Sunday, December 25, 2011

Jcube tourney 25/12/2011

A lot of funny events happened today such as shaun's win recorded as a loss (might be explained on his blog) sunny's win also become loss and some epic top deck skills

Deck used: Gravekeepers (Deck build by me and Jeremy Aw, he played the same build too)

Match 1 vs Bye

Match 2 vs Daniel Ang(Dark World)
Game 1: Sangan plus drag down = gg when his drag down show me 3 brow
Game 2: He despo for dw monsters and i mirror force his scar and beat him down soon after
Game 3: I crush his drag but his hand was foolish snow gate gate, which he then drew card destruction next turn and double grapha me to gg.

Match 3 vs Baha (Tour guide tengu plants)
Game 1: He was in control for the early game and hit my life to 1xxx and i fought back and had set skill drai and mind crush with necrovalley on field plus descendant. He had only 1 hand and top heavy storm which was followed by a bls. Showing us why he is Baha
Game 2: Gk beatdown although he stalled with dark mirror and reaper for very long until i gt my skill drain.
Game 3: tengu plus bulb plus tour guide plus spore = gg, my hand was bad and i even had to set veiler to attempt to survive the turn(which i did not)
Match 4 vs Ying Jun (Junk dopple)
Game 1: Sin cyber end direct him when he had 4k left and no cards on field.
Game 2: Gt cooked by royal decree
Game 3: He had decree but i had hand of gk and spells which via descendant and recruiter cleared his field and sin cyber end direct when he left 3900 lp

Match 5 vs Ash (Macro)
Game 1: Beatdown with commandant
Game 2: I had a set snowman and he had 2 dd warrior lady, he went to exceed for blade heart and ate my snowman, subsequently i cydra plus skill drain plus sin stardust him to end him.

Result 3-2, same score as Jeremy Aw
A more stable build with skill drain bur more veilers are needed according to Jeremy Aw. We make a decision nt to side anything for dark world and i guessed tat paid the price.

zzxiaoboizz signing off....uploaded from mobile phone

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