Sunday, September 18, 2011

Deck analysis: Yew Long's gk

If u have read the sg ygo forum, u would probably know that 2 gks top the saturday locals at asia card shop. Surprisingly both made it to top 8 with a score of 3-2 perhaps highlighting the inconsistenct it has. In this post i would highlight the speciality of yew long's skill drain gks using the information i gathered in the 2 matchs we played on saturday. His gk compromises of skill drain and the malefic cyber end combo, a couple of cydras and importantly no royal tribute. Well its technically insane tech to not main royal tribute but with ur monster count being high, i dun see why we should nt do that. Of course nt to forget he has rai oh whether it mains or sides is unsure but rai oh is a gd tech in gk, necrovalley and raioh creates a little soft lock of unable to remove nor pot nor use reborn. Technically it puts agents into tough spots but a simple gantetsu can lure the raioh out. Notable that he sides dark mirror even if he plays gks. With tat being said, one would argue the effectiveness of recruiter descendant and spy but he does not run spy nor descendant, at least not when i play him. Tat frees up 5 deck space for his cyber and cyber end. 7 tools of the bandit is also notable in his deck, this card was heavily criticised for its usefulness as many ppl said tat 3 mst plus heavy storm results in 7 tools being technically useless but its worth noting that it beats trap stun and as a anti meta, it is important to negate opposing traps. Of course siding it out would be a possibility against trap scarce decks and siding in this card is not a bad tech.

In overall, in the era of metas, it is good to know that the gks continue to be one of the surviving anti metas. Especially lightlords hav seen their hands flying away against gk matchups.

However it is worth noting that to piliot an anti meta is very demanding of skills and i definitely needs to work on it more.

Zzxiaoboizz signing off

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  1. This post seems like u r publisizing your win lol no offence