Thursday, August 9, 2012

9/8/2012 Secret M7 Ahsoo tourney

Since i figured using my wishful thinking that ultimate offering is gonna end, might as well make the full use of it.

Deck used: Kara Gadgets

Match 1 vs Jie Lun (Inzektors)
Game 1: Hand too good, had too much advantage and was able to reap ultimate offerings off pot of avarice and win the game
Game 2: He had advantage but he did not have traps and i just dark hole his centi, gorz and gorz token and go all out despite him having a backrow as i know that he has damsel in hand and hornet in grave while i had dark hole and a gadget in hand. I top deck a gadget, use dark hole then summoned a gadget and pull back fortress from grave to end him as he had 3700 only left. his backrow turns out to be a monster reborn....won with luck.

Match 2 vs Cassandra (Hierathics)
Game 1: Did not know what she was playing and i left a monster and a backrow which got night shot and then bouncer control my 4 hand gadget.
Game 2: Had the control cards and hand traps like veiler so was in control for the whole game.
Game 3: Same as game 2, we both started quite badly but i slowly drew into my gadgets and started farming again, making shock ruler for control.

Match 3 vs Daniel Ang (Verz Ragia)
Game 1: Massive backrow plus 1 gadget in hand, things just got great when the backrow is offering warning bottomless judgement ^^
Game 2: Some bad gadget hand in play
Game 3: We both had nearly no monsters but he had superior backrow and i make fatal mistakes of siding creature swap into the deck which fizzles upon thunderbird.

Match 4 vs Jonas Tai (Inzektors)
He shared with me and let me go up play................

Top 12 vs Daniel Ang again (Verz Ragia)
Game 1: Controlled with fortress equipped with gearframe and maelstroke on field and had 2400 lp while he had 100 lp and 2 backrow. He top rabbit make chaos hope and killed me despite i had 3 hand which is all 3 gadgets.
Game 2: He struggled to keep up with the resources i earned, probably a spell trap hand and he drew monsters late so my advantage was too big and i was able to waste his last torrential and still discard 2 gadgets to call out a fortress to win
Game 3: We both started with 4 backrow, i had a gadget on the field when he summoned his heliotrope and i warning it, he chain judgement and then when he attacked, i dimension prisoned it. Things went down hill for him as he had no lp to pay for warning and basically struggled to draw monsters yet again.

Top 6 vs Javier (Tour Guide Verz Ragia)
Game 1: He had heliotrope on field while i was having no gadgets in hand despite having a double summon. i reaped a yellow gadget off my pot of avarice and started the farming and killed him from there.
Game 2:He rabbit effect and i warning it, next turn he open cosmos then jump tour guide and attempt to make leviar i warning it and he chain judgement, ending me on that turn as my other backrow was a useless prison against his 4 monster swarm.
Game 3: I opened offering just before he made laggia and then make maelstroke which he negated with laggia effect, make emerald which got warninged. Then make Gigantox and ouroboros which got flushed (his last facedown backrow) while that was my 8th gadget used, i chained lance onto my ouroboros and banished his only hand card which was thunderbird then attacked him reducing him to 4050, then on the next turn he set a back row and on my turn i bounce it back to his hand and i summoned red gadget and went for the game.

Top 3 did not play out as we just sold off the top 3 prices back to the shop. So i won 1/3 of the m7 i think? Doesn't matter its with Mr Loke now

Gadget vs Rabbit = Backrow of Gadgets vs Backrows of Rabbit
Consistency vs hmm a little lacklustre consistency but rabbit makes up for it
Gadget vs Inzektor = You got the veiler and traps, u control but if ur opponent pro storm or pro reborn = gg.
The gadget 'miracle' is ultimate offering which if goes to 1, will see ppl playing 7 gadgets mayb, if its banned mayb back to machiner gadgets haha.

zzxiaoboizz signing off

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