Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Minor Update

Haven been playing these past days, most probably gonna head down TTZ Trading on Friday to test build............

Was thinking of cards to counter inzecter cards, though of a couple and also seeked advice from fellow duelist

1. Effect Veiler (Well this card is self explanatory although the inzecters can side deck d fissure lol)
2. Eradicating Aerosol ( Well given that damsel and centipede can exceed, i doubt its highly useful lol)
3. Compulsory Evaculation Device (Wait for damsel or centipede to be equipped with hornet then bounce? Lol i doubt hornet has effect though, cause i ask Mr Baha before if u bounce it back hornet does not activate its effect)
4. Chain Disappearance (With Damsel at 1000 attack, definitely a good side deck choice but with inzecters maining lance and siding decrees, highly doubtful of its ability to break insezcter stunts)
5. Macro Cosmos ( Like above with Decrees + Mst and heavy storm flying around, once again i doubt its abilities to stay on field although it being on field is a good deterrence to Inzecters)
6. Shadow Imprisoning Mirror- Hornet can't equip but bomb still can go off, Thanks to many for pointing this out, My mistake sorry.(Edited as of 3 December)

So what do u think are the best side deck?

zzxiaoboizz signing off


  1. D.D crow x3!?!?if u can get rid of those *@$#!% hornet then their inzecters will not be a threat anymore

  2. Skill drain ftw! but yea like marco cosmos, mst and heavy are flying around

  3. D.D Crow, Effect Veiler, Shadow Imprisoning, Macro Cosmos For me is the best side deck.

  4. Q:このカードが装備カード扱いの時に発動できる効果は、モンスター効果か魔法カード効果のどちらとして扱われますか?

    Hornet, being treated as an equipped card, cannot be negated by card effect that negates monster eff, since it is a equipment spell card already.

  5. Yu should put in holy light, it totally shuts down the deck, like literaly, unless got darkhole