Sunday, August 5, 2012

Short tourney report at marymount 5/8/2012

Deck used: Ultimate offering machina gadgets (using it for the last few weeks before banlist executes its might)

Match 1 vs Sherwyn (tour guide chaos dragons)
Game 1: drew 4 gadgets and cannot get past lyla
Game 2: He had better farming and had boss monsters out and rushed me even though i had trag i could not block his swarm and easily died.
But he told me to go up and fight as he was hungry wtshit?
anw so shared and he let me go up

Match 2 vs Bryan Chua (Hero beat)
Game 1: Some top deck warfare and i lost as i did not mst his backrow which turns out to be super poly.....
Game 2: Had too much advantage and beatdown
Game 3: I had 5400 left and he had 2 hand while i have 4 hand and giganto x in attack mode on field. He ecall for stratos and took bubbleman and sp it by setting a facedown (miracle fusion) then he thought for a long while before making bladeheart and detaching it and making shining with an alius in his grave. Both swing and left me with 100 which i jump gorz and next turn made chaos hope to end him. If he went Excalibur plus great tornado route i would have gged as 2800-1150= 1650 and plus hc 4000 = 5650 = gorz unable to block = otk. I was let off here, rare misplay frm him.

Match 3 vs Daniel Ang (Verz Ragia)
Game 1: His uniqute shuffling techniques means i draw 4 gadgets 2 veilers and he opened cosmos gg
Game 2: Made a plus one with solumn when he use thunderbird plus lance to attempt to get rid of my giganto x and him failing to do so allowed me to fetch another use of giganto x another +1 and he cannot get over the defecit.
Game 3: He had 3 backrow 1 which is compulsed and i hav ard 2k plus left with ultimate offering on field and he knew my hand as he sided mind crush. i was fearful of flush so i made giganto x then shock ruler which was compulsed then maelstrom and had 725 left while leaving a veiler in hand. X got prisoned and on his turn he made ophion with castor and heliotrope and beat me so i lost...

Match 4 vs Alvin Putra (Hero Beat)
Game 1: After he judgement on my ultimate offering, he lost much lp advantage and could not keep up the numbers game
Game 2: He drew bad and i lured out his backrow of flush with dropping fortress and then opened my previous turn set offering to end him.

Match 5 Clarence (mermail)
Game 1: Offering went thru and won
Game 2: His megalo abyss plus armory arm dealt me 6k plus dmg to end me
Game 3: He drew bad and was struggling

Top 8 vs Jacob (Tour Guide Chaos Dragons)
Game 1: Was on a down side as my ouroboros gt cleared by an acid golem from tourguide but managed to carry out the plan of making his lp to below 4000 (3700) and allowing him to wack me to 500-1000 before opening offering and make chaos hope and change the tables.
Game 2: He milled gorz out and summoned raioh and i reborn his gorz and took out raioh and had farming sections and eventually won as i had too much resource to bring out fortress again and again to clear his monsters

Top 4 vs Ryan Stark (Chaos Dragons)
Game 1: Its quite unbelievable but he storm then future fusion and ended the game with boss monsters
Game 2: Its quite unbelievable but yet again he storm then future fusion and ended the game with boss monsters.

Shared 25 packs with another player (Samuel) and we got lousy stuff out of it so i rather not talk about the ending

Conclusion: Need to side more against Chaos dragons, trap card based solutions (suggest if any thanks). Drawing 5 gadgets is not funny, neither is 4. 2 is understandable while 3 is the norm today. Gadgets love me too much ah hahaha.

zzxiaoboizz signing off

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