Saturday, September 17, 2011

ACS tourney 17/9/2011

Deck used: Gravekeepers (Since my sabers are not done building yet)

Participants: 23

Match 1 vs Jacky (LightLord)
Game 1: I royal tribute he drop whole hand
Game 2: He 3 judgment dragon me
Game 3: I royal tribute his whole hand

Match 2 vs Jun Jie (Vahalla Agent Angel)
Game 1: Tio tricked to flush and he rush me with hyperion and monster reborn
Game 2: Royal tribute his hand
Game 3: Royal tribute him. He drop from 6 cards to 2 vahalla in hand.

Match 3 vs Yew Long (Skill Drain Gk)
Game 1: Had outs to his cards. with spy and descendant slowly taking his resources out, his cards like starlight road were useless against my deck.
Game 2: My Recruiter just beat him till his life red and he drag on for a while but it was not enough.

Match 4 vs Johann (Debris Junk Dopple)
Game 1: He do his stunts and had more resources
Game 2: Royal Tribute to control
Game 3: He top tomato and make T.G librarian with bulb and ran over me and i drew nothin that could help

Match 5 vs Stark (TG Agent Angel)
Game 1: He had Earth mst and trap dust shoot to deny my valley tribute combo
Game 2: Drew 2 commandant and 1 necrovalley with valley on field

Made it to top 8 still, with yew long johann alvin junjie kenneth stark and yuyao. Yew Long was very happy to make it when i told him he made it, i guess his tiebreaker of me and junjie was high enough for him......

Top 8 vs Stark (TG Agent Angel) Agreed to share with winner going up
Game 1: Once again he had earth and friends
Game 2: Mind crush plus dust shoot but he sent back rai-oh instead of aoj quarantine and quarantine had played its part.
Game 3: Obtained control with spy and quarantine, he made a small mistake of not setting venus when i had necrovalley on field 1 bottomless set, 1 destroyer on field. I top pot and took commandant and went over his 2k life.He had traegoedia in hand so not setting the venus and it cost him the win. Although u could argue its the same but i dunno if i would wack with core destroyer or commandant first.

Top 4 vs Johann (Debris Junk Dopple)
Game 1: Couldn't Remember the game
Game 2: Remember royal tributing him and he kept his cards
Game 3: Spy once again generated advantage as his own royal decree is on the field

No grudges to Johann......

Top 2 vs Yew Long ( Skill drain gk)
Game 1: I solumn his cyber and he solumn me and ran over descendant to end me as i had 400 lp
Game 2: We both keep burning each other and my spy went for a direct attack as he had empty field and less than 1000 life
Game 3: We kept exchanging blows and i reached a point where i had only 800 lifepoint, he had 1 facedown and 1200 left. i had descendant and spy in hand and i was thinking if i should go for the win but i decided to set the spy and it paid off as the facedown is actually bottomless and he drew mst which i then flip spy and call recruiter which got bottomlessed and i summoned descendant and blew away the mst which he chain on my mirror force and i went for the game.

Result: 1st and took parallel bls and stark got dark soul by finishing 5th/6th

Gravekeepers is a fun and stressful deck, a couple of changes from the showdown one and things went bettle than expected although still 3-2.........Thanks Jeremy for ur starlight road and 3 recruters, really helped a lot. Next stop Sabers? Lol tats a doubt after the dark soul ruling...

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