 vs Eddy (Skill drain machina geartown)
Game 1: he skill drain then solemn my lance to kill my ragia with his barbaros, i made ophion then after that lure him into attacking then lance and won after that.
Game 2: He solumned my bottomeless on his fortress and previously lured my raioh with a cyber. Stalled till judgement was set then i reborn chber made chimeratech and end game with him and heliotrope cause he left 3950.

Match 3 vs Zexuan (Six Samurai)
Game 1: He failed to lure warning out and i managed to warn his shien and kill him with verz beatdown.
Game 2: Warning his exceed then tbird beatdown.

Match 4 vs Wesley Seek (Inzektor)
Game 1: His hand too bad
Game 2: Gt controlled and died
Game 3: He safe zone stall very long then he heavy and ended me, in the middle i made a mistake of not flipping my thunderbird before i heavy storm, allowing him to break it zz.

As such lost in finals and no if u read my fb post, i can't get the iu and sistar new album now gg. But still good as i had 3 wins, making me a target on ppl's back now i presume lol.

Zzxiaoboizz signing off

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Video Update

A friendly match(With side) between Alvin Putra from and Sherwyn Lim, both local sg duelist with Putra piloting arrive hero and sherwyn vertz ragia. I take no credit for the duel, except for fliming it. Enjoy and i apologise for poor video quality. Feel free to comment below.

Game 1:
Game 2:


Monday, April 23, 2012

20k views yay! + Tournament report 22/4/2012 @ Marymount

ok not exactly 20k views yet but soon i hope + guess
Anw played verz raggia again but without cosmos and played 2 veiler instead

Match 1 vs Bryan Chua (Inzektor)
Game 1: I had a great hand of heavy storm but he set one and i was reluctant to use it, my rabbit got veilered and i went down hill when he flash his inzektor stunts.
Game 2: Started with heavy backrow and thunder bird floating around to kill him.
Game 3: I had 2 rabbit and monster reborn but could not do a thing against his rivalry of warlords = gg

Match 2 vs Jeff (Hero Beat)
Game 1: Rabbit make ophion, had thunder bird and heavy storm in hand to seal the game within a few turns
Game 2: My cards got countered and i had no outs to miracle
Game 3: Cleared shining and excalibur with a torrential but could not handle the additional advantage of 6 cards to my 2 cards which was a top deck rabbit and mandrago. He had honest in hand since long ago when he potted so i can only play defence since i had only 400 lp left but agian it proved to be useless.

Match 3 vs Kenneth Plant (Malicious hieroglyph)
Game 1: He bad hand
Game 2: Tio hieroglyph combo gg
Game 3: Make dokka and controlled with backrow

Match 4 vs Xiaomei (Inzektor)
Game 1: He baited out my backrow and bomb my helpless sabersaurus
Game 2: Had a veiler in hand and kept it till the damsel came down and killed it
Game 3: Bad mistake of not msting her trap stun when i have a facedown weed out and died to a top decked damsel lalala me too noob lol.

Match 5 vs Ds (Karakuri fish geargia)
Game 1: He use the 3 card combo make burei bureido bureido landoise and i gg
Game 2: Ophion control while he drew karakuri cards
Game 3: Same as game 1 and i drew 2 yellow skin warning lance chalice chalice trolollol

Scrubbed 1-4 so mayb need to change build again, played no guaiba today and it kinda looks weird when u have heliotrope and sabersaurus on field -.-. Although 1 can still exceed for djinn maelstrom

zzxiaoboizz signing off.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Sry for not posting for quite some time, was preoccupied with sch trips and asia which i scrubbed out in the first round to kenneth who went on to be singapore champion and 2nd in asia

Anw was testing out geargia karakuri, cannot really decide between playing aggressiveness of 0 traps or at least 6 traps since any fewer than that will probably end up blown by mst.

Tested with siryugioalot ( )and epic failed getting thrashed 2-1 every time.

Will continue to test btw people can check our Clarence's build on karakuri.( Kudos to him as usual

Btw chaos dragons topped in Ycs while another one got into the finals, damn it i just can't get my lightlord engine going with 3 ryko, 3 lyla and 3 recharge

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Asia Championship 2012

Asia Championship will be held in Singapore on 15 April 2012. For asia format will be no promos except dt 1 and 2 being the exception.

Being single elimination and free registration, one can expect to see many people pilioting different decks. So i will do a basic deck analysis about them today.

Inzektors: Muchly the deck to beat and most people will probably pilot this deck. It involves inzektors being equipped to their own family such as inzektor hornet which can destroy 1 card on the field and inzektor gruf which can increase the level of a monster the player controls by 1 or 2. When send to grave from field, they trigger abilities of some inzektors. Inzektor Damsel and Centipede are the 2 main cards that will have triggered abilities. Gigamantis or Gigaweevil are cards that one will have to worry about as both are good combos with hornet and dragonfly. They can form a potential otk when dragonfly and mantis are equipped to a damsel and hornet destroys mantis. mantis specials hornet from grave and dragonfly is able to special 2 inzektor monsters except itself from the deck. The same goes for weevil except that it can special itself while mantis is unable to.

Hieroglyph: This deck is one that is able to perform otks and is able to side macro cosmos giving it versatality. Basically its about hieroglyph monsters being tributed and they will have their effects which allows them to sp 1 normal monster from their deck but it will be with 0 attk and defence when it is special summoned. The gayness is that a few hieroglyphs can be special summon by tributing a hieroglyph monster on their field. One of such is Su.(
The combo basically kicks off with this and atums( is the main culprit of the gayness. It allows the user to special a dragon monster from his deck by detaching an exceed material and its rank 6. The target usually is red eyes metal dragon which can use its effect and sp a dragon from their grave which can continue the combo if the user has another red eyes in his hand or monster reborn. Although atums is unable to attack that turn, the user can exceed for Gaia Dragoon which has 2600 attack and can pierce. Ouch!

So that is the 2 main decks that people will use, the rest of the decks are rather small in numbers but decks that one can expect include Gravekeepers, Gladiator Beast, Blackwing, Ragia variants, Dark World, Tech Genius Agent Angels.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lorong Ah Soo Team Tourney 31/3/2012

Edit: Sry for the picture, infringement of privacy on some ppl sorry
So on 25 March 2012, i posted on FB to look for a team. The only 'serious' reply was by Kenneth Tan which i accepted. Thats how the team was formed LOL.
So Team members are
Kenneth Tan (Inzektors) Player A
Aim (Inzektors) Player B
Me (Verz Raggia) Player C
Match 1 vs Vishal's Team
Me vs David (Inzektor)
Game 1: I tot he was playing hieroglyph but was shocked when he summoned inzektors lol. I started with ragia and 4 backrow that are real but lost them to some misplays and he outplayed me so i lost my advantage quickly and gged.
Game 2: Prohibtion helped in slowing him down a lot and i was able to kill him with heavy backrow.
Game 3: Top a guaiba to ram over him and make laggia then after that he had 2 backrow and only 1300 left, i direct with laggia that has no material, he call of the haunted for zenmaines i tot its ok cause i gt chalice but he chain flush and i chain judgement then i show him chalice for the win,
Aim won Vishal
Kenneth lost to Alvin Putra
Overall team won 2-1
Match 2 vs Jeff's team
Me vs Brian/ Ball-snow (Inzektors)
Game 1: Forgot to call thunderbird come back and lost advantage
Game 2: Heavy 5 backrow with thunder bird and 2 faceup cosmos for control.
Game 3: He had rivalry torrential and everything
Aim won Kenneth Koh
Kenneth Tan lost to Jeff
Overall team lost 2-1
Match 3 vs Jia Rui's team
Complete mirror match lineup lol
Me vs Pokekid (Verz Laggia)
Game 1: The mistake came when i chain disappearance his rabbit and he flushed as i had only 1 monster and he had another so i gain advantage from there and beat down.
Game 2: He went first and rabbit for laggia then i dark hole it and after few turns he had a verz heliotrope and 1 backrow after killing my sabersaurus. I sp mandrago on my turn and mind control the heliotrope to make opion and take my infestation lance which gain me advantage and allowed me to control and win from there.
Aim lost to Jia Rui (i think)
Kenneth won Zalro
Overall Team 2-1
Match 4 aka fight to get into top 8
Me vs Dunno whats ur name (Inzektor)
Game 1: He flush my opion and he had only 1/2 hand left. I normal rabbit in mp2 and i think jeff said he forgot to veiler after allowing me to pass. I then controlled with a facedown warning and ragia from there.
Game 2: His otk failed and i fought back after clearing his 2 backrow with a heavy storm that got solumned and an mst. Rabbit did the job and after that he made 2 fatal mistakes and lost.
Kenneth won Hieroglyph
Aim din have to play it out cause we 2 won
Top 8 vs Team Aqueous
Me vs Shaun Lim (Infernity)
Game 1: Verz Ophion on first turn and 5 backrow. But had little to stop his searchings, he searched out barrier and 3 breaks but barrier got negated and breaks got countered. His acid golem died to my lance and my ophion was able to stay on field to win.
Game 2: He went for gantetsu with the infernity beetle and had 5 backrow. I pot for prohibtion and called for judgement. He infernity break it. I use another prohibtion and called for the same thing, he allowed it to pass and i heavy stormed and profit +2 from there. Then i summoned thunder bird and ended. 2 turns later i dark hole and chain chalice on his gantetsu and thunder bird ran away. A 2nd thunder bird flew down and they performed beatdown. After that lost the 1650 attk thunder bird and match then somehow came to this point where i had 2 backrow and a thunder bird. He had 2 backrow and 1 hand, which is zero max and he sp necromancer in defence and i chain dissapearance it. He had barrier but he din put it in atk position so i won that game with beatdown on next turn.
Aim won Shaun Lin
Kenneth Tan still played out the match and won Dominac
Top 4 vs Calvin (Hiero)
Game 1: He detach wrong material and fail to otk me. I dark hole then controlled
Game 2: He otked me
Game 3: I made ophion and had solid backrow. He dark hole and i chained the verz infestation that i searched earlir with ophion, he thought for a while after that and scooped as he cannot get over it.
Aim won Guan Ji
Kenneth won Nian Jie
Top 2 vs Jonas Team
Me vs Gavin (Verz Raggia)
Game 1: I rabbit into raggia and controlled
Game 2: He rabbit into raggia. I pot for compulse and set it alongside snowman. Started with 2 thunder bird, heavy storm and sabersaurus also. He flashed rabbit number 2 on 2nd turn and had 2 helio trope, i allowed it to pass and then he attacked with ragia which my snowman destroyed the raggia. I then took 3900 dmg then after that he exceeded for ophion. i compulsed and he open one of the backrow which was infestation. On my turn i drew into rabbit. I stormed and destroyed bottomless. I summon rabbit and made verz bahamut took his ophion but throwing away 1 thunder bird and search for infestation with his ophion and both swing for 4900 dmg then set the infestation. He then had snowman for 2 turns but i had thunder bird and sabersaurus to keep up with the damage and won him eventually.
Aim lost to Yong Jie (sry if name is spelled wrongly)
Kenneth Tan won Jonas Tai
Overall Team won 2-1
And so we won the Team Tourney, and we walked away with 1 lavalral chain each.YAY! LOLs
My first lavaral chain won in a tourney and kudos to my team mates who did well too.
Incredible 2 weeks where i topped 3 tourneys with all 3 in top 4. From top 4 on last saturday to top 2 last sunday to winning it today. Just cannot believed it. Anw team effort too, important to acknowledge that as well.
Signing off