Friday, September 9, 2011

TTZ Trading Asian 2012 Qualifier 9 September 2011

Participants 12
Deck used: Gravekeepers

Match 1 vs Alvin (TG Agent Angel)
Game 1: He make mistake while i took over control
Game 2: Royal tribute but he heavy storm to gain back advantage but his monster reborn got torrential and he top draw mind crush....

Match 2 vs Alvin aka Mango (Chaos BF)
Game 1: Spy control and he misplay by summoning blizzaard, starlight road his blackrose too
Game 2: I misplay and accidentally said the 'F' word at him omg so sry anw he swarm 5 bf to tram over 1 recruiter. Had a monster hand with 80% of my side deck cards in it too
Game 3: Control with spy and advantage gain via stele

Match 3 vs Ying Jun (Agent Angel)
Game 1: He heavy storm then monster reborn = gg
Game 2: I made at least 2 game play mistake which turns out to be a big big loss( We spar very often and he probably knew wad i was gonna side....)

Result 2 wins lol

Nt a bad test ahead if tmr's sg showdown qualifier, i just hope i can do well.

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