Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Asia Championship 2012

Asia Championship will be held in Singapore on 15 April 2012. For asia format will be no promos except dt 1 and 2 being the exception.

Being single elimination and free registration, one can expect to see many people pilioting different decks. So i will do a basic deck analysis about them today.

Inzektors: Muchly the deck to beat and most people will probably pilot this deck. It involves inzektors being equipped to their own family such as inzektor hornet which can destroy 1 card on the field and inzektor gruf which can increase the level of a monster the player controls by 1 or 2. When send to grave from field, they trigger abilities of some inzektors. Inzektor Damsel and Centipede are the 2 main cards that will have triggered abilities. Gigamantis or Gigaweevil are cards that one will have to worry about as both are good combos with hornet and dragonfly. They can form a potential otk when dragonfly and mantis are equipped to a damsel and hornet destroys mantis. mantis specials hornet from grave and dragonfly is able to special 2 inzektor monsters except itself from the deck. The same goes for weevil except that it can special itself while mantis is unable to.

Hieroglyph: This deck is one that is able to perform otks and is able to side macro cosmos giving it versatality. Basically its about hieroglyph monsters being tributed and they will have their effects which allows them to sp 1 normal monster from their deck but it will be with 0 attk and defence when it is special summoned. The gayness is that a few hieroglyphs can be special summon by tributing a hieroglyph monster on their field. One of such is Su.(
The combo basically kicks off with this and atums( is the main culprit of the gayness. It allows the user to special a dragon monster from his deck by detaching an exceed material and its rank 6. The target usually is red eyes metal dragon which can use its effect and sp a dragon from their grave which can continue the combo if the user has another red eyes in his hand or monster reborn. Although atums is unable to attack that turn, the user can exceed for Gaia Dragoon which has 2600 attack and can pierce. Ouch!

So that is the 2 main decks that people will use, the rest of the decks are rather small in numbers but decks that one can expect include Gravekeepers, Gladiator Beast, Blackwing, Ragia variants, Dark World, Tech Genius Agent Angels.

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