Sunday, July 22, 2012

22/7/2012 Marymount Tourney

Deck used: Gravekeepers plus tour guide

Match 1 vs Leo (Arrive Dark)
Game 1: Heavy storm plus Dark hole in my hand and a bit of stalling to make a plus 3 off them.
Game 2: Got beatdown by an early miracle.
Game 3: Game went into time, my opponent normal stratos while having shining on the field and having a little more lp than me, while i had only a facedown defence spy and 1 backrow, he chose to destroy my backrow and i chain compulse onto the shining and then he hit into my spy. mp2 he jump for zephyros and i cleared it next turn and lowered his lp to 2200 while i was at 3100 and i made hope and end turn, it was his final turn and he din draw any outs to clearing it so i won.

Match 2 vs Jeff (Hero Beat)
Game 1: Exchange backrows and then i wingblast his bladeheart leaving him with no hand no field and me with 1 valley on field, i top sangan to bring his lp to 3000 with me at 2900 and then he just top e call, airman and then bubble then excalibur.
Game 2: He mst spark and miracle and i gged.

Match 3 vs William (Hero Beat)
Game 1: Pro Storm play and died
Game 2: Mst spark miracle and died

Match 4 vs Ronald (Inzektors)
Game 1: Advantage from spy too much
Game 2: He prohibition veiler and exploded with mantis stunts
Game 3: I controlled with backrow and double veiler.

Final score 2-2

Conclusion: Hero Beat  > Gravekeepers = Change deck?
Just wanna ask any readers out there what do they think about a player entering main phrase or battle phrase or have already activated a card then realise that on that turn they forgot to retrive cards via gold sarc, is the player allowed to take back? 

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  1. Nope, 2nd Standby phase over. it is in main phase now

    But in the end it is still your decision whehter to let your opponent replay if he realised he forgot to retrieve his card.