Saturday, September 3, 2011

3 September 2011 Asia Card Shop tourney

The deck i was using today was really unexpected because i din expect to get my recruiters from Jeremy until he facebooked me today and told me ok, so i reached there he was waiting liao lol cause we agree to lend each other some cards. Ok back to main point today was to play test and i dunno why it had pretty satisfactory results although i must say i found a lot of flaws in my deck.

Deck used: Gravekeepers (Lol pohseng playing gk? Angels kinda unattractive cause a lot of ppl playing it. Then i found out i was the only gk there, lucky not to meet any dark world. Kinda know the ppl there who would use dark world but still anything is possible)

Match 1 vs Ball Snow (Agent Angel Gellenduo Build)
Apparently the organizer's comp got switched off and lost the pairings so we repaired LOL.

Match 1 vs Samuel (LightsWorn)
Game 1: Controlled with spy and necrovalley, his guardna unable to be removed and he took too much damage. Veiler helped too
Game 2: Forgot to tell him traegoedia cannot copy level and allowed him to do so and
he syncroed, but i still lost as he had jd and friends while i ran out of advantage like water.
Game 3: GK control and beatdown, he topdrawed wolf and it nvr look like he was able to win that game when roachy came out i think.

Match 2 vs Sam the msia champion (TG Agent Angel)
Match 1: Hyperion and Scrap dragon on field, i top dark hole but he had another hyperion in hand.
Match 2: Hyperion and scrap dragon, a useless struggle to thin deck but nothing comes out of it.

Match 3 vs Johann (TG Agent Angel)
Match 1: Typical GK control and won
Match 2: Lost advantage quickly and he rush me with hyperion Ganetsu and TG striker
Match 3: Drew no Gk monsters at start but had many outs to his cards, he decided not to solemn my disappearance on his earth, then i blind mst his judgement away and followed by bottomless on his venus and another veiler on earth. By then my gk reinforcements has arrived plus 2 stele and royal tribute making my hand 6 and his hand 0 at one point as i tribute away his krystia and hyperion. He clamed tat i wasn't friendly LOL (i tot so too haha)

Match 4 vs Ball Snow (Agent Angel Gellenduo) i guess u cannot run away from the duel
Game 1: Controlled and won, although he trap stun my starlight road lol.
Game 2: Krystia beat me down if im not wrong
Game 3: Dragged very long because i wasn't able to draw gk while he drew bad too, had allure but no dark monster and when i had one i summoned it cause its core destroyer, double core destroyer and book of moon and veiler in hand won the game eventually.

Match 5 vs Anders aka DS , Yes the duelingdays one (Machina karakuri)
Game 1: Had a lot of traps and veilers but he recovered faster than my gk
Game 2: Royal tribute him but only his gearframe went down, then he revealed mst mind crush limiter and decree, had no outs to his stun with decree and mind crush there.

3-2 but Sam took the win from Shaun and he pulled me up with his high tiebreaker so i 7th place

Top 8 vs Alvin (Pure Agent Angel)
Game 1: Controlled again, he had venus and a warning set, i flip my assailant up and he dunno effect so i told him tat i attack can change position so he immediately warning it (he had honest lol) I stele back and wack his venus and direct with spy. He lost the next turn as he cannot remove venus from grave to sp hyperion with necrovalley on field.
Game 2: Veiler plus smashing ground and mst on my torrential and my decision to not set necrovalley lead him to a quick finish, took less than 5 mins to end me for that game
Game 3: Was very worried as i had a bottomless set and he had 5 hand compared to my 2 hand, but he had nothing and i was able to quickly bounce back and take the game. I tot i would have lost seriously.
Top 4 vs Shaun (Anti-meta beat)
Game 1: i went first set a spy and had necrovalley in hand but chose not to activate, set a facedown card and ended. He sp cyber summon kycoo wack my spy with cyber and i called out recruiter and he wacked it, then after that it went uphill for me with my royal tribute taking away his sorceors. Rememberd that he had dck in the middle of the game but i bottomless it away and my 2500 defense spy sp assailant then it went uphill.
Game 2: Had smashing ground and stuff plus 2 royal tribute to remove his sorceror and veilers, with rai-oh on field punching him and till he had no lifepoints.
Nt really surprised as he runs a lot of monsters, so royal tribute and gk are his weakness. Can be said to be my easiest matchup today.

Top 2 vs Anders aka DS again lol (Machina Karakuri)
He asked me wad i wanted and we both wanted Parallel BLS and not the gold trishula so we played.
Game 1: Bureido x2 plus burei plus landoise come out and run over a poor recruiter and gg me LOL. After game 1 Benjamin the judge came and gave us the prize of luster soldier and gold tori, i put the tori at my side and the bls at his side and he joked abt me being too over negative haha, i just couldn't get away with the game 5 shocker as he showed me the full blown karakuri blow that i could not do during Worlds qualifier.
Game 2: I started quite badly but it turned out to be better as i kept warning bottomless and veiler his stuff, eventually won with more resources than him.
Game 3: He used black rose(girl and soldier made) to bomb field on his 2nd turn, i solumned that, i had 4k lp a facedown stele a commandant and necrovalley on field. He sp cyber dragon and throw 2 fortress to sp 1 fortress, followed by a limiter removal.

Result: 2nd ( Very pleased as i din expect to go so far)

Comments: Some games i felt very helpless while some games i was full of confidence as i pulled of the spy descendant recruiter combo. Allure of darkness is a stuck hand card and i should take it out. Tingjun commented on my side deck as 'special' and after some thoughts i think he din say wrongly. I din use my 2 dprison and divine wrath at all. I only used dyna and snowman 1 time each. With most of the time using my core destroyer, chain disappearance and also 3rd veiler, yes i main 2. Much thanks to jeremy for lending me starlight road and 3 recruiter, he said i helped him do some gk research LOL, i was also doing research lol, i realised that the main decked 1 rai-oh was not bad but 1 assailant was indeed not enough, should not have put allure inside, put me in hard spots lots of time today. A bit of side decked skills learn too, i guess gk recruiter should be the last gk to come out, dun really see any new gks coming out although it would be good. Overall, i learned a lot from today's testing and that was the most important part of it. Pondering if i should play this against showdown.............this deck turns out to be strong competitor too, probably nt much ppl expected this deck to be played.......but still i need more brushing up.

zzxiaoboizz signing off

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