Sunday, September 23, 2012

23 Sept tourney report

Deck used: Kara gadgets aka tinplate offering machina gadgets
After going 3-2 on saturday, with losses in dark world and mirror match 2-1 respectively, decided to alter side deck and stick to the same deck since i am familiar with it.

Match 1 vs Leo(Hero Beat)
Game 1: Early Giganto x forcing him to spark and from then on just gained advantage and was able to win as i had enough advantage to throw 2 gadgets for a fortress after the first attempt ate his traps.
Game 2: He started with raioh set 2, i went with set dd warrior lady and set prison, which gt msted and then raioh hit into dd warrior lady and he set 2 backrow and i stormed for plus 2 then went double giganto and had much more advantage than him so was able to push back even the 2 giganto died to a cyber dragon contact.

Match 2 vs Ryan Stark (D hero beat)
Game 1 He went all out but was not close and i pot of avariced drew gadget and dark hole and turned the tables of absoulte zero, utopia and excalibur on his field
Game 2: He pro storm and won the game.
Game 3: i rushed him on my 2nd turn with 2x fortress 1x gearframe and 1x red gadget on his empty field.

Match 3 vs William (Spellbook prophency)
Game 1: Baited a Junon effect usage and jumped trag after that, next turn threw fortress to take junon and pushed before eating a btmless as i attempted to make big eye and he pushed with junon via the spell equip card, i pushed back with fortress and giganto for game.
Game 2: He started with trooper, i gadget plus offering set and took out trooper, on his turn he activate gield and ended, i flipped offering next turn and went all out.
Match 4 vs Calvin Ang (Karakuri)
Game 1: Epic starting hand of 3 gadget double summon offering tinplate goldfish, tinplate stunt was countered by maxx-c and as i did not know wad he was playing as he set backrow only, opted to push and end with offering as only backrow, he did karakuri stunt and cleared my field while leaving soldier in defence, ninja and burei in attk mode. I made utopia via double summon on my turn after drawing a mst and then he warning my utopia then i mst the other backrow which was judgement and flipped offering and paid till left 900 and chaos hope ended the game as he had 3800 left.
Game 2: Double mindcrush on me but had trag and topped green gadget so was able to steal soldier make ouroboros to luckily discard his gorz 1/3 chance and then regain control
Match 5 vs Junjie (Hero beat)
Game 1: Giganto advantage
Game 2: Raioh wasted too many of my cards, had nothing to counter gorz plus honest later on
Game 3: Survived a mad rush of stardust alius shining via maelstroke and had enough to turn the table with chaos hope.

Top 8 vs Lionel (chain burn)
Shared and upright surrender as i had nothing to counter him. He went up

Btm 4 vs Jie lun(Hero beat)
Game 1: Drew 3 gadget and ended the game with 4 gadget in hand, 2 red 2 green
Game 2: Emerald for the pluses and he had bad had
Game 3: Time was called i was leading 3600 to 2300 , make Maelstroke and gt solumned. He had hc 2k attk on field in his last 2nd turn, he summoned alius i torrential it he chained spark drew off pot but revealed nothing gd (he took spark out of super poly storm and spark). On my turn i set gadget and a facedown torrntial, he conceded in his last turn.

Conclusion: 5-0 in swiss looks gd but failure to side against rogue decks might just result in the real weird defeats, side deck was generally pleased although its fair to say that i did not meet mirror matches nor dark world which i lost on saturday so it can't be a gd gauge of how far the tweaked side deck is against them.

Zzxiaoboizz signing off.

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