Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Latest development

Mayb this is a probable deck? Tips and advices needed


  1. Firstly, i think 3 icarus might be a bit too much.

    And i feel that the point of splashing in the hero engine was to provide beatsticks + a form of stun. However, after your alius die, what will you do with your gemini sparks? i think you should include at least 1 hero blast inside.

    Currently I don't see a real need for veiler as almost everyone i see runs a variant of AA. I know veiler is bls food but i think if you wanted negation bottomless or even fiendish chain is better.

    Just my thoughts!

  2. tell me if it works.

  3. BF will never work with anything else trust me on that

  4. There was a deck quite much the same as this that topped a jap tourney (NOT recent) if I remember correctly . Nonetheless, its good job