Saturday, November 10, 2012

Top shop qualifier 10 Nov at ttz trading

Deck used: Kara Laggia

Match 1 vs Bahamut84 (Chaos Dragon)
Game 1: Heavy backrow plus tour guide start lead to sangan getting rescue rabbit and verz ophion control to win the game.
Game 2: Similar Verz Ophion control and chalice stopped ryko from destroying ophion.

Match 2 vs Wei Ann (Laval)
Game 1: Had mst to clear his backrow and set up ophion on turn 2 and control with heavy backrow from there.
Game 2: He had double rekindling but i had bottomless and dark hole in hand to clear it and apply pressure with verz castor to win.

Match 3 vs Jackie (Arrive Hero)
Game 1: First turn rabbit wasted much of his resources and was able to win with card advantage outstripping hi by 2.
Game 2: First turn rabbit again and had reborn plus dark hole to turn the table when he excalibur plus absolute zero.

Match 4 vs Ryan Stark (Darrive Hero)
We did not side since both of us qualified already being in top 2.
Game 1: Reborn plus tour guide to turn table
Game 2: Rush by him and lost
Game 3: Rush by him with miracle fusion x2 and lost.

Conclusion: Forbidden Lance is not a good card in kara laggia aka verz laggia. With windups flying around, setting a lance seems rather wtf when they do their stunts.

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