Sunday, June 23, 2013

Worlds Championship qualifier 2013

First off the recent lack of post is due to my national service/ army commitments and i did not participate any ygo weekly cash for prize tournaments as well.

Heading into worlds, i only had one aim which was to get the exclusive sleeves via making the top 40 cut

As i did not hav prophency nor dragon rulers, i carefully examined between verz, 4-axis, anti meta beat and even archfiends

Verz - Heavily sided against and if u can't get ophion out, the big 2 decks would eat u up.
Anti meta beat- Imo is heavily inconsistent
Archfiends- Inconsistent but could have being a surprise package with recent cases topping in Japan with completely dff builds(from arma knight to archfiend field spell builds)

My final choice was 4-axis as it is considered anti meta yet it has firefist to keep the attacking and advantage momentum going.

Match 1 vs Prophency (zexuan)
Game 1: He ended his turn with batel 2 backrow and 1 spellbook tower with 6 hand. I attempted to respond with a kycoo but it got booked of moon and i went downslope from there
Game 2: I started with bear and 2 backrow and he attempted to kill my bear with batel plus power plus starhall attk boost but it ended up crashing into my prideful roar and i gained momentum from there to go shock ruler nxt turn and quickly ending game 2
Game 3: He din open well and ended with a lily, defense position veiler, 1 backrpw and spellbook tower with 4 hand. I played heavy storm and then summoned gorila which was my 6th card and attk over a batel his field spell fetched him and took tensu to normal bear and pop lily and made tiger king and added tenki. I ironwall him the following turn and solemned his master leaving him to made catastor to run over tiger king and nxt turn i went bear + wolfberk to end it.

Match 2 vs Verz (Anand)
Game 1: Ironwall stopped his rabbit and i gain momentum from there
Game 2: His ophion equipped with safe zone ran into my bear with prideful roar and i tenki into gorila nxt turn to pop the safe zone and momentum built to win frm there.

Match 3 vs Dragon Rulers (Edmund)
Game 1: Double ironwall ftw
Game 2: Random mind crush on my turn for a mst netted a risk reward and i was able to protect my soul drain to continue more momentum from then on

Match 4 vs Jonas Tai
We played casually and he would have won game 3 if not for him misplacing a bahamut shark in his main deck and showing it to me by taking it out mid game.

Top 40 playoffs vs 3-axis (Ye Xiang)
Game 1: He started off badly with 2 tensu in hand and i crushed his chouten while having double bear on field
Game 2: His first turn 3-axis stunt proves too much to handle
Game 3: Game went back and forth and into time but he did not have a 3rd bear when he top deck a tenki and so i won with superior lp.

I dropped as i had to book in after that lool so Jason Leong went on into top 16 and went on to top 8 so congrats to him.
At the same time Weemin made the top 40 playoff and was unlucky to not made the top 16 while wesley aka lamby gt 2nd, kudos to him.

In fact in the top 40 playoffs there were like 6-7 firefist which was quite a gd representation considering there were <10 total players piloting it (exact details wait for duelist codex or duelingdays)

With other worlds qualifiers ard the corner, would wish readers overseas all the best. As for my decklist, would only post when requested upon

zzxiaoboizz signing off

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