Thursday, July 14, 2011

Photon Shockwave selected card review

As most of u should know Photon Shockwave the latest booster pack has been released in ocg. Will be highlighting a couple of cards that caught my eyes, not really going to extra mention those mostly discussed by other blogs. Please note that im just giving my own point of view and i do apologise if i have made any rulings error or error in my reviews.

1. Evoldar Cerato- When sp summoned, a 2100 big stick, its effect is similar to the flameveils except that u can only search 3 cards out, easily sp by Evolda Vestro, definitely one of the power house of the Evoldar clan. Coupled with lances and this card would be unbeatable. Despite the positives, the search for a evolda card might just prove the engine too slow. Might need to try to know its actual speed. Of course its also a plus as it is a dino tat can be used to exceed Evolkaiser Raigia. Estimated price in Singapore (SG) = 12 for ultra and 15 for ultimate. With price to fall below 10 dollars within a week and might raise to 18 for ultra and 20 for ultimate if more evoldo supports comes out.

2. Extra Gate- Not a bad card to remove fortress when against opponent, decent side deck choice but with people putting 2-3 formulas in dandy variants, this card just proves to be worthless. Estimated price 6-8 for the first 2 weeks followed by 4 each subsequently, of course this card's price will rise if formula is limited to 1, using this card would break the whole engine.

3. Fragment Greed- Simply put this is a 2 turn wait for a +1, the price to pay will be -1 for 2 turns though and u might endure a -1 for 2 turns if ur opponent destroys it when it has 2 counters. Nevertheless will see use in gadget decks and mayb other decks. Estimated price of 6 dollars for first 2 weeks then drop to 4 dollars subsequent weeks

4. Radiance of darkness- Excellent side deck choice for grave bf, wwbf and dark world, with 1500 monsters as a requirement, probably one of the best virus in the game. However, it remains to be seen if the rulings are destroy all monsters that were special summoned this turn or any monsters special summoned this turn. Obviously the 2nd ruling would make this card a contender for best card in the set, i would say that if its the 2nd ruling, this card's estimated worth will be at 25-30. Think of it as a 1 turn krystia and u will realise its effectiveness.

5. Houou- The spell trap version of dark dust spirit, this card would run well in frog monarch decks as the often hav problem clearing backrows or getting pwnt by bottomless. Though its a sprit monster, i guess its worth the risk to empty ur field for 1 turn for a massive plus. Estimated cost is 3 dollars

Mainspring archetype- With so many variety of mainspring cards, it looks as though they can be competitive, given their ability to swarm, they are a force to be reckoned with but gozen match as a side deck card or rivalry would knock them off. Although they have the effective trap card which resembles beast soul swap, i need to see mainspring cards being able to destroy cards for it to be more competitive. Even with over wrench, it seem a little too slow for now. Need to try to give a more actual report.

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