Saturday, June 30, 2012

Yet another weekly tournament 30 June at Lorong Ah Soo

Target for today: Win hero beat with a side deck made for it( nt largely commited to it though)

Deck used: Machina goldfish gadgets

Match 1 vs Sam Kee (Tour Guide Rabbit Ragia)
Game 1: Rabbit into laggia plus raioh and 2 real backrow seals the game
Game 2: Color ruler controls and beats him down
Game 3: Same as Game one. 3 Game all got rabbit and when he goes first, he does it on his first turn GG while drawing 3 gadgets, red yellow green. fk i play only 2 sets

Match 2 vs Ying Jun (Hieroglyph)
Game 1: Typical Hiero stunt
Game 2: Drew too many hand trap to stop him
Game 3: Tio Gustav Max death while drawing 3 gadgets again
Once again, side deck is working like 60%-70% only

So Yingjun call me go up so i went up
and continued playing

Match 3 vs Cassandra (Hero Beat)
Game 1: Pot into blast then she warning my exceed and spark my fortress, next turn pro storm and controlled with solumn later on.
Game 2: Set one kinetic and she tot was snowman and went to spark it. Her gorz was taking away by my big eye while her 3500 shining direct attk allowed me to drop gorz and go for game with a forbidden lance, token, gorz and green gadget but ate scarecrow. With stratos and alius and an unknown card, she can't turn the tables around the next turn.
Game 3: Set tinplate and she went to dark hole it......managed to stall till shining came out and compulse it, then fortress beat from then on.

When they see a facedown set by a gadget player, it is likely it is a snowman hmm how true is that......................

So some lottery luck happened, me and shelton went to top 16 directly

Top 16 vs Yong Xiang (Verz Ragia)
Game 1: Opened cosmos on me and stall till 3 compulse come out then chope for game
Game 2: He controlled me with starlight road plus rabbit
Game 3: He tried to get over my fortress and ended up losing too much advantage so i won by spamming field when he ran out of cards after minus himself using maelstrom to target my fortress, let me drop his last card a rabbit and when he wack i forced him to detach his 2nd material.

Top 8 vs Sam Kee again
Game 1: Pro storm then counter his pro storm with solumn judgement
Game 2: He raioh set 2 i set 3 he pro storm and everything came out
Game 3: He pro storm i pro solumn judgement he pro mst and everything came out while i drew no gadgets nor gearframe

Bottom 8 vs Shaun Lim (Hero Infinity)
Game 1: Stuntman performance so i died
Game 2: Drew 2 gadget and 4 real backrow, controlled from there
Game 3: His void ogre plus dark grepher and 3 unfriendly backrow was the gg factor.

7th/8th playoffs vs Jonas Tai ( Hero Arrival)
Game 1: Tio swarm
Game 2: He bubbleman sp top deck reborn plus zephyros fml

Conclusion: Top 8 but considered poor results since i draw either no gadget or plenty mostly. Especially against Yong Xiang game 1 he opened cosmos then pot for bottomless when my hand has 2 fortress fml
Lauren then showed me his ultimate offering gadget build, personally fiendish chain < Offerings to the doom/ Phoenix Wing Blast / Raigeki Break
Might have to hibernate my gadgets till september, we shall see.

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Worlds Singapore Qualifer tourney report

Tourney report for Worlds Singapore Qualifier 2012

Deck used: Machina Gadgets

Seeded so straight into top 16

Top 16 vs Ultimate Offering Gadget (Sry did not take note of your name)

Game 1: He went first and started with a gadget plus a backrow, i said dun so fast ultimate offering me in a kidding manner. On my turn my gearframe got veilered and i took his red gadget using mind control and made my own Giganto x and search for Gearframe and ended with a backrow. He opened Ultimate offering the next turn and when i veilered his gadget, he had another in his hand to continue and my backrow of offerings to the doom stopped only 1 exceed, the rest flooded out and he made a mistake of forgetting to take his green gadget and went to make utopia quickly. I was spared that turn with 700 hp but could not fight back the next turn and died on his next turn.

Game 2: I went first but did not get any backrow removal, in the early part of the game he opened ultimate offerings again but this time veiler plus compulsory was able to stop the search from going on (Lucky he dun hav 2 gadget in hand this time). Push for damage and he did not draw into a gadget and push again and he had only 1200, not enough to make a comeback.

Game 3: H went first and set 2, i storm and hit offering and mst. Started to gadget farm and i stopped his gearframe farm but his gearframe were consistently hitting my gadgets till he got greedy and went to puppet plant my gadget and made giganto x which i compulsed. From then on i started to draw into my backrows of warning and dimensional prison. Slowly controlled with another bottomless i took off pot from the start. He threw cyber and sp fortress which i bottomlessed. He call of the haunted back cyber and i warning it. He had a book of moon to my maelstroke the next turn (he had 1800 left) but no response to the following turn.

Top 8 vs Samuel (Inzektor)
Game 1: He had a facedown set and a damsel searched by sangan after he flushed my fortress and giganto x. I drop cannon to call my fortress back and had a long ago set limiter removal. He had 4200, i wack with fortress he allowed and i limiter him. Backrow turns out to be a waboku, was lucky that he made a mistake as he had gruf in grave already.

Game 2: Had solumn compulse and transmigration set with a facedown fortress that got booked while attacking his facedown monster and a faceup gearframe. He flipped up facedown monster which is damsel next turn, allowed that to pass, he foolish burial and threw hornet. Activated damsel effect which i chain transmigration, he had no inzektor to equip and had to show me his hand of duality reborn and bls. He pot for torrential. Lure it with a flipped faceup fortress next turn, summoned my gearframe and drop cannon for 4200 damage. He top deck into nothing, reborn damsel in defence and ended, i compulse my own gearframe next turn and summoned it searching out a 3rd fortressa after i drew into the 2nd one and pushed for game.

Top 4 vs Wesley Seek (Inzektor)
Game 1: Fortress hand and died quickly to centipede farming with a compulse set to protect it. Centipede farming leads to damsel mantis and leads to otk.

Game 2: Made a fail otk and ate scarecrow instead, went downhill from there and was just pratically stalling game until my backrow was finally overwhelmed by a wicked cyber dragon. I had the 2nd last gearframe on my field and he sp cyber dragon, i bottomless he chain compulse i offerings it and then died later on due to useful backrow all gone.

3rd/4th Placing vs Bryan Chua aka Ball Snow (Inzektor)
Game 1: Reduced him to 500 then die due to reading of a mst as a real backrow and some zenmaines defending.
Game 2: Had outs to him and reborn allowed me to make giganto x and end him with some 3 card advantage
Game 3: He had relatively few backrow in the late game and i just rushed for the game after using my long held veiler on his critical damsel. He had 3100 left and i had fortress plus reborn in hand but only 1 fortress in grave. I topped into a cannon which i drop for fortress and sp his centipede to deal exact damage to end the game.

Result: 3rd

Post tournament comments: Gadgets did well this time, did not draw badly till against Wesley but thats yugioh. The only negative thing about participation this time is that i lost too easily against Wesley Seek, felt that i did not put up a good fight myself. Nevertheless happy that i made it to 3rd.

zzxiaoboizz signing off

Singapore Worlds Qualifier 23/6/2012 analysis

So about a year ago, the first blogpost was worlds 2011 and time flies too fast seriously.

On my previous post i mentioned predicted top 10 deck type qualifying

1 Machina Gadget
3 Hanzo Hierathic
3 Inzektor
2 Random decks including Chaos Dragons
1 Rabbit Ragia

The Actual one:
1 Machina Gadget (Ultimate Offering) 
1 Final Countdown
1 Hanzo Hierathic
4 Inzektor
1 Rabbit Ragia
1 Infernities
1 Dark World

so Prediction wise pretty spot on with rabbit and gadget. Over estimated hanzo hierathic and the power of random decks muahahaha.

The 6 seeded players deck type

1 Machina Gadget
3 Hanzo Hierathic
1 Rabbit Ragia
1 Inzektor.


5 Inzektor  31.25 %
4 Hanzo Hierathic 25%
2 Rabbit Ragia 12.5 %
2 Machina Gadget 12.5 %
1 Final Countdown 6.25%
1 Infernity 6.25%
1 Dark World 6.25%

At top 8, remaining deck types
1 Infernity
1 Rabbit Ragia
1 Machina Gadget
2 Hanzo Hierathic
3 Inzektor

At top 4, remaning deck types
1 Hanzo Hierathic
1 Machina Gadget
2 Inzektor
With the winner being Inzektor (1st) followed by Hanzo Hierathic (2nd) then Machina Gadget (3rd) and then Inzektor (4th)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

10/6/2012 qualifiers report plus post mortem discussion

Ok quite some time after i can sit down and do another blog post. Went to amk on 10/6/2012 and played in qualifiers despite already qualified so as to test my deck again for 1 last time.

Deck used: Machiners Gadget (u dun see me play hanzo hieratic do u?)

Match 1 vs Joel (Chaos dragons)
Game 1: Giganto x farm too much, had backrow to clear threats
Game 2: Flush prevented him from otk, stalled till a sided photon thrasher appeared before compulsing his facedown monster and heavy storm his 1 backrow to use thrasher to kill him as he had less than 1k lp left.

Match 2 vs Bryan Chua aka Ballsnow (Inzektor)
Game 1: Opened relatively bad but he open worse and when i mst 1 of his 2 backrow which turns out to be mind control, went for the limiter rush kill and it worked.
Game 2: He lure out my veiler with double damsel, he set one the last turn and i din wack as i tot was snowman zz. He proceeded with mantis stuns while i proceeded to keeping my cards
Game 3: Had a veiler and he had a facedown all along which he did not open, correctly read it as a call and was not tempted to use a veiler i potted on his centipede that has mantis equipped, he call for damsel and i use on it instead, he made revise to attempt to clear my fortress but i compulse it and that was game.

Somehow the disappearance of Kenneth Tan is setting in now

Match 3 vs Jeff erm no tio repair......Putra er no also tio repair........Calvin (inzektor) i got paired down
Game 1: Reduced him to less than 1k lp and then went downslope as he drew his pieces and my gadget got solumned.
Game 2: Forgot how it went, died relatively quickly, guess my mood suddenly went downhill alongside my cards

Match 4 vs Hong Rui (Hanzo Hieroglyph) Sry if i was very unfriendly and ill tempered, this uncle just sat beside the table and started singing, i got really pissed off trying to hold my composure.
Game 1: Typical Hieroglyph otk with hanzo opening again
Game 2: Typical Hieroglyph otk with hanzo opening again

Match 5 vs Jonas Bai (Inzektor)
Game 1: He drew badly
Game 2: He mst and do stunts
Game 3: Some insane top deck compulse to save myself and win the game

Score: 3-2 (17th position out of 35 wtf)

So in the end Lauren won it with Hanzo Hierathic

Qualfiers seeded 6 players deck used
2 Machina Gadgets
2 Hanzo Hierathic
1 Rabbit Ragia
1 Inzektor

So from the pre-analysis will we see on the main event day the top 10 decks to be

3.33 Machina Gadgets
3.33 Hanzo Hierathic
1.17 Rabbit Ragia
1.17 Inzektors

However what i foresee is this

1 Machina Gadget
3 Hanzo Hierathic
3 Inzektor
2 Random decks including Chaos Dragons
1 Rabbit Ragia

Reason being Hanzo Hierathic can open the best among these few decks, ignore the machina gadgets opening of dark hole heavy storm limiter gearframe fortress fortress bullshit

Surprisingly the forbidden lance main decked is working against flush break windblast bottomless very well, something u see inzektors playing mostly.

Most of the time, its either opponent does not draw into veiler to stop ur stuns or they get their streak bouncer mind controlled by a non- hanzo hieroglyph player to exceed for gaia dragoon.

Sidingwise, maxx-c, mask of restrict and light imprisoning mirror are the 3 cards most ppl would consider playing alongside scarecrow and tragoedia.

While maxx-c can be stop by just making a streak bouncer and let opp plus 1, mask of restrict can be bypassed via removing dragon on field for redmd, light imprisoning mirror works like a faulty machine against redmd effect.

Not to forget the Black Luster soldier that is a hassle too.

Surprisingly, inzektors have underperformed despite being touted the 'best meta of the format' i guess its becuz hieroglyph is surprisingly fast. But i tipped inzektors killing each other and in the end some ppl piloting inzektor will top based on 40% skill and 60% luck.

zzxiaoboizz signing off