Sunday, September 16, 2012

Team tourney 1st qualifier asia plus

Since team insanetech was not ready due to weemin having bowling competition, i figured out that i would just head down with some of my 'friends' that are either not so competitve in ygo or have their teammates unavalable too.

So we decided
Zai liang as leader with krystialords
Me as player a with arimura yohei beat
Sherwyn as player b with Hanzo Hierathics.

Match 1 vs team bbt

Me vs kenneth tan (hero beat)
Game 1: he started with raioh and 2 backrow and then controlled by bottomlessing my monsters and controlling to the pt where i had 3 hand and he had 5 hand...but subsequetly i drew into outs late game and had d fissure on field all along to minimise the heroes in his grave, was then able to push and win subsequently.
Game 2: he started with airman amf 2 backrow. I sp photon thrasher and it gt bottomlessed, i mst the other backrow which was warning and summoned rescue rabbit it went thru and i ended with a set prison a laggia and prohibtion declaring alius. Controlled for subsequent turns until he top decked super poly and made nova master which i responded with gunman and frm then on he was unable to clear it as he had a stuck alius plus spark x2.

While that match was going on, sherwyn got otked by geargia karakuri, both games lasting less than 3 turns. While zai liang lost 2-0 to dark world which had all outs lol. Anw i still feel that laggia is weak especially super poly is at at least 2 copies.
While the only motive there was to troll, i was fairly dissapointed with sherwyn's 3 turn defeat performance, not to say that he took card car d and have double scarecrow in side deck( wonders if he sided it in)

Currently meta looks to be dark world mermail hero beat although dark world can change to light lord or even karakuri/hierathics/agents. Gadgets still looks pretty bad as a deck choice due to raioh(a reason why i refuse to pilot) as well as its slow and staples limited....but if u can align gadgets properly, its still possible to win with it.

Zzxiaoboizz signing off

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