Saturday, June 30, 2012

Yet another weekly tournament 30 June at Lorong Ah Soo

Target for today: Win hero beat with a side deck made for it( nt largely commited to it though)

Deck used: Machina goldfish gadgets

Match 1 vs Sam Kee (Tour Guide Rabbit Ragia)
Game 1: Rabbit into laggia plus raioh and 2 real backrow seals the game
Game 2: Color ruler controls and beats him down
Game 3: Same as Game one. 3 Game all got rabbit and when he goes first, he does it on his first turn GG while drawing 3 gadgets, red yellow green. fk i play only 2 sets

Match 2 vs Ying Jun (Hieroglyph)
Game 1: Typical Hiero stunt
Game 2: Drew too many hand trap to stop him
Game 3: Tio Gustav Max death while drawing 3 gadgets again
Once again, side deck is working like 60%-70% only

So Yingjun call me go up so i went up
and continued playing

Match 3 vs Cassandra (Hero Beat)
Game 1: Pot into blast then she warning my exceed and spark my fortress, next turn pro storm and controlled with solumn later on.
Game 2: Set one kinetic and she tot was snowman and went to spark it. Her gorz was taking away by my big eye while her 3500 shining direct attk allowed me to drop gorz and go for game with a forbidden lance, token, gorz and green gadget but ate scarecrow. With stratos and alius and an unknown card, she can't turn the tables around the next turn.
Game 3: Set tinplate and she went to dark hole it......managed to stall till shining came out and compulse it, then fortress beat from then on.

When they see a facedown set by a gadget player, it is likely it is a snowman hmm how true is that......................

So some lottery luck happened, me and shelton went to top 16 directly

Top 16 vs Yong Xiang (Verz Ragia)
Game 1: Opened cosmos on me and stall till 3 compulse come out then chope for game
Game 2: He controlled me with starlight road plus rabbit
Game 3: He tried to get over my fortress and ended up losing too much advantage so i won by spamming field when he ran out of cards after minus himself using maelstrom to target my fortress, let me drop his last card a rabbit and when he wack i forced him to detach his 2nd material.

Top 8 vs Sam Kee again
Game 1: Pro storm then counter his pro storm with solumn judgement
Game 2: He raioh set 2 i set 3 he pro storm and everything came out
Game 3: He pro storm i pro solumn judgement he pro mst and everything came out while i drew no gadgets nor gearframe

Bottom 8 vs Shaun Lim (Hero Infinity)
Game 1: Stuntman performance so i died
Game 2: Drew 2 gadget and 4 real backrow, controlled from there
Game 3: His void ogre plus dark grepher and 3 unfriendly backrow was the gg factor.

7th/8th playoffs vs Jonas Tai ( Hero Arrival)
Game 1: Tio swarm
Game 2: He bubbleman sp top deck reborn plus zephyros fml

Conclusion: Top 8 but considered poor results since i draw either no gadget or plenty mostly. Especially against Yong Xiang game 1 he opened cosmos then pot for bottomless when my hand has 2 fortress fml
Lauren then showed me his ultimate offering gadget build, personally fiendish chain < Offerings to the doom/ Phoenix Wing Blast / Raigeki Break
Might have to hibernate my gadgets till september, we shall see.

zzxiaoboizz signing off

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