Sunday, December 9, 2012

Top Shop 2012 Singapore tourney report

Nope i did not do well this time not at all, misplay much when it matters

Deck used: Offering Machina Gadgets

Match 1 vs Cassandra (Hero beat)
Game 1: Started with 2 warning 1 torrential 1 tragoedia and 2 gadgets. Started to grind out and stalled till real late game where i drew a fortress to turn the table. The notable top deck moment was when she had shining and i had 2 gadget and i top into a compulsory lol.
Game 2: Drop Gorz but still lost as i miscount my lance and red gadget against a photon thrasher and lost my fortress to a dd warrior lady when 2 gadgets is in my hand
Game 3: She had 2 miracle and that was enough to rush me and win as i had no tragoedia nor gorz in hand to stop the rush (i did have dark hole and gadgets in hand though)

Match 2 vs Anthony (Chaos Dragons)
Game 1: Real Grinding match and i top deck reborn while he top deck Dark armed dragon with 3 dark in grave
Game 2: Drew 4 trap including an ultimate offering which was all countered by a single royal decree

Match 3 vs Sherwyn (Mermail)
Game 1: His hand too overpowered, basically otk me on his 2nd turn
Game 2: His hand too op but i had cosmos luckily
Game 3: His hadn too op but i had shock ruler to declare monster effect

Match 4 vs Lauren (Wind up)
Game 1: He started with 2 factory and rabbit shark and end up with 1 backrow, 1 shock ruler, 1 coat of arms and 1 zenmighty. Shock ruler declared spells. On my turn i tinplate red gadget into giganto x and drop fortress to clear the zenmighty and shock ruler while setting my 3 backrow of avarice prison and ultimate offering. He went for zenmaines the next turn and i prisoned it and on my turn i open offering and came out ouroboros to remove his backrow, big eye gemknight pearl and shock ruler to end the game.
Game 2: Drew into hand traps but din get the chance to use it as i just beat down and heavy storm when he had 3600 left and i had double summon red gadget and fortress

Match 5 vs Keith (Infernity)
Game 1: Grinding match and he had warning and bottomless to my giganto x and fortress
Game 2: His infernity doom dragon hit the wrong target and allowed me to top the table
Game 3: He top deck archfiend x2 plus reborn on the next draw = enough said

Total Score 2-3

Decklist of the deck
So now top shop is over......the question is what to do next (stay or quit or hmm)
Sorry for the hyper inactiveness rofl, will try to be more active now till i enlist in march hmm.

zzxiaoboizz signing off

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