Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Worlds sg qualifier 4-axis decklist

Since someone asked for, i shall post it then

Monsters 15
3x Bear
2x Gorilla
3x Maxx-c
2x Wolfberk
2x Raioh
3x Kycoo

Spell 10
3x Tenki
2x Tensu
1x Duality
2x Lance
1x Reborn
1x Book of Moon

Traps 15
3x Prideful Roar
2x Waboku
3x Compulse
1x Warning
1x Judgment
1x Magic Jammer
1x Dark Bribe
1x Mind Crush
2x Imperial Ironwall

As you can see its a very anti meta lineup and most likely its weakness is that it cannot outfarm gadgets cause tingoldfish plus gadget plus kagtokage plus chain summoning = too strong


  1. Why do you play waboku? And why don't you play ff boar for crimson blader?

  2. Waboku serves as a protection for key monsters like kycoo/raioh yet at the same time preventing an otk from opponent, firefist boar was not considered as it does not net any advantage off tenki and setting it to set up the field seems too slow for me in the current meta

  3. How do u side against the meta decks like dragons prophecy evilswarm.
    Why i am at alot of people still play mermail.How would u side for that as well.

  4. The deck itself is used to counter the current meta
    Dragons- main decked iron wall raioh kycoo maxx c
    Prophency- main decked ironwall raioh kycoo
    Evilswarm- main deck engine of tenki tensu bear wolfberk
    Mermail is usually the hardest match up, i have considered siding scarecrow but every scarecrow i go i sacrifice an element of the anti meta mechanism
    Siding against dragons are usually mental drain and soul drain, cyber dragon and reptiliane vaski
    Siding against prophency is thru droll and lock bird and heavy storm
    Mermail- soul drain and mental drain but usually they clear it before i can control with them

  5. What about against Constellars( you know the deck that beats Evilswarm and usually does better in major events than Evilswarm).

    1. Thats a really good question but here in ocg land, there are little constellars as they can't really outadvantage prophency nor match speed of dragon rulers even if it could destroy evilswarm. Hence i dun really expect to see them which means i wun side against them